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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants Japan to have a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. Would you support such a move? See in context

Another vote on the council for the American Empire.

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Posted in: Do you have enough toilet paper? See in context

I've always kept a couple of months worth of toilet paper. Also, extra water, food, a battery operated radio and solar charged lanterns. My wife thought I was some kind of survivalist for years - until March 11, 2011 and our power was out and with that our water pump, and even the cellphone service was gone. It took days before grocery stores had food again. All of a sudden I was a hero in her eyes. Have a little back up of essentials appropriate for your budget and your living space. Consider it cheap insurance. Be grateful if you never need it.

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Posted in: Japanese androids take us closer to 'Blade Runner' future See in context

Possibly more like Westworld (1973) than Blade Runner.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 101 domestic flights June 3-11 See in context

HokkaidoKuma - There are a couple of things happening here. One is that demographically the pool of pilots is aging and so more are retiring. The other is that the SDF cancelled a pilot placement service in 2009. Under that program the SDF would encourage their pilots who were in their forties to shift over to airlines and would help to place them. This was so that the SDF could have younger pilots for front line duty. In view of the airline pilot shortages happening now the SDF will reinstate their pilot placement program sometime this year.

This shortage will continue to worsen however due to the demographics and is expected to reach 9,000 by 2030. (According to Japan Times March 2, 2014).

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Posted in: Gripes over stadium overshadow 2020 Olympic Games euphoria See in context

Like most stadiums, this demonstrates the modern capitalist system - socialize costs and privatize profits. This will be paid for by public taxes, or more accurately public debt. The profits will accrue to corporate entities who build it, use it for selling junk, media that sell advertising, and the companies who profit when they advertise. Ironically, the it is the biggest draw to the games - the athletes themselves - who will not profit at all unless they win the gold.

Sick. As Sillygirl said, "what about Tohoku?" No, like the Romans, we'll get bread and circuses. And I'm not so sure about the bread....

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Posted in: Forward march See in context

SamuaiBlue Agreed.

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Posted in: Forward march See in context

Women have access to 80% of the jobs in the JSDF and make up about 5.4% of the forces. They are barred from direct combat roles. For the first time this year, female officers have been appointed to command two naval destroyers. I'm in favor of removing any "glass ceiling" for advancement of women in the JSDF, though I'm not keen on seeing them put into direct combat roles (commanding a destroyer is not direct combat). The women who serve their country deserve respect. Lets hope the Self Defense Force remains just that, and Article Nine is not further eroded.


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Posted in: Developing robotics help stroke victims learn to walk again See in context


I did not recover through sheer willpower. I did require hospitalization and emergence medicines to bring my blood pressure down and I did have professional care while there both in the form of a neurosurgeon, nurses, and three therapists. Sorry if I gave you a different impression. I received the best care that can be offered.

It was after my release that I discovered a dietary way to treat my condition in the long term. The point of my post is that "an gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure" and that medical studies are showing that diet is more effective than pharmacology and if done in time, can obviate the need for chemical and technological solutions.

Yes, 3% is generalized, but in terms of long lived persons such as in Okinawa and in many mountain areas of Japan, scientific studies have shown this to be the case. In the case of Okinawans, 70 percent of their calories came from sweet potatoes. Of course now, many people living in Okinawa are some of the least healthy in the country, thanks to their poor dietary choices - ie American eating habits.

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Posted in: Developing robotics help stroke victims learn to walk again See in context

I live in Japan and I am a stroke victim. After a hemorrhagic stroke last Spring, I spent 3 weeks in hospital (they were waiting for me to die) and then several months regaining full use of my right side. I did it without robotics or even pharmaceuticals once I learned what I needed to do. Yes, I did need physical and occupational therapies.

However, rather than focusing on recovery after the fact, more people could be helped right now to live longer, healthier lives by focusing on prevention. As Japan adopts more features of the Standard American Diet (SAD) - ie more meats (including fish), oils, salt, and sugars - the more cancers, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, etc. are occurring here.

What has saved me and has begun to reverse my arteriosclerosis was to change to a low calorie, whole food, plant based diet. It took only a few months of that to bring my blood cholesterol to 150, my blood pressure to normal, and my weight to the ideal BMI (I lost over 40 lbs). No robots or meds required!

Robotics are great and I am glad that people who need this kind of help can get it. But I think modern culture is overly reliant upon - and fascinated by - technological fixes to every problem. A return to a traditional plant based diet as was practiced in rural Japan for centuries (contrary to popular belief, only 3% of their diet was of animal origin) would save huge numbers of people from ever having to deal with the tragedy of stroke, heart disease, and many cancers in the first place. It certainly would have save me a great deal of suffering, fear, and time, had I adopted the proper healthy eating habits before this happened to me!

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