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Posted in: U.S. must grasp global impact of debt crisis: Japan See in context

The Americans will never pay its dept as long as the private federal reserve is allowed to Exist! And print funny money. The dollar is WORTHLESS! Full Stop!

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Posted in: Kerry says world must act as Obama wins some support for Syria strike See in context

Is Syria Americas excuse to get into Iran??

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a PM checking out the equipment bought by tax payers money and since all the Japanese are paying for the jet S.Korea is insulting a generation that was not involved in the Second World War! Soooooo Gettttt Overrrrr Ittttttt!!!!!

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Posted in: U.S. warns China, Japan, S Korea on currencies See in context

If the Americans government printed their own money and not the private federal reserve bank then they would be in better position and would not need to dictate to the rest of the world how to get out of their mess. The fact of the matter is the dollar is not worth the paper it's printed on!!

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Posted in: U.S. boosts missile defense as N Korea warns of nuclear strike See in context

As anyone thought that N/Korea is also doing a new style of practice drill to see how the South and the USA react LOL!

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Posted in: G20 pledges to hold back from currency warfare See in context

Japan has been in deflation and resection for over 15 years because they do things by the book, devaluing the yen is the only way out of the global economic mess that the USA started! The Japanese government needs to get the yen to the 150 mark. The USA IS BROKE! because of so called professionals and experts ( Iraq remember ) if the yen does go to 150 it's because of the experts not seeing futures like a blind man selling reading glasses to the blind!!

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers after suffering highest terror death toll since 9/11 See in context

Oil is the devils blood and we feed of it like vampires! What real good has come of it? RIP

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Posted in: 54% of cities hosting nuclear plants OK restart: survey See in context

Chernobyl nuclear power plant was the worst nuclear disaster in history, Fukushima has by far surpassed that but everything has been played down and suppressed by the government and the powers to be. RIP

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Posted in: Prosecutors urge 5-year sentence for former judo champion over rape charge See in context

Well Statutory rape is of the table she must be over 13, now if she was drinking in a public place not only the judo guy is at fault but the people who served a minor alcohol and should also be prosecuted for being Conplicent to the fact if she can prove she was raped. It also is said that her name can not be mentioned because she was under age at the time probably 17 therefore old enough for conventual sex. What everyone is missing is the chain of events that lead to the allegations. Could he have been drunk too. Its all speculation at the moment.

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Posted in: Democratic senators want ban on assault weapons See in context

It does not matter how much yackety-yack goes on in government or congress over guns in the USA.

The Americans have this idea that guns "don't kill people! people kill people!" Well people have been killing each other since human creation from rocks, clubs, spears, bow & arrows, muskets and today the Americans have semi-automatics in any gun shop arround the country.

What is also amazing is that they can buy bullets that are designed for maximum damage as opposed to a musket ball.

If a a weapon is designed for maximum lethal damage to be sold to the general public then I think it is safe to assume this weapon is going to be used for the purpose maximum damage when killing.

These massacres will continue in the USA until someone educated enough will be able to tell the people of America that Guns are designed to kill and all the automatic & semi-automatic guns are designed to kill people by people. RIP USA!

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

I think the people that needed to apologies are all hanged or have died! so move on and lets focus on N.Korea which is the Now!

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Posted in: Tokyo bank heist unsolved, 44 years on See in context

ushosh 123, as they say in Japan " simple is MORE" LoL!

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Posted in: 17-year-old dead, 16-year-old seriously injured following police chase See in context

I doubt very much these kids had a lapse in judgment, they where probably "bosozoku" which pretty much died out until some years back. if you know what these bike gangs get up to on the road then its not suprizing one is dead, they totally ignore all road rules and are a danger to others. RIP

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Posted in: Noda warns against jingoism as parties draw election battle lines See in context

The Japanese have no faith in their leaders Why? because they have no more faith in themselves so its time to wake up and change it for your own future and stop complaning.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig says he wanted out of 007 See in context

Sean Connery was Bond! Daniel Craig is Bond!!

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Posted in: Japan's auto giants warn on China dispute, strong yen See in context

You have to understand that the Chinese media is controlled any sensitive thing about china domestically is cut from the news but if its going to distract the majority of the population such as the disputed islands then it turns it into propaganda this not only affects Japanese businesses but Chinese that own businesses which deal with Japanese goods or Restaurants, what would happen if Japanese went trough Chinatown in Yokohama and destroyed shops? It would not because they know when politics are in play which unfortunately the majority don't in china, one example is when all the shops in china ran out of salt after the nuclear disaster in Japan and rumors went round that Japan set of the disaster by blowing up the fault with a large nuclear device, the Chinese are a very gullible nation and the Chinese government love it.

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Posted in: Japan says it got G20 understanding for its yen concerns See in context

If the Japanese government is serious about the future of it economy it should and must devalue its currency to about the 120~130 mark there would be more benefits then damage, it also should not attach the yen to the US dollar since the USA is bankrupt and the dollar is falsely valued!!

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Posted in: Gemba: China should play fair under world rules See in context

The new political system of conveyor belt PM's in Japan should be taken word for word by each and not just one man hahaha!

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Posted in: Hacking scandal casts light on Murdoch's politics See in context

No Better way to put gag orders on the Media, phone hacking is the door to this eventuality, watch how they spin it into something else.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

He enticed he to his apartment then raped her and kills her to keep her quiet ??? this to me is premeditated.

Then there is this bath tub, where did he get all the sand and for what did he intend to do with it? start a farm on the balcony? Premeditated I think.

The Death sentence is appropriate.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing donation box from Nagasaki convenience store See in context

Best thing for these guys is community service for a month or so in the disaster stricken areas.

They will soon learn a thing or two and why the box was put there in the first place.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

sushisake3 do you know what "Geothermal energy" is? I lived in Japan for twenty years and could not understand why Japan never tried it! then again if you don't know about "Geothermal energy" Then maybe Japan doesn't either.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

SushiSake3 Maybe I am missing something, but don't they uses fresh water to cool down reactors? if they are desalinating sea water, then they could pump fresh water from the desalination plant to a safer nuclear plant location and if there is no safe location drill for "Geothermal energy"! The Fukushima plant is dead and can never be used again. The big question is What is TEPCO's end goal to this cruises? Cooling down the plant is only the first stage, then what??

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Posted in: Kagawa Univ associate professor and kenpo black belt punches woman See in context

IF this was a clue to a crossword puzzle I would have said "PUNCHBAG"

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

If coring for soil samples was done before the Daiichi Fukushima nuclear plant was built and for the others for that matter, there is a high probability that the core samples would have shown evidence of Tsunamis long ago.

This time the Tsunami reached 5km inland,building a Nuclear plant right on the shores of a country that is known for earthquakes is negligent,(10M walls we now know don't work against a huge volume of water moving at 450km per hour.

Japan has the best natural energy resources next to Iceland "Geothermal energy"! If TEPCO or the Japanese government say it is to expensive to tap into! Look at the price they are paying now.

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Posted in: Fashionista See in context

Take away the headdress and the rest is ridicules! Akina looks so uncomfortable.

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Posted in: 4 bound men thrown to deaths from bridge in Mexico See in context

Holland has it right but the rest of the world are still figuring it out. Mexico needs to legalize soft drugs like marijuana and it might make the USA think a little. They keep saying God Bless America the land of the free, then why ban gods creation??

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Posted in: Pandamonium See in context

it is a curry they just forgot to add the main ingredient curry powder!!!!!

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Posted in: U.S. weighs response to Somali pirates' hijacking of yacht with 4 Americans See in context

The Americans are trying to work out the difference between Piracy and Terrorism, and the UN security counsel are scratching their heads, give them some time!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan welcomes China becoming world's No. 2 economy See in context

Not unless Government Changes there is little hope for Japan

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