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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

Lockdowns are not realistic in Tokyo where people live in smaller spaces with not a ton of food stockage. So you can't compare it to some of these other countries that have tiny populations.

Also against giving up Freedoms to Governments because once power is given, it is rarely given back.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

I wouldn't be so eager to pump an emergency use (not approved) mRNA gene therapeutic into your system unless you are the high risk category but even then the people getting the shot are getting no more freedoms from masks etc. You should probably ask a few virologist why!? What exactly is in these so called vaccines? Does you doctor give you a list of ingredients if asked?

I know the hard answers and I will rely on my own immune system rather than putting it in the hands of big pharma trusting they have my best interest at heart. I'll pass on their live beta test.

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Posted in: Kono says inoculation pace to accelerate in May See in context

This is trial gene therapy (since it's not a cure). If you want to sign-up to be subject - know that there is no recourse or reversal.

I'd strongly suggest digging around on the internet to see what a number of virologists are saying about mRNA and how it's going to alter how you body reacts to viruses in the future.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

I'm a minority in Japan but I choose rational over rash emotions.

I support law and justice which includes holding police accountable when they commit crimes.

I do not however buy into the BLM movement funded by globalist which is the only reason you have people in so many countries marching about this. They find using black community outrage as a quick way to stir things up and bring about new rules society would otherwise not accept.

This cop had a history of discipline issues, he likely knew the guy since they worked at the same place for years, and George was a convicted violent criminal who was high on two drugs and had covid at the time of his death confirmed by the autopsy. All pointed ignored because the selling division gets them much more than having people get along.

Even when there is a clear cut case of a cop attacking a minority due to suspected racism. We hold the person responsible and also look into his links in the department. But full blown race riots makes no sense and again it's because it's being heavily influenced to happen by outside strong globalist forces who want to tear down the systems that are in place.

WHO would love to see democracies torn apart is the question everyone should be asking.

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Posted in: 'One World' celebrity special for coronavirus draws 21 million Americans See in context

Not following a concert with artist praising the WHO!

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Next will be to ask the media to write articles from right to left and/or top down horizontally.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for killing bedridden wife See in context

The article in Japanese gave some more insight to the situation.

Taro, the suspect, has been nursing Yuki from about 10 years ago. Yuki was badly forgetfulness (most likely bad dementia). He legs we very weakened and had fractures. The past couple years she was house ridden without the able walk well enough to leave the home.

Yuki was in a Tsurugashima city long-term care facilities from April to early June, but for reasons they were no longer able to keep her due to strict admission rules based on a person's condition. So a person can improve a bit and then be released with disregard to the overall situation. So the nursing home released her back into the care of an 87 year old man who said he was no longer able to care for her due to his weakening condition due to age..

The son 55 lives on the property in a separate building. But he was probably not helping the father most likely due to the nature of long working hours her in Japan.

The thing we'll never know is if Yuki was part of the decision or not. But even if the law is clear that it's considered murder irregardless until this country decides to change these rules. But what led up to it with the nursing home not continuing care is just a sad state of affairs with the lack of availability and strict rules for nursing homes.

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Posted in: Abe claims Fukushima food keeps him healthy See in context

So is this AbeFukuTabenomics :)

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Posted in: Fixing American 'dumbocracy' See in context

I smell a Right Winger! Probably looks up to the former quitting governor of Alaska, Palin, who is still trying to master the English language. It's funny he talks about "dumbocracy" because typically the Repug electorate is the rural uneducated who are feared/fooled into believing their lies which are all geared around making themselves wealthier at the expense of everyone else.

He sounds like a classic American Right-wing nutter who totally ignores Europe as a model for successful balance of capitalism and actually caring enough to take care of it's citizens at the same time.

If you ever meet one of these 'dumb' Americans, ask them to give examples of countries that successfully follow their ideals of almost no taxes and no social services. Where people are basically free to do whatever they want without regulations to make money and if you don't make it, too bad for you. In Asia, the Philippines is a great Repug model of "screw you" capitalism which is exactly what they are preaching.

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