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Posted in: French gov't presses Japan to accept Renault-Nissan merger See in context

It also expressed its intention to pick someone from Renault to succeed Ghosn as chairman of Nissan, according to the sources.

Wow! I dunno how they are gonna feel about this. However, the reality is, if this deal doesn’t go through, Nissan is finished. These stone-headed protectionistic Kapanese businessmen really need to wake up. It was they who ran Nissan into the ground in the first place and if it was not for Ghosn and Renault’s support Nissan would have been history years ago.

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Posted in: 28-year-old mother arrested after 2-month-old son dies of malnutrition See in context

@smithinjapan - Hope this woman rots in prison for life

Shouldn’t blame the victim mate. The ones who should behind bars are the ones who created such a pathetic support and education system for single mothers. I’m actually a bit astonished she wasn’t breast feeding them at two months old. I understand that some women cannot, of course.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin on collision course over islands See in context

This stalemate has been going on for decades and I see no resolution because neither side will compromise. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Finding Nemo where the seagulls are competing for a crab, “It’s mine! It’s mine! it’s mine........”

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Posted in: Japan eyes forcing governance reforms at firms after Ghosn's arrest See in context

appoint at least one independent board member in order to ensure proper corporate governance, a government panel recommend

Id like to see this done in the government as well.

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Posted in: Train hits man on platform, sends him flying into 2 women See in context

Suicide? He would have had to have been meaning pretty far over to get knocked so hard as to send him flying.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for setting fire to wife in car See in context

Wow! That’s is just macabre!

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Posted in: JAL unveils tougher rules to control crew's alcohol consumption See in context

Perhaps they should be changing the scheduling of their workers so they are not so stressed out they fill themselves with alcohol every chance they get? There seems to be a lot of undiagnosed alcoholism in Japan. I often see men on the train drinking a 500ml can of ‘super strong’ chu-hi on their way to work in the mornings.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit town demolishes old office despite preservation calls See in context

That photo shows how much devastation is still present after eight years.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi board considers new allegations of unreported payments to Ghosn See in context

@Semperfi - Ghosn could face embezzlement charges

Embezzlement charges? If there was evidence of him actually ‘embezzling’ money it would already have been revealed.

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Posted in: Traffic light push button devices at pedestrian crossings vandalized at 11 places in Saitama Pref See in context

Oh, good grief! Placebo buttons? Are you serious?

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Posted in: Father pleads guilty to beating 8-year-old son to death See in context

Yushin because he let their pet rabbit out of the house despite promising not to do so

He beat his son to death over a flipping pet rabbit? There’s no doubt in my mind that he had been beating the kid for many years. What a tragic POS he is.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi board considers new allegations of unreported payments to Ghosn See in context

But, if these ‘dubious’ payments were made, shouldn’t those who made the payments be in the cell next to Ghosn?

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan down for 9th straight year to 37-year low in 2018 See in context

Merryanne - Well done to Japan! They now finallyhave a better suicide rate than most EU nations. Keep up the good work!

Are you sure about that? Perhaps the over all statistics are compatible, but the youth suicide rate in Japan is still the highest of all the G7 countries. Around 35% of the suicides in this article were under 25 years old. They release these statistics as a good thing, but never show the demographic breakdown.

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Posted in: Man arrested after body of 84-year-old mother found in apartment See in context

“He said he left his mother’s body covered by a futon in her bedroom” - So he could continue to collect her pension.

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan down for 9th straight year to 37-year low in 2018 See in context

How does that compare with the population decline?

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context

There was a similar case last year too. The fact that this joker and others can get away with driving without a license for decades doesn’t bode well for the passive policing of the J-cops.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut up to 700 contract workers in Mississippi See in context

The beginning of the end for Nissan. The company is already unpopular and cutting thousand of jobs is going to make much more unpopular. Bye bye Nissan.

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Posted in: Aso urges G20 to renew commitment against protectionism See in context

Say what??? The Japanese agricultural industry is built on protectionist policies.

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Posted in: Ghosn appeals against bail rejection See in context

I sincerely doubt the judge is gonna change his stance and grant bail. The evidence against him is not substantial nor concrete. If Ghosn is exonerated after 3/4 of a year in prison we can expect to see some major civil suits launched against Nissan and the J-Gov for his mistreatment. Japan and Nissan have really opened up a can of worms with his arrest, extended detention and unfair treatment. I don’t think they are prepared for the repercussions if their case fails.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists spend record ¥4.5 tril in Japan in 2018 See in context

The figure was calculated under a new method with more samples. 

Intnink they mean the figure is fudged and padded in a new method. How is it even possible to calculate this number? If it is calculated on duty free goods only it would give a more accurate account, but most of this is just a padded guess.

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Posted in: Osaka subway drivers win court case over right to grow beards See in context

But, no tattoos of course.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

He kind of has a pretty good point. A few of the posts above put China and South Korea in the same boat as Japan. Perhaps, if the Japanese historians and politicians weren’t downplaying and denying the atrocities committed by Japan against these countries they would be prepared to let it go.

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Posted in: There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48, claims ex-member See in context

Depressed and delusional. TIJ!

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Posted in: Nissan to file civil suit for damages against Ghosn: source See in context

They are suing him for damages on allegations he has not been found guilty of? Jumping the gun a bit, down you think?

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Posted in: Australian towns among hottest spots in world as heatwave continues See in context

These kinds of temps in Australia are not unusual. They unpleasant, but not unusual. Some places have recorded record high temps, but records only go back a hundred years or so. There is nothing to say this has anything to do with global climate change.

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Posted in: Nailed it: How a manicure master clawed her way to the top See in context

I’ve often wondered about the health of these nail artists and women who have their nails dressed regularly. The fumes from the polyurethane and epoxy finishes are quite toxic anc carcinogenic. I’ve seen a few wearing paper masks and one or two wearing better charcoal masks, but I never see the customers wearing anything. They should be wearing rebreather masks to remove the toxic fumes. Then, you have all these women’s hands being exposed to direct UV light to cure the lacquers. That cannot be good for you.

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Posted in: American man pleads guilty to killing, dismembering woman in Osaka See in context

So, placing your hands around someone’s neck and squeezing until they die is not murder? Wow! You learn something new everyday.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

It is Russian territory taken over with Japan’s defeat in WW2. Japan should accept it and give up.

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Posted in: Vietnamese man arrested for operating underground bank See in context

Quite the entrepreneur if you ask me. He’s doing his fellow countrymen a favor by helping them avoid Japan’s taxes and remittance fees. I used to post cash back home as gifts when the exchange rate was better and when I had disposable income. There’s much disposable income for anybody anymore. Thank you Abenomics.

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Posted in: Couple in their 90s found dead in bathtub See in context

Very odd indeed. At least the died together, I suppose.

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