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Posted in: U.S. still hearing complaints about fixed Toyotas See in context

My father used to ask.. "What's worse than a car that doesn't go? I car that doesn't stop."

That being said consider the following: When you go to a doctor (GP) do you ask them what grade they received for the field of illness that you are seeking advice. Airplanes have double-triple redundancy and are always flying even though they have problems. What percentage of vehicles actually are faulty based on how many are out there?

I am one of the sheep that has a new Prius and I like it. No troubles at all.

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Posted in: U.S. stuns Canada 5-3 in men's ice hockey See in context

The North American teams (?) are a bunch of ALL STARS with very little TEAM to be seen. This is especially true early in tournaments. The Swiss have recreated the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" team strategy by presenting a bunch of guys who play together.

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Posted in: Japan hopes Toyoda can clear image, cool friction in Washington See in context

For those above who see this as a great moment for America it is likely not. If it hurts Toyota it is unlikely that people will change their buying habits, I doubt it. FORD still means "Fix Or Repair Daily" and GM "General Mayhem". Korean automobiles are viewed as "Rust Buckets" so that leaves the average American buyer going for Audi or BMW if they want quality? I doubt it.

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Posted in: Lysacek upsets Plushenko for figure skating gold; Takahashi takes bronze See in context

Figure Skating judging is always questionable. It is much better than it used to be. But to understand it perhaps a comparison with Poker might work. Plushenko pulled out the "a hand of aces" but lost to the simple yet very difficult "straight flush".

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Posted in: Canada avoids hockey upset, tops Swiss in shootout See in context

I saw the Canada vs. Czech game in Nagano. That was enough stress. I'm glad that I missed this one. (although the result this time is more to my liking).

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Posted in: Japanese newspapers look for new ways to survive See in context

Newspapers have many problems. Readership is likely an older audience who are retiring and no longer need two copies. (1 for work and 1 for home) Older people already vote. It is likely correct that newspapers like elections because it is their demographic that would buy more newspapers.

Most importantly... TV. Every morning I can "watch" TV while the newspaper is read to me. The newspapers should charge the TV stations for doing TV's research and reporting for them.

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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda to star with daughter in ad for 'Mamma Mia!' movie See in context

Odd that a real mother and daughter are used in the promotion of a movie where the father is unknown.

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Posted in: 22-year-old riot police officer shoots himself in toilet at Chofu facility See in context

How do you join the police when you are 18?

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Posted in: Waiting for the snow and yen to fall in Hokkaido See in context

I'm laughing at the Australians who bought properties in a country where most dwellings depreciate almost as quickly as a vehicle once it is driven off the lot. I'm interested in learning about how the mortgages were handled as well. It is possible that people are paying 50% more (because of the exchange rate) for a property that they can't afford to go to and are unlikely able to rent. Most of my Japanese friends go skiing for the weekend and enjoy hotels and a rest from cooking.

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Posted in: Man arrested after shooting himself with home-made gun in Ibaraki See in context

It is November and he shot himself on May 2nd. "Swift Justice".

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Posted in: Palin denies accepting $150,000 in designer clothes See in context

Capone got caught for Tax Evasion.

Palin could be caught by her underwear. (If any of the shopping included undergarments she could be in trouble as there may be some health regulations about donating such items to charity. - You can't return swimsuits or underwear to a store)

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Posted in: Japan struggling to fight shortage of skilled engineers See in context

Libertas: The definition of "Engineer" is different than what you are used to. Engineer is used in Japan to include many types of skilled laborers. Technicians and skilled tradesmen (electricians, welders, plumbers) is what the article likely refers to. Your reference to 5,000 hired overseas are the University graduate type of Engineers that design projects but don't know how to use a hammer (like 'Paper drivers' people with a driver's licence but never drive)

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone goes on sale in Japan to cheering crowd See in context

iPhone Broken This morning on TV it was funny to see an iPhone's functions being shown and the photo not rotating automatically when the phone was rotated. The newscaster tried it a few times in different directions but to no avail.

On my way to work today I saw a bunch of guys in front of a Softbank branch on the outskirts of my city (I don't live in Tokyo). There were no cars in the parking lot just the bicycles that belonged to the Akihabara like guys.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree unlikely to take root See in context

Tokyo Tower When new roads or bypasses are built the same name is often used. Rarely is a New, Old,and never A or B used. Many older building are torn down. So it is likely that the "old/original" Tokyo Tower won't last much longer and the term NEW will be redundant as most people will have forgotten about the OLD one.

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Posted in: I doubt whether there will be an increase in people wearing them, though. Body shapes determine the people who'll wear slacks, and I think those who like wearing skirts will strongly resist them. See in context

Can you believe that at one time in Japan the leading edge of fashion was LONG SKIRTS (the longer the better - Early 1970's). That hasn't been the case for some time but it is enlightening. Part of the issue today is whether or not slacks are an option for girls. If the students are young then factors such as comfort and general acceptability are more or equally important to leading fashion.

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