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Posted in: Japan almost finished with probe into U.S. Navy ship collision See in context

There was a leak(?)/update about this on Reddit yesterday. It seems apparent as the case closes that it was indeed a failure on the US side to respond/reach for contact and moreover the laziness of many on board to assure everyones safety.

It also seems that one of the deaths was do to water being taken in and a sealing being done(he got trapped), even tho that person was one of the individuals helping move injured to a safe area(?)

Notot sure about this last part, but the upper part of negligence seems quite confirmed. Sourced on u can google.

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Posted in: Man arrested for drugging, raping over 100 women in fake clinical study See in context

I see a lot of these comments on this website so I made an account specifically to respond to the whole 'don't blame women' thing; it is kind of logically mind-blowing.

There is a difference between blaming people and teaching them to protect themselves better. Not taking proper precautions IS an individuals own responsibility. That however does not take away from the issue of the crime nor their innocence.

There is a great video on this on youtube. If you'd like to watch it check it out here:

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