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Posted in: Unlike stimulants and other illicit drugs, over-the-counter pills aren’t illegal, which has led to many young people overdosing. Interpersonal relationships weakened due to the pandemic, and many people seem to have learned about OTC-drug overdoses while surfing the internet. See in context

Pseudoephedrine has been banned over the counter in Australia for a decade, so I'm surprised that pseudoephedrine analogs such as Paburon are so easily bought OTC in Japan. Especially considering Sudafed is prohibited, but when mixed with antihistamines and acetaminophen, it's everywhere. This last point increases liver-toxicity, so it's not surprising more harm is coming about. Not sure of the relevance of weak interpersonal relationships, websurfing and overdose comes in...bit of a weak connection there.

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Posted in: Tokyo counts cost of $15 billion pandemic Olympics See in context

Watched the Olympics coverage from Australia everyday. It was the most enjoyable I've experienced and much has to do with being able to watch everything online. Technology has improved the viewing experience. Great job Tokyo - thanks for your efforts. Hopefully you can get on top of the virus now.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 393 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,792 See in context

6000 tests in a city of 20, 000, 000. That is incredible.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 949 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,881 See in context

9502 tests in a city of 20 million is shameful. Imagine how many people are walking around undiagnosed. Probably 10's of thousands in reality.

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Posted in: Japan's hay fever season to start early due to warm winter See in context

Guy in the background wearing his mask ALL wrong LOL

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Posted in: New Japanese KitKat flavor: Peach mint chocolate with rum See in context

Dear marketing people, sticking "Premium" on a product does not make it so.

Of course not, it's the rum that makes it 'Otona'!

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman on moped injured by rope stretched across road See in context

Shouldn't publicise this or it will happen more.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context

Gee, they didn't attempt to hide it much!

30KG of ice...hmmm, someone is gonna be very angry. With such a high street value, you'd think they might put a little money and effort into concealing the gear. Single mother with child seems a much more reliable mule to me.

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for stabbing bus driver at Hachioji See in context

Looks like stabby summer is on the way back again!

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Posted in: Woman dies after being stabbed in Saitama car park See in context

We're in for another Stabby Summer.

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Posted in: Beer is served See in context

The best head is NO head!

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Posted in: New Xylitol gum flavors See in context


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Posted in: FIFA plays God with winter World Cup talk See in context

People seem to forget that the worlds seasons aren't all the same. These Eurocentric people should get over it. Maybe if top players in the Euro leagues are battling it out for the World cup (which is only 1 team for each country) the up and coming players in those leagues will get a chance to play and establish themselves.

Has only positives that I can see.

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Posted in: Wrong numbers See in context

Imagine how many breakups have been initiated though these...

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Posted in: Miyazato wins season-opening LPGA Thailand See in context

LOL at 'blowing a 7 stroke lead' in Pattaya.

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Posted in: Going for gold See in context

Those 2 on the left are nothing short of goofy looking. Miki on the other hand is as cute as ever!

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Posted in: 13 young students murdered at party in Mexico border city See in context

Still think that your Friday night line of coke is a harmless and 'victimless' crime?

Yes I do.

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Posted in: Tabuse wants another shot at NBA See in context

Good on him. Hope he gets a chance before he's too old. I reckon he'd fit quite well into NY's roster.

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Posted in: Japan going to pot: Celebrity busts and student smokers have authorities in a tizz See in context

Haha...nice inclusion of stoner slang! Tah!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after pushing woman off platform at Tokyo station See in context

Can you imagine the expense of installing safety barriers at all the stations. Over 1000 stations in Kanto alone. Cost prohibitive. It's a bubble-wrap solution.

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Posted in: Three men arrested for robbing drunken salarymen in Tokyo See in context

I regularly carried around that much, as I had to pay my rent in cash sometimes with was 120,000. Unlucky I guess.

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Posted in: Former porn star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment See in context

Apparently she had some kind of mental illness also. Anyone heard about the details?

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Posted in: 1,100 don masks in Marunouchi theater for special screening of virus movie See in context

"I got red marks on my face when I took it off!" //o// is all i can say.

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Posted in: Tokyo Midtown Christmas See in context

Interesting to see that they are now competing with the long running Roppongi Hills Illumination set-up. I saw both last night and there were helicopters everywhere, even a blimp was circling around.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao back in public eye after sister's death See in context

She's gorgeous.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs wife, son; then tries to kill himself in Saitama See in context

Another addition to the stabby summer season. Where are we at now? 80+ stabbings? Think I'd rather be shot than cut up....urgghhh.

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman found stabbed to death on street in Sagamihara See in context

Death #86 of Stabby Summer continues...

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Posted in: Baby panda dies after just three days See in context

Yes - The Lesser panda is a far more superior panda. It has a stronger sex drive too. Yay for panda sex!

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Posted in: Sleeping See in context

Looks like another victim of 'stabby' Summer.

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Posted in: Mary-Kate Olsen seeks immunity in Ledger probe See in context

Sounds suspicious. Hope she goes down.

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