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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

And they said Japan is a free country. Haha...

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

All the fuss about Hitler and Nazi is missing the point Aso is trying to raise. Aso don't give a damn about hitler nor nazi. He is trying to say that the government should just go ahead and amend anything it wants quietly without giving a shit about the people. After all the Japanese people has been taking shit from the government for so long and still give a strong mandate to LDP in every election except once. So I totally agree the Japanese deserve what they get, unfortunately foreigners in Japan had to suffer these fools because of Japanese apathy

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

Why look elsewhere when your own country is in desperate need of help? Japan has not recover from its recession since twenty over years ago and unemployment is at an all time high. Suicide rate is among the highest in the world if not the highest, mostly due to financial reasons. The government is at wits end to raise money with its humongous debt. Instead of putting more financial burden on its people through taxation, these Japanese investors should invest in their own country to save themselves first. Otherwise, the Japanese civilization is going to end up like the Roman and Greek empire, total annihilation. And the danger is very real considering the stupidity of its leader, "looking for alternative country to invest" when it itself is in need of investment.

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Posted in: Labor ministry to scrap employee pension insurance system See in context

I would like to suggest that all foreign workers in Japan get together somehow and petition the government to give us back our pensioned money which is unreasonably and unjustifiably "robbed" from us. If the government continue to ignore our plight, then we should organize a protest and demonstration to get their attention. Anybody with me?

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Posted in: AIJ pension scandal shakes trust in system See in context

Japan is a dying nation without any light at the end of the tunnel. When the government schemed together with big corporations to scam its people, I dont see any hope left for its future. Nevertheless, at least Japanese only scammed their own people unlike US, scandals like Lehman, Refco, MF Global etc., fleeced the world to enrich its own country. Shame on you.

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Posted in: Noda struggles to conquer Japan's debt mountain See in context

Japanese government imposed 70% inheritance tax (it was proposed to increase to 90%) arguing that old generation shouldnt support the younger generation. But it burdened the younger generation to support the older generation. Either way the government benefits. The question is, how the government has been spending all this money? For a country without any army to maintain, it should have surplus every year instead of deficit. I could only conclude that the gov is super inefficient, incompetent and inept. Probably be better off without one.

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Posted in: Gov't says revenue from 5% consumption tax hike to be used only for social security See in context

Someone who could not even keep a single promise as stated in its Manifesto, you think he can keep this promise? A liar always a liar.

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Posted in: Police haven't ruled out suicide in severed penis case, media report See in context

Recipe for a perfect murder; first dope your victim with stimulants then stabs him many times to the chest and stomach . Then chop off the manhood . Don't leave footprints. Kick the severed organ under the bed. The police will think it is suicide and you get off scott-free. Disclaimer: This recipe only applies in Japan and not any other parts of the world.

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Posted in: More Tokyo train stations start using lights to stem suicides See in context

Suicidal tendency is no different from catching a common cold. No matter how healthy and careful you are, there will bound to be time when you will catch a cold. Likewise, no matter how happy your life is, there is bound to be a time when everything seems so futile and you are stricken with suicidal thoughts. You don't prevent suicides by taking away the means such as banning knives, insecticides, cars or installing blue lights in stations. You should prevent suicides by making these people aware that there are help available. But alas, in Japan you cannot do this because there are no such help as the government is more concerned about suicide victims causing disruptions to the railway systems than the welfare of a human being.

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Posted in: Dividing up Ichihashi reward money worthy of its own investigation See in context

Since offering monetary rewards is so effective, and the police force are show to be quite incapable and incompetent, maybe the government should just cut the police force by half and offer the rest of the police budget to bounty hunters. Police can just do the paper work and leave the real crime busting to vigilantes and bounty hunters!!!!

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Posted in: Man dies after stabbing himself, wife and 6-month-old baby in Aichi See in context

Dear Cleo, resident/local tax is based on last drawn income and unlike income tax, because of the way it is structured, you have to pay them even when you are jobless for at least 2 years. Likewise, social insurance is based you your last drawn income. Imagine your last drawn income is 2million yen per month, you will need to pay about 700,000 each month of social insurance and residential tax for at least 2years even without any income.

Kokorocloud, yes, different people cope differently given the same situation. But then there have to be opportunities and friendly faces. We are after all human with human frailties. I believe the Aichi man will not have resort to family suicide if he can perceive a way out. If he is really evil, he would have resort to more violent means of keeping his family survival. He could have just kill himself and not his family, but I believe he just could not bear to see his family suffer if he is to leave them alone. But now, with the publicity that his wife and kids received, they will probably be given appropriate help. Without this publicity, believe me, the nobody gives a shit if the mother and kids die of hunger. Remember the case a few years ago where the mother was jailed because her kid died of hunger and she herself also almost died too? Nobody gives a shit when she asked for help, but when someone dies, everybody starts pointing fingers.

And dear fishy, being bankrupt still doesn't feed your family. Last I heard, the government still does not give money to bankrupt individual, but I do know that government is very generous to bankrupt corporations especially BIG zaibatsu corporations.

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Posted in: Man dies after stabbing himself, wife and 6-month-old baby in Aichi See in context

Imagine you have been jobless for years, all your savings gone, your wife and kids keep asking you for money which you do not have. On top of that the government insists that you pay your overdue residential/inhabitant tax and kenko hoken and nenkin and god knows what other never heard of before taxes. The NHK is suing you for not paying the television licence fees, and you just received an eviction letter from your landlord. You have tried looking for jobs but kept being rejected for god knows what reason. You seek help from social welfare, and the bureaucrats told you that they are very sorry but there is nothing much they can do. Now, in the western countries, you would have resort to robberies or drug dealing, but being Japanese, "meiwaku" is always a priority. So, as not to inconvenience or harm others, leaving this world with ones own family is the only option left. Therefore, I do not blame this Aichi man and to all you commenters, I wonder how virtuous you will be when in the exact situation.

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