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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped Ghosn flee Japan sent back to U.S. See in context

WiseOneIn Kansai -Can't believe some people still think that Ghosn is innocent

this statement is totally irrelevant. He was held in solitary confinement and grilled daily by prosecution lawyers without his lawyer present and without being charged for nearly 18 months. He was deprived of any contact with his family or newspapers. This is a humanitarian crime. I thought Japan was supposed to be a democracy. The Taylor’s did him a huge favor by getting him out of Japan. Ghosn would have been incarcerated indefinitely until he confessed. Ghosn has stated he would appear in the international court to defend the charges. He would never have got a fair trial in Japan. The Taylors did a great job getting him out. They also showed the world that Japanese airport security is a joke.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged to end free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

If the vaccines are not free people will stop getting them. As a result, people will start dying again from covid. Nobody is going to pay nearly ¥10,000 for a vaccine. Japan is the first country I’ve heard of that wants to make people pay for Covid vaccinations. Shame on you Japan! Covid vaccines save lives!

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested over death of upstairs neighbor after noise dispute See in context

Monster neighbors are real in Japan. I had one that lived underneath me. She called the real estate several times and the police a few times. I flushed the toilet at 3am and she called the real estate the next day telling them I was having a huge party. The best one was, she called the police and told them I was using a chainsaw on my balcony, which was actually a vacuum cleaner. Be careful if your neighbors people. You don’t know what kind of whackos live near you.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman arrested for shoplifting from supermarket See in context

I’ve witnessed this a few times in supermarkets. I saw one old lady taking strawberries out of punnets and sticking them in the pocket of her coat. It’s a result of the complete failure of the Japanese pension scam. Once it runs out they are on their own. Tens of thousands of retirees are desperate and it should be no surprise many are stealing food to survive.

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Posted in: Top court orders temporary blanket halt to disposal of juvenile case files See in context

Have they not heard of a database or a server? I suppose they could store it on floppy discs like they do at the city hall.

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Posted in: Tokyo starts recognizing same-sex relationships See in context

Well done Tokyo! It’s only 40 years behind the rest of the modern world.

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Posted in: Tokyo dept store praised for refusing entry to costumed Halloween revelers See in context

So, a department store is setting a dress code? Next it will be you can’t enter the store wearing a hat and flip flops in summer. I can understand them refusing entry to drunken troublemakers but this is absurd.

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Posted in: Father arrested for leaving 4-year-old daughter in car parking lot to discipline her See in context

Discipline takes on some weird forms in Japan. It’s always the kids that cop the abuse from idiot parents who can not discipline themselves.

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Posted in: Japan steps up push to get public to sign up for digital IDs See in context

Hopefully Japan has done something about updating their cybersecurity before making this mandatory. I’d hate to see this data accidentally thrown away on a floppy disc.

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Posted in: Economic revitalization minister resigns after Unification Church scrutiny See in context

Economic revitalization minister resigns after Unification Church scrutiny

If this wasn’t so serious it would make a great opening line for a joke.

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Posted in: Kobe court has disposed of records from 1997 serial killings by minor See in context

Japan really needs to do something about the archaic paper trail and red stamp system in all the infrastructure. It’s ridiculous in a country that brags about being technologically advanced that everything is still on paper. I had a minor run in with the police a few years ago and the ridiculous amounts of forms I had to fill out was astonishing. I might add it was all on that crappy recycled paper. Anybody who has registered a vehicle, dealt with the city hall or rented an apartment I’d aware of how ridiculous the system is. Registering a car is absurd. You have to run from building to building chasing the red stamps and be in line forever. If you make a mistake you have to go back to the previous building and start again. I registered my car in Australia yesterday. It took ten minutes online. Doesn’t Japan know what a database is?

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric punishes 22 execs over inspection cheating scandal See in context

So, after decades of corporate fraud they are penalized with a corporate fine. No police investigation or criminal charges. I remember a few years ago a homeless guy was jailed for a year for stealing ¥10 from a shrine donation box. Position and status are definitely protection from prosecution in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assisting junior high school girl to commit suicide See in context

The real crime is what lead up to a young teenage girl wanting to take her own life. Parents? School? Bullies? Society? All of the above?

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Posted in: Kishida eyes launching probe into controversial Unification Church See in context

Turn the lights on and watch the roaches scatter!

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Posted in: Flood waters swamp Melbourne as heavy rains slam three Australian states See in context

It has been a pretty bad year on the east side of Australia. However, the deserts, arid and semi-arid areas are loving all the rain. There’s another rain event moving through central Australia at present. On the bright side, the rain has moved off the coast and the weekend will be beautiful sunny spring weather in the mid-20’s.

It’s all cyclic. No need to start screaming climate change. The droughts, floods and fires have been going on in Australia for millennia and the cycles will continue into the future.

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

Well done Japan! You are only six months behind the rest of the world on this one. (roll eyes)

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of his 3 children See in context

This is a distinct reflection on the lack of help awarded single parents in Japan.

It’s disgusting that life is considered so unimportant that so many parents decide to kill their kids and themselves. Parents who develop these self-pitying suicidal tendencies have every right to end their lives but the children deserve to live without these pitiful parents.

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Posted in: Israeli charged with smuggling drugs into Japan dies in detention center See in context

Another death in custody in Japan. He was denied medical treatment which may not have led directly to his death. However, he should not have been denied medical treatment at all. The Japanese government will condemn the Chinese work camps but it seems that immigration detention in Japan is no different.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs penalizing hospitals that fail to provide promised beds for COVID patients See in context

What can they do to penalize hospitals? Make them pay fines? Any penalty put on hospitals will ultimately effect patients.

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Posted in: Kishida asks firms to match pay hikes to inflation See in context

Flashbacks to Abenomics anyone? Abe did the same thing when he cut corporate taxes. The only difference is Abe ‘urged’ companies to increase salaries. Kishida has ‘asked’ companies to increase salaries. One would think a country leader would have the balls to make a salary increase mandatory.

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

This was Abe’s failed plan as well. Japans economy needs to be fixed domestically not by tourists. Cut some of the taxes and excises and put more money in peoples pockets so they can spend more. Nearly 25% of Japanese kids are living in poverty. Young people are living on cup noodles so they can afford rent. The elderly are broke despite paying the pension for forty plus years. Tourists are not going to fix these problems. Only a solid economic plan that will put more money into peoples pockets will change it. The middle class is disappearing in Japan. It’s going back to what it was 150 years ago. The ruling class and the rest. This appalling economic failure is why I left Japan. I was becoming a financial prisoner with taxes, pension, health insurance, rent and the ever-present ‘gift money’ for services you don’t get.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested over assault in Okinawan bar See in context

They should both have been arrested.

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Posted in: Japan Sports Agency chief slams Tokyo Olympic corruption scandal See in context

This bribery scandal for Olympic sponsorship is like an athlete taking performance enhancing drugs. All those involved should be stripped of their position and their pension and be banned from taking part in future negotiations.

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Posted in: Buying a home in Japan: What you should consider See in context

The thing this article doesn’t mention is, there are no returns on property in Japan. Buying a new home is like buying a new car. It depreciated by 10% as soon as you drive it of the showroom (move in) and continues to depreciate over the following years.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold anti-N Korean submarine drills See in context

That photo looks more like a protest than a drill.

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

They should t single out Abe. He is no different to any other Japanese PM. It’s just that he was PM for so long that a lot of the poop stuck.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for threatening to kill ‘noisy’ tenant living above him See in context

Monster neighbors are a real threat in Japan. I had one living underneath me for a while. She called the cops a few times telling them lies about what I was doing. She called the cops once and told them I was using a chainsaw on my second floor balcony, which was a vacuum cleaner. Flushing the toilet late at night was enough to send her off. Be careful of your neighbors. There are too many whackos out there.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested for assaulting 19-year-old daughter because she didn’t keep in touch with him See in context

Well, she won’t be contacting him again any time soon.

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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

Nobody wants to share a bedroom with three kids.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

Loving or hating his policies is irrelevant. Yes, he was a huge failure as a PM in the eyes of many but he still managed to become Japan’s longest serving PM. He comes from a rich and powerful family going back generations. He was assassinated while campaigning. All these points together add up to him being entitled to a state funeral. I don’t like it either but that’s the way it is and should be.

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