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I am romanian and I feel me ashamed to say I am romanian with such "co-nationals".

What I don't understand is what is doing a 17 years old boy in Japan (even if mother is living there) at 2 am in the morning alone. I know in Japan police can send children back to the mother, at home. What was police doing in this case to protect the innocent people walking around the station ?

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I am scared to drive in Japan after driving in my home country for some months... here the responsability of the accident is not the drivers one if the pedestrian, ... is on the car-way, except pedestrian crossing... And I can say that from when this new rules are existing, the car-pedestrian incidents decreased (also if the pedestrian is causing the accident and there are damages to the car, driver or other people involved in the accident, he-the pedestrian- will have to pay damages and panishment !) How to drive safety in Japan if nobody is respecting the elementar rule "self-protection" ?

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For my bain used to "never memorise nothing" all the time "understand everything"... it is difficult. Practical, you have to master kanji (2000+... ) to can read. As a child I started to read books in the 2-nd grade after I learned alphabet, I was able to read books in 2 different languages. When I finished 5-th grade I started to read in the 3-rd language (accompanied by a dictionary). In my opinion reading a book in another language is already a help in learning that language. Now I understand (and I am able to communicate) in some 6 languages, also some japanese. Japanese was difficult for me (for my brain) because I had to learn by memorising so many words, so many signs, so many rules, that have no logical background, also I can not read easy, even if I have a dictionary next to me, without get borred or angry. How can my brain do this if he is not trained to memorize ?

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First problem is communication. If all is resumed to "iii tenki desu neee ?" or other short messages, how to communicate ? If communication will exist maybe many troubles will disapear or at least it will reduce the incidence. Communication must start from inside family, and also in the social group - school, university, job. And communication means not only "hear what the boss (teacher) say", it means a conversation where all the involved ones are telling what they like to say. Hoe can somebody "feel that something is wrong in somebody's brain", if that somebody is never specking ? To guess, it is impossible even for doctors.

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Who can belive japanese cars ? They are made to be "alive" for 8 years, after that, if you wish to have a car you need to change almost everything (except seats maybe). The reason is that Japan is a consumer country, so they need to change them often to give a job to car-makers. Maybe same car's made in EU by japanese companies are better, they have to respect EU rules... Toyota ? The best publicity that makes you happy "to buy", but reality is not the same as the publicity. After some survey's made in Japan some 15 % of Tokyota new cars are having troubles in the first year, and get repairment, troubles that can be also dangerous for the people using them.

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