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Lindsay comments

Posted in: Teacher arrested for indecency on Tokyo Disneyland field trip See in context

He’s a teacher at a special needs school? It would seem he is the one with special needs. Lock the creep up for a few years and don’t ever let him work with children again.

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Posted in: Japan passes revised law allowing joint child custody for divorced parents for first time See in context

It’s only a paper law. If the mother doesn’t want the father to see his children (out of spite) she will just say, “I fear violence” and it will be all over. I haven’t seen my kids for 12 years for no other reason than she could ban me from seeing them. This joint custody ruling is a step in the right direction but there are many other laws that need to be updated for it to work. The crazy thing is, in most amicable divorces the fathers are given joint custody without this ruling and because this is only a paper law nothing will change.

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Posted in: Japan to start hunting large fin whales See in context

"Whales are important food resources and should be sustainably utilized, based on scientific evidence," 

But! Japan does not hunt them with any concern for sustainability. They kill as many as they can in a short period of time just to get the dollars for them. They do not target old or sick whales. They just kill as many as they can from a pod be they young or old, male or female. They can glorify this quoting science all they like but the reality is just a cash grab and abuse of the resource.

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

Obviously the truck driver was distracted. Most likely he was using his phone. Just about every second car I see the driver using their phone.

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Posted in: Japan left to rethink COVID grants as telework facilities empty out See in context

These grants have been misused since their inception. Remember the town in Ishikawa that built a 20m squid with Covid grants? It’s odd that the money is drying up for groups that actually used the money for covid support.

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Posted in: ‘Angry’ parent arrested after smashing window at high school See in context

Monster parents are real!

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

This pretty dumb. They should be looking at these tourists as a money spinning opportunity.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

This is very popular in Japan. Unfortunately, the charges resulting from this sexual assault do not befit the crime.

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

I’m not sure if I’m amused or disappointed. Either way, it’s a stupid idea.

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Posted in: Man arrested for dangerous driving resulting in death in Fukuoka Prefecture See in context

Gambling is illegal in Japan until you use a pedestrian crossing. Then you gamble with your life. Drivers do not stop at crossings. I’ve had driver swerve around me as I was halfway across the road.

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Posted in: Japan launches new alert system as heat stroke deaths rise See in context

Do Japanese ever get tired of being told what to do? If it’s too hot just say no.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes child care aid bill to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Once again we see the J-Gov throwing money at a problem in the hope it will fix it. Child aid payments are very far down the list of reasons why people are not having babies. A lack of daycare facilities, no job security and zero salary growth for over twenty years are the main reasons people are not having kids.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl stabbed; mother also has knife wounds in possible murder-suicide attempt See in context

Fighto! - I'll never cease being infuriated at suicidal adults murdering or attempting to murder precious and innocent children. ZERO excuses for harming children.

Getting angry about it doesn’t help anyone. You should only feel sorrow for the child having to grow up knowing that her mother tried to kill her and pity on a society in which this scenario is repeated all too often.

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Posted in: 600 melons stolen from greenhouses before harvest in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Jind - How do you steal 600 melons without anyone noticing? They have to be harvested first and then packed. Takes time

Exactly! Hence my comment about insurance fraud.

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Posted in: 600 melons stolen from greenhouses before harvest in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Insurance job.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in February for 23rd month See in context

That should read, “for 23rd year.”

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

That’s classic Japan. Reduce the intake number so they can kick them out quicker.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work across Japan as fiscal 2024 begins See in context

They have passed their indoctrination and are ready for a life of servitude. Welcome to the hive.

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

It’s not really much of a revelation considering there has been no wage growth for nearly 30 years but the cost of living keeps increasing. You don’t have to be an economic genius to realize it’s a downward spiral sending everybody broke.

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Posted in: Fukui court allows 5 aging nuclear plants to continue operations See in context

Of course they will extend their life regardless of safety concerns because they can’t afford to replace them.

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Posted in: 5 dead, 114 hospitalized from recalled Japanese health supplements See in context

This kind of thing happens way too often in Japan. There have been many similar cases in the last decade or so. People are still seeking compensation for that face cream that bleached peoples faces. You’d expect this kind of thing to happen eating street food in India but not in a country with so many world renowned pharmaceutical companies.

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Posted in: Japanese police report record high 123,000 child abuse cases in 2023 See in context

But! Are the incidents increasing or just the reporting?

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Posted in: 52-year-old man indicted for raping teenage daughter between 2013 and 2016 See in context

Was the mother not aware?

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Posted in: Man dies after his jacket gets caught in escalator at Mito train station See in context

Redemption - Horrific! How could that possibly happen???

Poorly maintained or faulty escalator. The design of the belt is to stop fingers or clothing getting caught.

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Posted in: 2 die, 100 hospitalized after consuming Japan drugmaker's health supplements See in context

I’ve always been suspicious of the myriad of powdered concoctions sold in Japan as dietary supplements. It’s impossible to be sure of what is in them. Eat healthier and get off the booze and ciggies and all your health troubles will disappear. You don’t need magic potions.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

This is theft from a private residence. The only punishment he got was three months suspension and he quit anyway. Has he been punished just because he lost his job?

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Posted in: Japan sees record cannabis cases in 2023; 70% among young people See in context

"The widespread use of smartphones has led to greater exposure to incorrect information about marijuana, potentially reducing the psychological barriers to its use," an agency official said

This cracked me up. These buffoons will make up anything to avoid the truth. Pot has been popular in Japan for decades, long before smart phones. It’s not the use has increased. It’s just the cops are paying more attention and catching more.

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Posted in: Gov't to require sex offense checks for those applying to work with children See in context


However, sex offenders’ databases are only prefectural.

Currently, yes, but this bill will make it nationalized

Where do you get this information from? There is no mention of it in the article. Every prefecture would have to approve such a disclosure. This would be more work than setting up the bill. I can’t believe you.

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Posted in: Gov't to require sex offense checks for those applying to work with children See in context

However, sex offenders’ databases are only prefectural. There have been a few cases of teachers barred from teaching in one prefecture because of child sex offenses and they reoffend in another prefecture while working as a teacher. This move means nothing until Japan creates a national database of child sex offenders, like other countries have had for decades.

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Posted in: Convenience store manager arrested for filming up skirt of customer See in context

This crime is way too common in Japan. The penalties need to be more severe to deter these creeps. A mandatory year in jail would stop these creeps.

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