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Posted in: Candid videos show rare view of unkempt bin Laden See in context

Folks, do a little research here. OBL in the newly released video, is using his right hand. OBL was a lefty. Check the ears of the geezer in this video, his are not the same as the authentic photos of OBL online, and they are as unique as fingerprints. (That's why one ear showing are required on a Green Card). The man watching TV was most definitely NOT OBL. His obituary was printed in Arabic (and for which I paid to have translated) in Al Waf'd newspaper on December 2001, saying he'd died on the 14th from health complications (probably kidneys) and then buried according to Sunni Wahabi tradition in an unmarked grave in Afghanistan. No mention of any dialysis machine was made in the haul from this compound last week. Ipso facto proof that either Allah had healed him, or the person killed and dumped at sea was not OBL. C'mon BHO, we can see through this lie. He's dead alright, but since 2001, and you can take that to the bank.

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Posted in: Obama tries to reassure public on economy, jobs See in context

With respect Mr. President, you should be listening to Gerald Celente instead, at trendsresearch dot com , and not blowing hot air.

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Posted in: Obama: Japan earthquake potentially 'catastrophic' See in context

"Obama: Japan earthquake potentially 'catastrophic'" Seems the USA has gone from a leader who was a master of the mis-statement to a leader who is the master of the understatement.

Roust yourselves, Japan! There's work to be done. Show your mettle.

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Posted in: Mail bombs 4 times larger than Christmas plot See in context

My position is that there have been so many conflicting statements that it is clear to me that many are lying. So many contradictions indicate that the most unbelievable story is the official one. UPS doesn't fly out of Yemen: fact. Your conclusions are the most off the mark. Just because arrests are made doesn't give any legitimacy to anyone. the USA proves that daily. Read a little wider, and you'll find that credible people both in Yemen and the UAE have categorically contradicted their governments' statements. We're being lied to. Again.

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Posted in: GOP upbeat, Democrats brace for losses in election See in context

So young, and so early to be a lame duck president. Ain't gridlock democracy just fine.

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Posted in: Mail bombs 4 times larger than Christmas plot See in context

The REAL reason for this whole ploy: The US military and administration are reportedly considering plans to expand the country's military role in Yemen, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The decision follows the seizure of allegedly suspicious packages aboard transit cargo flights in Dubai and London destined for the United States, the paper quoted unnamed US officials as saying on Sunday. See a pattern here....another "police action" coming down the pike?

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Posted in: Mail bomb investigators push on with Yemen manhunt See in context

BBC is quoting the West Midlands Police as saying that there have been NO explosive devices found, yet Obama is overriding the findings of the officers on the ground and saying that there had been. I know who I believe, not the guy with mid-terms to lose.

And the UAE director of aviation is also contradicting Obama: The United Arab Emirates’ Civil Aviation Authority has rejected claims that a US-bound Emirates’ flight from Dubai contained “suspicious” parcels from Yemen. UAE officials rejected the claim and said the plane was not a source of threat.

“The Emirates plane that arrived today in the United States from Dubai did not contain any packages from Yemen,” the official Emirati WAM news agency quoted an unnamed source with the country’s civil aviation body as saying. “Out of an abundance of caution, the North American Aerospace Defense Command diverted two Canadian CF-18s to track a civilian aircraft that was determined to be an aircraft of interest as it flew into and over Canadian airspace,” AFP quoted a NORAD statement as saying on Friday.

“The civilian aircraft was passed to two US F-15s as it transited into US airspace and its ultimate destination at JFK airport,” the statement added.

According to a White House statement late Friday, Saudi Arabia had tipped it off before “packages from Yemen containing explosive materials” were found on US-bound planes.

US President Barack Obama was informed later on Thursday about a “potential terrorist threat” from suspicious packages from Yemen on two cargo planes, one in Britain and the other in Dubai, the White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Meanwhile, the US president hinted at boosting the US military role in Yemen following reports about the “suspicious packages.”

One has to ask, if they are this vigilant, why the heck they weren't so vigilant on a fateful Tuesday in September......?

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Posted in: Dubai police say mail bomb had al-Qaida hallmarks See in context

Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways said to Yemen Post, "No UPS cargo plane left Yemeni lands over the land 48 hours. These accusations are false and baseless." He added, "No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours as well." "All packages are checked very carefully in Yemen, and there is no evidence to prove that this package came through Yemen." (Source: Yemen Post)

Somebody's lying.

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Posted in: White House disputes Karzai on 'bags of money' See in context

“We’re not in the big bags of cash business,” President Barack Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, told reporters Tuesday.

Really? A la Karzai, L. Paul Bremmer was responsible for the loss of $1.2 billion. That's at least one bag. How many schools back home would THAT fund? Or hospitals? Or highways repair? America: wake UP! You've been had, big time!

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Posted in: Syrian leader says U.S. sows chaos overseas See in context

“These activities by America directly undermine global sovereignty and directly undermine internationally stated commitments to global sovereignty and independence,” Crowley said. “We believe we’re not playing a constructive role in the world, and we believe that Syria is.”

That's better. It's always rich to see the US condemning others for what it's doing to others several orders of magnitude worse. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Posted in: Strikes hurt travel for France's school holidays See in context

“We came close to a crisis of extreme seriousness.”

Mon Dieu! Interrupting holidays is, as you say, inacceptable! Gotta love the French, they have their priorities straight. Give up on empire building and do what you can to live a good life. C'est la vie a la France! Pour me another glass....

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Posted in: Leaked Iraq war files portray weak, divided nation See in context

"Leaked Iraq war files portray weak, divided nation"

I had to do a double-take. I thought this was a reference to the USA in this context. I still maintain my skepticism of Wikileaks. Yes, the people need to know what's being done in their name, but it seems a bit too convenient when it fabricates "evidence" that fits in with warmongers' future plans, without benefit of independent verification. Smells of lutefisk to me.

And yet, murder, rape and pillage all seem acceptable, while condemning it is somehow cowardly. Proving beyond a shadow that Washington DC is 350sq. mi. surrounded by reality.

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Posted in: Pressure builds on Florida pastor who wants to burn Quran on Sept 11 See in context

A society that tolerates burning of books is one which, in America's case, has already accepted the burning of people. The loud shouts of "Rah Rah Rah!" at burning of this book; I wonder how they'd react to Bible burning, or, preferably Talmud burning? Given that all three emerged from Semitic peoples, at whom would they point the finger and shout that meaningless epithet now?

The Quran, according to Jones, is “evil” because it espouses something other than biblical truth and incites radical, violent behavior among Muslims.

Really? The Qu'ran is accepting of Biblical truths, unlike the Talmud. And it is radical Christianity and Judeofascism which is wreaking havoc around the world, not Islam. I guess stupid is as stupid does.

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Posted in: Taliban threaten to attack Afghan polling stations See in context

Afghanistan: Where Empires go to die slow, painful and very public deaths.

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Posted in: IAEA chief asks Israel to join nuclear nonproliferation treaty See in context

So having their very own nuclear umbrella makes perfect sense, unless you happen to be so anti-Israeli you are blind to the fact they have a right to defend themselves. But then no intelligent poster on JT would be that bigoted would they?

Jeez! Talk about loading the dice. But what about their neighbors' rights to arm themselves against a demonstably belligerent state that has invaded at least two neighbors and killed thousands using banned weapons just in the last 4 years? Is it bigoted to say that the neighbors have the same rights? Or that the neighbors have the same right to pre-emptive strikes against Israel? Or, if Israel has indirectly confirmed its 200-400 nukes, that its neighbors have the same right to have nukes for protection? Who's the bigot now?

IAEA and NNPT Israel's nukes or let their neighbors have them too under the same non-inspection regime that Israel favours. That's called regional balance of power. Time to curb Israel's thirst for war with impunity. They don't like it when they can't bully the locals. Time to stop that bully. See if they can behave like civilized neighbors for a change.

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Posted in: Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan flood relief See in context

It is good that the Ummah, during this Holy Month of Ramadan, fulfill their duty to those less fortunate.

One can only pray that it involves educating the unknowing who spread hatred like:

Good for them! It's about time they take care of their own, instead of blowing up their own.

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Posted in: 7 U.S. troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting See in context

7 more families with brothers, husbands, fiance's, fathers who will never return to fulfill their right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And for what? Cheney's vision of Empire?

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Posted in: 100 Russian skinheads attack concertgoers See in context

Inferiority raises its ugly shaved heads.

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Posted in: U.S. wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq: auditors See in context

The Reaganomic trickle-down effect for all this squandering of wealth and hope is now manifesting itself in one simple fact: The once great USA is in such bad shape itself, that soon its infrastructure, economy and international status will easily be comparable with that of Iraq. Defunct on all counts. What a shame!

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Posted in: Obama pledges Gulf support on Katrina anniversary See in context

And there is the motive for all this focus on Katrina in the last week, to get Obama off of the hook for the oil disaster by reminding everyone how bad Bush messed up the gulf.

Well, BOTH Presidents fouled up. Bush is gone. Obama is still here wrecking the place.

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Posted in: Beck, Palin: Help us restore traditional American values See in context

“Something beyond imagination is happening,” he said. “America today begins to turn back to God.”

I was of the obviously mistaken impression that (any) Church and State were supposed to be separate in the USA? These are the same folks shouting, "Let's build a mosque at ground zero when we can build a synagogue in Mecca!" Obvious lies both: (1) that America is a faith based constitutional republic, and (2) that its faith is Jewish! Who benefits from confusing the sheeple like this. Ask that question: Cui bono? Because what you see is not what's really happening!

The America, its land and people, that I came to admire, once upon a time, most certainly did not promulgate the racist bigotry this Beck/Palin movement is all about.

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Posted in: Obama marks end to combat mission in Iraq See in context

Obama marks end to combat mission in Iraq?


When all personnel who are not combat trained are gone, then we can celebrate. Not until then.

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Posted in: New York mayor tries to ease tensions after Muslim cabbie knifed See in context

American awareness

When it comes to anything even remotely related to Islam: an oxymoron if ever there was one!

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Posted in: New York mayor tries to ease tensions after Muslim cabbie knifed See in context

ANYONE can make a good point. Their country of origin is as irrelevant as their religion. Its people that make bones about these things that prove they are ignorant intolerants.

You are probably correct. I'm not talking hypothetical situations. I simply said what I saw to be so. As did the writer in Israel. No matter. getting knifed for any reason is still awful. Regardless of beliefs.

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Posted in: New York mayor tries to ease tensions after Muslim cabbie knifed See in context

A writer in Israel has this to say about this incident today: And what does a crime in NY have to do with Israel?

Everything. It is nigh on impossible to spread your arms wide in NY without hitting someone of Jewish origin, that's just a fact of the demographics. The pulse of Israeli-American relations is palpable on the streets of NY. When a high-volume "debate" about mosques occurs, and when a stabbing incident like the one in the article occurs, it automatically piques peoples' interest in both communities. What it has to do with communists, as is suggested above, is beyond me. What it says about Israel and the US is clear to anyone with their fingers on the pulse of both countries, even minimally.

The point made by the writer in Tel Aviv, to which I referred, was the disproportionate amount of attention that assaults, real or imaginary, get from the respective press corps in each country, if at all. And his suggestion that intolerance and hate could be eradicated in both communities regardless. That's the point.

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Posted in: Carter leaves N Korea with freed American See in context

I still stand by Jimmy Carter. As a former president he has spoken out against injustices more than any other I can think of. In my opinion it is he, not Obama, who deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. His work for Habitat for Humanity is well known. He is continually being besmirched as...

"possibly an anti-semite, the right-wing way of describing any American politician who does not support a pro-Israel foreign policy."

...a charge which is ridiculous, as the real Semitic people are the Palestinians, the Separdhim Jews, and other desert peoples, such as Arabs. Remember, "Not supporting the State of 'Israel' does not make one, in any way, less of a friend of the Jewish people and most certainly does not label one an anti-semite." Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

In this instance, regarding the DPRK, rather than high-horse the whole affair, Jimmy Carter found a creative solution, defused tension, and most importantly, got positive results. A true statesman, if ever there was one, proving diplomacy is by far a better way to deal with problems than nuking people. As an aside: Could you just imagine if the US had sent (former unconfirmed US Ambassador to the UN) John Bolton to do this task? Perish the thought!

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Posted in: New York mayor tries to ease tensions after Muslim cabbie knifed See in context

A writer in Israel has this to say about this incident today:

Pardon my crudeness, but I am a bit disgusted at the lack of news coverage in the Israeli press about a hate crime that took place in New York City two nights ago…

A Muslim cab driver was stabbed by a passenger after being asked “are you a Muslim”. This made headline news throughout the world as can be seen if you Google ‘Muslim cabbie stabbed’….. throughout the world except in Israel.

Why the strange heading for this post? If a Jew farts on a crowded subway car in New York and gets dirty looks from his fellow passengers, the ADL immediately jumps in and creates an anti Semitic incident and walla…… it’s front page news throughout Israel.

BUT…. in this case, the cabbie WAS a Muslim…. living in a city consumed by hate because of groups like the ADL….. NOT because of the Ground Zero Mosque, but because of those that oppose the building of it. The ADL might see this incident as ‘collateral damage’ in a war against Islam…. definitely not newsworthy in the Jewish press, definitely not worth a condemnation by a group opposed to defamation.

What seems to be an accurate account of the crime can be read in THIS New York Times article.

Hatred existed in New York long before the issue of the ‘mosque’ became news. New York has a long history of Islamophobia…. this is not to say that it must not or cannot be defeated.

The Mayor of New York ended a speech the other day with the following words;

In that spirit, let me declare that we in New York are Jews and Christians and Muslims, and we always have been. And above all of that, we are Americans, each with an equal right to worship and pray where we choose. There is nowhere in the five boroughs that is off limits to any religion.

By affirming that basic idea, we will honor America’s values and we will keep New York the most open, diverse, tolerant, and free city in the world.

TOLERANT….. that is the key word.

DIVERSE ….. another key word.

Speeches are fine, but let us together work towards the day when hate crimes based on one’s colour, creed or nationality become history.

Let us together work to establish a real citizens committee against defamation and hate, one that will not only battle hatred, but the hate groups in disguise as well.

Let us consume hatred before it consumes all of us, one by one….. ACT NOW…. before they come for you!

Interesting to get another perspective on this case.

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Posted in: Afghan president questions U.S. timeline for leaving See in context

The NYT times spoke yesterday of Karzai, by implication, being up to his wazoo in corruption. In effect, stealing loads of money from the US people. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/26/world/asia/26kabul.html?_r=2&emc=na

One has to ask: With friends like Karzai, who needs enemies? And what the heck is the US sending personnel to die there for anyway?

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Posted in: New York mayor tries to ease tensions after Muslim cabbie knifed See in context

“This should never have happened and hopefully won’t happen again,” Bloomberg said. “Hopefully, people will understand that we can have a discourse. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. That’s what America is all about.”

A "discourse" in the midst of all this high pitched screaming of epithets is unlikely. Akin to the item on internal strife in the GOP yesterday, I still say that America is at war with itself. A house divided will not stand.

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Posted in: Pakistani Taliban hint at attacks on aid workers See in context

The Taliban mujjahadeen have really just one message. If you don't belong in our countries, go home and leave us alone. The imposition of soldiers and "aid workers" uninvited will lead to more attacks. Imagine the Iranian Red Crescent offering help during Katrina, unasked for and unwanted? All hell would have broken loose. It's exactly the same here. Go home, and let them sort their own problems out by themselves.

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