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Yubaru - I am not amused at the way the government uses these statistics to talk about "declining" population. They include the "foreign" population to artificially make it look like while the population is declining it's not as bad because of the influx of foreigners.

Mate, that is how populations are calculated all over the world. Countries like the US, Australia, England, etc. have rapid population growth due to the large amount of immigrants that move to those countries each year.

The above statistic of 20% of the population being over 70 does not seem so alarming. It’s quite on par with many other countries. Japan’s biggest problem is the declining birthrate, which has been decreasing rapidly for over twenty years. However, they have done very little to address this issue. There are many contributing factors to this. Lack of daycare facilities, uncertainty of their financial future, poor work/life balance and the lack of fraternizing with the opposite sex. These problems have been documented, but they are afraid to change anything due to the Metathesiophobia mindset.

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Well, everybody knows that, just about everything is made in China.

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It only took them three weeks to get their crap together. These lowlifes are long gone by now. They’ve packed up all their stuff, deleted all their hard drives and phones and are back in society. This investigation should have started immediately and should have been done in silence. Waiting yhree weeks and announcing the investigation to the media is just a PR stunt.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife questioned in closed-door hearing at Tokyo District Court See in context

I don’t understand why she is being interviewed in a court.

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Goodlucktoyou - Going there in a few weeks to do research on radiation levels. Will let all know what I find

Would be interesting to know your findings. However, you probably don’t need to go that far.

The fall out from this man made disaster was totally misreported, sanctioned and covered up. One of my friends lived in Tonegawa, which is on the boarder of Ibaraki and Northern Chiba (about 120k from Dai-Ichi). He found alarming levels of radiation in the roof gutters of his house shortly after the meltdowns. There have also been radiation hot spots found in Kashiwa, Chiba and in central Tokyo. Perhaps this means, the areas closest to the meltdowns that have been cleaned up are actually the safest areas to return to.

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The action allows people to return to about 40 percent of Okuma

Correction: The action releases TEPCO and the J-Gov from paying these people any further compensation.

As stated in the article, the vast majority of these people are extremely apprehensive about moving back and for good reason. Of course the radiation levels are their first concern. However, the infrastructure of these towns were also destroyed. There will be very few shops and amenities, nor will there be any work. Most of these evacuees have already found alternative work and reestablished their lives in their host town. The saddest thing is, those who own homes and decide to stay away and sell their properties will be lucky if they can give their home or land away. This is something TEPCO and the J-Gov should be compensating people for as well.

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So, he has resigned because of his offensive gaffe. However, this also means the investigation into his fraud and bribery will be swept under the carpet.

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What’s the bet they find something to charge her with and put her in detention too? That would not surprise me in the least.

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S Korean media criticize use of industrialist's image on new Japanese banknote

Of course they do. Ho hum! Move along along! Nothing to see here.

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irs a great incentive to make it free, but what have they done about addressing the shortage? Most government sponsored day care facilities are booked out for years in advance.

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Posted in: Group investigated for placing bed in center of Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

This is not ‘reiwa’! One must do as that are told so they don't affect the ‘wa’. “The nail that stands up must be hammered down!”

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Posted in: Japan to redesign banknotes in 2024 See in context

How about a bit of color? Their designs are extremely drab.

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Posted in: Ghosn says in video statement he is innocent and a victim of backstabbing See in context

Goodlucktoyou - charges are stealing Japanese tax money and stealing Nissan’s money.

Wow! That’s a very twisted conclusion. He has been charged with not claiming part of his income, which was permitted under the terms of his employment. He is also charged with using Nissan funds for personal purchases and investments, which again, were permitted under the terms of his employment. He has held this position for nearly two decades and brought Nissan back from the brink of bankruptcy. Why do you think he was suddenly accused of illegalities? He was backstabbed by jealous and cowardly executives. It has also been stated by a judge that he should never have arrested and this matter should have been dealt with internally by Nissan. Follow details, not rumor and asinine assumptions based on BS.

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But, they will still be made out if paper. The modern PET plastic notes last much longer. A paper ¥1,000 note has a circulation life of one year. Whereas, a PET plastic $10 (AUD) note has a circulation life of five years plus.

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Posted in: Ghosn says in video statement he is innocent and a victim of backstabbing See in context

I’m quite sure most people had already concluded he was railroaded. However, whether or not he can prove it in a Japanese kangaroo court remains to be seen. He’s already guilty of all charges as far as they are concerned.

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Posted in: Fukuoka police tackle shortage of female recruits via fashion show See in context

I hope these kids read the fine print before they decide to become Japanese cops. They have to live in a koban four or five days a week, they’ll have no family life and they have to put up with the constant bullying and intimidation of the senior police. It’s far from what you’d call a dream job. Using fashion as a ploy to attract teenagers is a cunning false reality.

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Women with young sons need to realize that they have the power to change the situation by raising their sons differently, and that they have it in their power to do so.

@Tmarie - Yes, because we all know it’s just the mothers who should be raising their sons to be better.

Nailed it!

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Sexual harassment cases by male employees targeting female students seeking their alumni's help in job-hunting are becoming a widespread problem, according to police

Are becoming widespread? It’s akways been the norm. It’s onky that women are speaking up about it more than in the past.

This article bodes well with the recent scandals involving sexual prejudices in university entrance. Japan will always be prejudiced against women and sexually harass women because that is how Japanese culture functions. It will be a cold day in hell when Japanese women receive equal rights from the crony oyajis.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing ¥10,000 from sleeping passenger’s bag on train See in context

mmwkdw - I've not seen Police officers on platforms that often. How come he just happened to be there ?

There are many police patrolling trains late at night these days, especially in Saitama. Japan has become a lot more than sushi and cherry blossoms in recent years. There is a lot more violent crime on trains and at train stations these days.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing ¥10,000 from sleeping passenger’s bag on train See in context

I’m not blaming the victim, if you are gonna sleep on the train, at least make sure your valuables are secure.

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Posted in: France respects Japan's judicial procedures regarding Ghosn: Le Drian See in context


France respects Japan's "judicial independence" 

Then this.....

Le Drian also said France continues to uphold the principle of the presumption of innocence

Does anybody eise see a contradiction in these two statements?

Is there a reason to believe anything Kono says?

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of committing obscene acts with junior high school boy See in context

Japan needs to introduce a law against using an internet service to groom minors. Charging these creeps after they have committed lewd acts with children is too far after the fact. Grooming children on the Internet carries a 7 year jail term in Australia. They also have a cyber security division who pose as children on social media to trap these predators before they can harm children. .

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Posted in: Ozzy Osbourne postpones tour dates over fall See in context

Get well soon Ozzy!

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Posted in: Security cameras installed on street lights along Tokyo’s Omotesando-dori due to spike in pick-pocketing See in context

SaikoPhysco - I've rarely ever heard of pick-pocketing being rampant anywhere in Japan. 

Just because ‘you’ have not heard about does not mean it doesn’t happen. Pick pocketing is actually quite common in Japan because there are many careless victims. It happens on the trains very often with women leaving their bags open and lowlifes just help themselves to the purse on busy trains. This particular section of sidewalk is also a very busy place making it easy for these lowlifes to swoop on careless people and steal their stuff. I am not blaming the victims, but it doesn’t take much care to stop yourself becoming a victim of a pickpocket.

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The labor shortage is only a big problem in rural areas. There is limited public transport for younger workers and there are very few younger people living in rural areas. The convenience stores in he cities are fine and can continue to open 24/7. However, there must be some compromises made for the rural areas.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting university student in Kanagawa See in context

Let’s hope the sentence for this sexual predator matching his horrible crimes. I know that he would be facing 15-20 years in jail where I come from. However, I fear he’ll get 3-5 in Japan for a violent sex offense involving breaking and entering and confinement.

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Posted in: ANA unveils new Boeing 787-10 for international routes See in context

Looking at that picture it is pretty easy to understand why they are called and air-bus.

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Posted in: February real wages in Japan dip 1.1% year on year See in context

They should compare the decrease with 2005 to get the real decrease in salaries.

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Posted in: France refers to Ghosn's rearrest in talks with Kono See in context

There is no point in talking to Kono about it. He has nothing to do with it nor does he care.

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Posted in: 84-year-old man arrested for abandoning body of 96-year-old neighbor See in context

As one gets older life in jail is not such a bad thing.

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