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Liberty Joe Lowe comments

Posted in: Gold kata See in context

She looks good and focused on performance. Good that Japan wins gold for there martial art, assume this is Shotokan. What about the results from Kumite was that in the Games?

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Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan? See in context

These terrorist groups are a disgrace to Islam

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Posted in: Why does Japan have so many overhead power lines? See in context

Some countries have a shallow topsoil covered over hard rocks and the rocks are not feasible to cut through to bury cables. Is this the case in some parts of Japan?

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Posted in: Own a pair of secret camera shoes? The police should be by shortly for a visit See in context

I'm not going to wear my kilt in the streets of Japan any more. Tired of girls peeking to see if the legend is true!

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Posted in: AKB48 sister group HKT48 kicks off first national tour See in context

No picture of them ??

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Posted in: Maglev train reaches 500 km/hour during first public test See in context

Awesome, It would be fun to travel at that speed. Wouldn't like to be travelling at 500km/hr and an earthquake strikes and there is no driver!

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

One should respect the country they are living in and adapt to the lifestyle there or leave. There should be restrictions on aliens, like myself, on our dress codes and other things like behaviour and the likes. I wouldn't go to the middle east walking around with shorts, sleeveless t-shirt holding a can of beer while eating a pork sandwich. I would respect there dress codes and the way they live so they need to do likewise here. So its time to put on the salary man suit and the mask

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested for stalking 80-year-old woman See in context

Well at 85 the old guy at least has a lust for life, his drive will keep him going a few years yet :)

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Posted in: Japanese World Cup visitors warned about crimes in Brazil See in context

The place is a friggin nightmare for crime. Don't wear designer underpants or they will have that too, and that wouldn't be good, would it. Embarrassingly some of our team were robbed there and they are international security, or at least they were You can get plenty of security advice on the internet, follow it, be safe and enjoy Brasil Libby

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

What's the dress codes for male flight attendants? please tell me its not mini skirts too

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

I can relate to most of the memories discussed in the comments today. Further to this I can remember vividly how unprepared people were with regards to protecting themselves and their families during the earthquake. Earthquake drills in Japan should be and usually are regular and yet I noticed so many people did not follow procedures. If it had been worse in Tokyo these people would have been injured. I also remember how many people were not prepared for the aftermath of a quake, limited first aid equipment, limited non perishable food supplies, toilet rolls, basic survival provisions and equipment, the list is endless. The result was a panic buy for provisions.

From these memories lessons should be learned for survival. Stay safe, some time in the future another will come, its japan!. make sure you have the provisions to survive and help your family. Then help your neighbours. make sure you have a box of "cant afford to lose valuables" you can put in the car or carry if you have to abandon home.

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Posted in: Lone survivor found as Algeria military plane crash kills 77 See in context

Sad news. Could it have been a terrorist attack and covered up with bad weather? Also from experience the aircraft in Algeria are not so well maintained!

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Posted in: Many Japan Today readers hate AKB48 and insult them every chance they get. Yet the megapopular all-girl group has tens of millions of fans in Japan and Southeast Asia. Why so much hate for the group? See in context

Okay, AKB48 are not musicians but they are entertaining, music is catchy, and the girls cute to look at!! but to answer the question, maybe our Japan Today readers are miserable boring lot.....apart from me

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Posted in: All-you-can-eat Whoppers at Burger King Japan See in context

When you eat all you can you gonna be a whopper of a size!

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Posted in: 3 most unattractive women’s hairstyles (according to Japanese men) See in context

Regardless of what anyone says here, any style with very short hair on girls is horrible, not just in Japan but everywhere, attractive girls cab get away with it, otherwise they look like men. As Matthew Simon said "all that's important is that you like it" is true I guess but then girls if you want dates then it wont be with me

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Posted in: Why are European automakers more successful in the Japanese market than U.S. ones? See in context

The only good American cars are the V8 muscle types just for sheer fun to tear up the streets, get the looks and the sound of the engine. The smaller cars suitable to compete with European cars are noisy, poor handling, boring, etc ......if you want these characteristics buy a Lada, its cheaper

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Posted in: Man arrested after 8 dogs found with 1 ton of feces, partially-eaten dog corpses in cage See in context

The offender is obviously not, quite right

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Posted in: Five things not to do on a romantic getaway in Japan See in context

I can't believe someone has taken time to write this waffle and everyone, including me, responding to it!

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Posted in: Aso says Japan needs to raise sales tax next year See in context

Even with the increase Japan is blessed with one of the lowest sales tax rates in the world.

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Posted in: 3 unacquainted men arrested for molesting schoolgirl on train See in context

I got groped on a busy train a couple of months ago buy a drunk salary man I changed position with a girl standing behind him to make space for more people. His hand wandered thinking she was still there, and what a shock he got when he grabbed my hardware He apologised and bowed to me about a thousand time

I wonder if she would have got the same apology??

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Posted in: Police bust sex home-delivery service using overweight women See in context

I thought japanese men liked Kawaii girls not sumo

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Posted in: Japan may restart reactors in a year See in context

OMG, unfortunately they are needed

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 3, hospitalises 2,500 across Japan See in context

Put the aircon on to feel comfortable in the office and at home. Drink plenty of water, best at ambient temperature, not cold A bit of salt is good to to replemish what is lost

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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context


You said not to give you that post-natal depression crap.

There is just a chance that this was in fact the root cause. It is a recognised medical or sychological ailment. The womans father visited which may indicate that she is seperated from the childs father. In this case depression can become worse and the inability to cope and lack of support pushed her over the edge. She wanted to end her own life also, was it guilt at what she had done or was it Suicidal depression?

This may be another sad situation where no one supported her, or recognsed her depression and illness and hence the horrid outcome.

I don't think it is an act of evil as it said she struggled since he was born, but then maybe she is ..we don't have enough evidence to say this.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

Okay, okay.. if it makes you all happy the bullys are at fault !!

BUT they will always...always be there..ALWAYS

So the rest of us need to look after ourselves,our families and each other, to protect each other from the slime in society. Then we can prevent incidents like this kid taking his life because of bullies.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

@ onewrldoneppl You are absolutely right about the shepherds but they will always be there feeding them to the wolves.

Okay...So as the shepherds and wolves will always be there the sheep must protect themselves to survive Does everyone agree??

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

I see I am still getting some thumbs down which would indicate we are still some way from identifying and solving the root issue with bullying I think.

The bottom line is this:

Bullys, thugs, and some stronger names I can think off, ALWAYS have been and ALWAYS will be among us. They will ALWAYS exist. We are therefore ALL responsible for our own safety, from bullying, mugging, assault, etc We are also ALL responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each other.

If you believe in what I say above, and we can reduce victims..trust me!

By habit my people are always watching out for bulliys, thugs, etc in order to aid the protection of society.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

@Molenir Interesting post and you have seen it from both sides.

You recognised you where getting bullied and did something about it. You recognised that you were a bully to your younger brothers and realise that fun/amuzement must be on both parties.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

@stranger in a strange land Right This is what have been saying. There will always be aggressors, bullies...ALWAYS, pain in the a** but they will ALWAYS be there waiting for opportunities to bully and strike. You mentioned assault, rape....same thing applies.

Victims can SOMETIMES be at fault for putting themselves in danger, from bullies, muggers, rapists, blah, blah, blah.. the list of morons is endless! They put themselves in danger unintentionaly, or perhaps because they are a bit different, stutter, or have a disabilitiy, etc. BUT if thier eakness is recognised they/we can work on their strengths and remove themselves from the target.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

If I can say something else

I actually train some bullies in martial arts. Now before you thumbs down me please hear my reason why !!!!!!!!

It installs disipline, courtesy, self control and respect in the bully. Something that the parents perhaps failed to do. They have nothing to prove, they respect their strengh, the show leadership and not dictatorship by force. They have been great support for me combating the issue of bullying

For the potential victims the training installs perserverence and indomintable spirit. They gain strength and confidence in their abilities, and they perform better in school work.

I have done much work with great success in my fight against bullying, likely more than everyone together complaining about bullying in these posts.

If I known this victim and spent some time with him I could have saved him

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