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@JaneM Right.... bad parenting can install bully tactics from a very young age. Many parents don't see there kids as bullies only as good boys and some don't even care. In some cases thier parents were also bullies and don't know any better. Like father like son!

We all need to be aware, not just of a potential bully, but as I mentioned, we also need to be aware of the potential victims and give them the confidence they need to reduce the risk of being picked on.

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Posted in: Shiga police question 3 boys accused of bullying suicide victim See in context

Cleo and maria

I am not good at explaining with words, you have misunderstood what I am trying to say. Let me have another chance to get my message across that relates to this news article.

Firstly though I don't respect anyone that raise fists, in fact I think the people that behave like that are just ass** s and I am sure you agree. When I say I wasn't a bad bully I mean that I never would have physically harmed anyone. Sure I regret it but give me a chance I was only 14.

I am helping these kids with martial arts training, not to beat up other kids but to inspire confidence in themselves and remove them from being a target. You have to belive me when I say it always works!

We must all do our bit to help these kids, as I mentioned you can help them by identifying the problems and how to overcome them. As maria mentioned, some get bullied that are, poor, fat, rich, short but then this is not always the case

Please think about what I am saying and how you can contibute to help the victims


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School bullying happens everywhere in the world. However what they did to this victim was particulrly sadistic. Sadly some children are bully magnets, the way they walk, dress, stand, loners, the list is endless. It takes me only a few seconds to determine if a child is likely to get bullied, yet many people including their family don't even notice. Observe and identify these kids and see that they get various methods of therepy and training to make them look strong or fit in to the society invisibly. It is in a childs instinct to bully to some extent, even a little bit. I did it at school too, I'm not a bad person, Its part of growing up. Many parties at fault here for what happenned, we can all do something to help prevent bullying if we are more observant!

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In the future, who knows, sex could become an olympic sport !

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I wonder if it is as boring to drive as other Nissans? However it has equipment to help to take the stress out of reversing and parallel parking in tight spaces which is handy for women drivers!

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Looking at this guy is making me feel sleepy

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Further to my last comment I just wish to clarify. This was to let you know that if you must be oustside for any reason you can physically do almost what you want at 38C, as I mentioned I train in this heat . To do this without heatstroke you must stay in the shade, use an umbrella to keep the direct sun from heating the body. Also plenty of water and some salty snacks to replace salt is a good idea too.

Even if you are just standing in direct sunlight without protection for a long time without water, you'll risk becoming one of the heatstroke victims!

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You are absolutely right sir but the guys I spoke to, like me, don't use much electricity

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Posted in: YouTube emerging as major source for news, disaster footage See in context

After the quake and nuke disaster Youtube was the only thing worth watching to get accurate information on contamination risks from nuclear scientists. There was nothing on japanese TV apart from music, game shows and the likes.

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I train regularly in this heat without any problem, provided I drink huge volumes of water dosed with salt tablets. Good for burning of any fat.

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I was one of the demonstrators!! Did anyone here turn up at the event?

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Its dog slow and sounds like a vacumn cleaner !!

Girls car...wouldn't be caught dead in it

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Agree with papigiulio It is grossly overpriced and the quality and materiels used for the clothes, handbags and the likes is not that good. Yet the japanese it seems will pay any price for the brand name.

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Posted in: Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery See in context

@Netninja Wow, 25 thumbs down and counting, never seen so many, awesome!!!

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Posted in: Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery See in context

Taliban! messed up people!!! They have no value or place in this world. If Allah/god really did exist surely he I would get rid of them

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The cute girl wearing it is making fe feel hot!

Wouldn't be caught dead wearing the hat though

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

Well what can I say I agree with all of this

Looks like I am doing everything right and my much older beautfull japanese girl friend loves me... I think?

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Posted in: Was KFC’s great chicken give-away a success? See in context

Too much deep fried chicken, you could only eat so much of that junk before Ibeing sick

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Posted in: Panda born at Tokyo zoo for 1st time in 24 years See in context

Back to China Kung Fu Panda

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Most celebs have been married two or three times and always in the news with their constant relationship problems. Boring as hell news reports and makes marriage meaningless. I like them as actors but why should we give a toss about their personal issues?

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There is one point I am not sure about in the article, doesn't make sense. It says to avoid the middle of the road as the attacker comes from any direction. This is true but it means that you have more time to see the attacker coming and you can also go in any direction. My belief is to stay away from the edges of the pavement/road as an attacker can easy ambush you (hiding behind a car, hidden door, corner ) and you have no time to react!

Another good point is that the article says that killers are more likely to chase someone running. This is true, its animal instinct. As I mentioned run if you think you can outrun your attacker or you kick him down.

Of course as most agree there is nothing better than being aware!

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As a martial arts instructor I could write a book on the subject. I would agree with the first two comments, yes forget the powdered pepper. If an attacker comes at you with a knife and you dick around trying to open a pepper bag, too late you are dead!

If you think you can outrun the attacker, if he is older, fatter, then run If you don't think you can outrun the attacker using your bag, as mentioned in the article as shield is a good idea and will buy you some time and allow you to kick the attackers legs, knees, groin. Take him down hard and fast and get to a safe area before he recovers.

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What about someone who was fired from the ambulance service and holds a grudge?

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I worry about all the nuke bombs and the owners, not just the one Iran might get! I really wish they didn't exist

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Save the tree as It is a momument of hope and a soul survivor of the disater

Must agree though with tapetptape the cost seems excessive.

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Posted in: Suspect in train groping case escapes from police 'koban' by back door See in context

Hilarious... Be thankfull that the guy that got away was perhaps only a groper and not a murderer or rapist!

Bet the guy that escaped is laughing his head off and his hands are free to wander once again

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Good shares that just can't go wrong, where can I buy them??

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Just a reminder how difficult it is to clean up nuclear power incidents

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Posted in: Britain's queen shakes hands with ex-IRA chief See in context

Well its good to try and make peace but difficult to shake hands with him and smile but wishing to stick the head in him instead.........

Lets hope there are no future problems

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Posted in: Seismologists warn gov't against restarting nuclear reactors See in context

An interesting debate

lets have just as a little reminder of the risks. A short time ago at 14:56 today we had a 5.2 close to the Fukushima plant.

Not big this time but..................

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