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Linda Joyce comments

Posted in: World must get ready for global microcephaly 'epidemic': study See in context

I had GBS last year, and it freaks me out that they still held the Olympics in Brazil despite the increased risk of athletes being paralyzed (usually only temporarily, but not always).

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Posted in: Cultured meat will change the world See in context

ChickieNobs Bucket'O'Nubbins!

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

Tax breaks and easier childcare are helpful, but you have to spend time with your partner to actually create a child. The ridiculous and arbitrary work relocation system in Japan creates, essentially, single-parent households even if the husband doesn't move out completely. Which many do. How do they not factor in the fact that it's hard enough to get pregnant if you have sex several times a week, given the timing required in even the best case scenario? Add to that the fact that you might only get busy several nights a year, and they're lucky women here are giving birth at all.

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