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This article didn't answer the question it poses at all, yet it's not a tough question to answer. There are at least a couple famous examples of porn stars who went on to pretty good careers and marriages, if not in Japan, in other Asian countries, Sora Aoi and Maria Ozawa come to mind. Still this industry freaks me out and a question I really want to ask is how do Japanese women feel about the clearly misogynistic themes of the videos? There are so many simulated rape films that involve office ladies, often playing the supposed "boss" who get bullied and coerced into sick sexual relations with their co-workers or even subordinates (a little nose thumbing to gender equality in the workplace and breaking the glass ceiling no doubt). There's actually a studio called Attackers that seems to make these kind of videos exclusively. I've watched a couple of them and they have this disturbing atmosphere like a Takeshi Miike movie. Yet the women who star in them, like Saeko Matsushita are breathtakingly beautiful, but treated like absolute garbage. There's one Saeko Matsushita film where she is kept in a cage and only let out to either have sex with creepy men or walked to the toilet on her hands and knees led by a leash. Funny thing is, before Saeko Matsushita entered the AV business, she was a flight attendant, which is a dream gig for a lot of Japanese girls, so you can't say she was a lost undergraduate student who didn't have any options before she entered the industry, which is the common stereotype and the one that this article seems to want to want to cling to. So much strange stuff out there that this article doesn't even scratch the surface of...

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