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Posted in: Robert De Niro, 79, becomes father for 7th time See in context

MocheakeToday  01:26 am JST All the down votes. Must be some feminists or other haters.......No, they actually live in the real world.

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Posted in: Prince Harry's lawyer says British tabloid spied on 'industrial scale' See in context

Eer, Starmer is NOT the prime minister, the Tories have been in power for over 10 yrs so any surveillance state thing was started by them. And nearly every world country (camera's everywhere) spies on its people, the US being the biggest one. As for Mr Markle, he is irrelevant.

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Posted in: Trump digs in on election lies, downplays Jan 6 violence, insults accuser during CNN town hall event See in context

And this man could well be the next president of the USA, and coming to Japan to meet the prime minister and his cabinet. Now that is something to really look forward to.

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Posted in: Israeli strikes in Gaza kill 12, including three leaders of armed group See in context

Four more innocent children murdered.......Is there another name for this? Yes, it is happening in the Ukraine by Russian army thugs, and the whole world, quite rightly, condemns it, but when it is Palastinian children, nothing. By the way, in a previous comment there was a reference to the ICC and its new leader being promoted there because of the USA's vote. Very weird indeed, The USA is one of the few world countries that is not a signatory to the ICC. Ask yourself why, and think back to the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and who ordered them?

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Posted in: China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties See in context

My dog, these are grown men, world leaders (supposedly) playing silly games whilst their own people suffer. Nothing ever changes.

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Posted in: Biden meets Republican leaders in debt limit standoff See in context

Why were not Marjory Tayler Greene and Lauren Boebert at that meeting, they are the real leaders of the House, not that wimp McCarthy.

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Posted in: U.S. Congress eyes new rules for tech: What's under consideration See in context

This coming from a government that has been collecting citizens data since about 2002 via the DHS and using facile book and twitter, and others to do so. Hypocrites.

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Posted in: Serbia's education minister resigns over school shooting See in context

When will these stupid politicians wake up and realize this was not a political issue. It was 2 deranged gun nuts in a country that has over 35 million guns. It is an issue for ALL political parties to clean up their country, not to pick holes in each other.

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Posted in: Erdogan calls opposition 'pro-LGBT' at election rally See in context

Yet another terrorist dictator of the 3rd world country blaming others for his own mistakes. Will someone please tell me what the LGBT community has ever had to do with politics? I am a young gay female and I live with my girlfriend..........oh no, the shock!! But I live in the real EU where democracy is at least pretending to survive...at the moment.

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Posted in: Gold mine fire in Peru kills 27 See in context

Almost everyday there are stories like this from different little places around the world, but with different reasons for the deaths. And no one takes any interest, the 28 who dies in this mine had families, children etc and were eeking out a mere living just to survive.

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Posted in: 'Big lunch,' concert follow coronation celebrating King Charles See in context

I watched it for 45mins on YT and got very bored, especially with all that church music. Then I read about a few protesters who were arrested for having......wait for it, Different views from many others, my dog I thought, what sacrilege, expressing YOUR views in a democratic country. All those authorities should be ashamed of themselves, but we know they will not be. So much for democracy, more like Shamocracy.

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Posted in: Russia's Wagner group appears to do U-turn on Bakhmut withdrawal See in context

Like he will ever leave the Ukraine, this is where he gets his golden monetary rewards from Putin. Being a war criminal he is gutless like Putin, there is only one thing they want, power and cash.

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Posted in: Police arrest 52 including republicans during King Charles' coronation See in context

I am no monarchist by any means, and the coronation was really just a big show time event costing bazillions of £'s...but it was put on for all those lovely British people who can hardly feed themselves or their children, who cannot afford the most basics, and the thousands who have been made homeless and destitute, but hey, life must carry on. I was intrigued by the man holding the King Parasite banner though, and good for him he has ever right to protest, but I thought if he has ever had any government assistance during his life, and there is quite a bit of that in the UK, some well to do upper classes would call him a parasite.

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Posted in: Prince Harry an odd man out at father's coronation spectacle See in context

sunfunbunToday  12:15 pm JST.......Those English are really funny. Yet nothing about the Scots, the Welsh, or the Irish, who made up a great proportion of the British Army in colonial days. Then there were thousands of other from other countries, The Ghurka's, The Indian Army, Soldiers from Africa, NZ, Australia. These were the soldiers who made the British Empire, and fought all their wars. And their reward....nothing. But the English aristocracy who ruled the empire and held all the money just pretended the monarchy meant something.

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Posted in: 9 dead, 7 wounded in Texas mall shooting; gunman dead See in context

Those congress cretins who wear AR15 badges must be feeling sooooooooooo proud of themselves again. Let us not kid ourselves, US politicians do not care one bit about all this murder happening around the USA, as long as they keep they their donors happy. So much for the the world peace keeper country, this is the very same culture they want to spread around the world.

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Posted in: Royal arrivals See in context

PS......forgot to write that I only watched it for 45 mins.

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Posted in: Royal arrivals See in context

I watched it on yt, my dog, what a waste of time. So much boring church music. And I still do not know why I watched it.

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Posted in: Hate passwords? You're in luck - Google is sidelining them See in context

So someone like me with no media accounts, ie twitter, facilebook or what ever, nor a modern mobile like an smart phone would find this impossible to use. I am dreading the day when I might have to buy a smart phone. I am already so tired of seeing nearly everyone walking around with their eyes glued to their phones, no wonder social inter reactions are failing badly . NO one talks to any more.

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Posted in: Hollywood writers strike looms as deadline nears See in context

Does this mean a break from all the violent over sexual filth they produce.

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Posted in: Idol supergroup AKB48 abolishes team system; sayonara concerts to be held this summer See in context

I know nothing of AKB48 but do listen to some K.Pop. I do however have my best most favourite female groups in the world, Lovebites and Bandmaid, both hail from Japan and are heavy metal or something like that. Watching them perform is an absolute joy and their music is out of of this world. Every member of these bands are virtuoso's at their instruments, their skills are mesmerising. I love Haruna the Lovebites drummer, she just has to be the best in the world right now, and then there Miyako the pianist/guitarist. I could write an essay on all these wonderful women and still not praise them enough. Japan has produced the 2 best rock bands in the world right now.

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Posted in: Trump travels to Scotland to open golf course See in context

My girlfriends grandmother came from the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides and her surname was MacLeod. I was told some time ago she and Trumps mother were cousins. Now that is not anything to shout about these days.

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Posted in: Willie Nelson at 90: Country music's elder statesman still on the road again See in context

I know not much about country music not being a fan, but one of his songs 'Funny how time slips away' is a masterpiece.

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Posted in: Virginia Gov Youngkin in Japan to forge supply chains with 'friends' See in context

Jordi PuentealtoToday  09:34 am JST

..., Florida, Virginia, ... Who is next?

What about Marjory Taylor Greene, Boebert, Gosar...etc... The list could be endless.

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Posted in: Virginia Gov Youngkin in Japan to forge supply chains with 'friends' See in context

Grilledham&cheeseToday  08:17 am JST

Another great governor. Governor Desantis now Youngkin awesome

Have you even read what these two are doing to their own states? It is not nice.

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Posted in: Biden shrugs off age concerns, saying 'I feel good' See in context

Biden, whether you support him or not, has actually done more for America than Trump ever did. There are thousands of infrastructure projects now being carried, 4/5 million more jobs, and best of all, his government is really diverse.

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Posted in: Writer tells jury in lawsuit trial: 'Donald Trump raped me' See in context

What i do not understand is that if this is a rape trial how can the accused deny giving a DNA sample.

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Posted in: Disney sues DeSantis, calling park takeover 'retaliation' See in context

Disney will probably send Mickey and Minnie to court as their lawyers. Desantis is a joke that has gone off the rails.

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

Now just think, if this was a politician or business man caught doing the same thing, we would not even be reading about it. Ah, the long arm of selective justice.

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Posted in: Emily in Paris: Parisians face influx of Netflix hero's fans See in context

I watched 2 episodes of this rubbish, that was enough.

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Posted in: Hong Kong student in Japan arrested upon return over online posts See in context

Millions of people living in so called democracies think they are free, they are only free if they are part of the 1% wealthy in the plutocracy they live in.

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