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Posted in: Schwarzenegger says he's returning to acting See in context

Playing the part of a robot means you don't need expression and very little dialogue Terminator was his best "acting"

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy falls between bullet train and platform during trial run See in context

Me and my friend where getting of the train in Shibuya I think it was when he suddenly disappeared in front of me! one leg went between the train and platform.

What was frightening was that people where trying to get off and on when I was desperately pulling him up in between all this rush.

It would save a lot of grief if the trains DID have a plat that filled the gap when the doors opened they would only need to be 10cm in width.

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Posted in: Diet soda tied to stroke risk, but reasons unclear See in context

I knew diet soda was no good it tastes bad!

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Posted in: Somali pirates capture supertanker with $150 mil worth of oil See in context

The Pirates are very good at what they do, they use mother ship to get further out to sea and then launch their attack boats.

When and if they get spotted by any navy all they do is throw their weapons overboard and put out fishing lines.

You can't arrest fishermen fishing in international waters.

The reason that piracy is more prevalent now is because of the North westerly winds which bring much calmer waters then the South east winds.

My question is why are the superpowers ignoring Somalia when they know it is also a nesting ground for terrorists equal to Afghanistan and Pakistan boarder mountains.

Again WHY is the UN security council failing when it comes to Somalia???

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Posted in: Bra wars See in context

Aki Hoshino is saying that this is what she would like her figure to look like, with that cup size!!!!!

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Posted in: Asian champions See in context

KEEP that positive attitude and the rest is history, and a great future for Japanese football congrats.

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Posted in: The younger generation is confronted by unstable employment prospects. That means many will be excluded from the workplace in the first half of their adult life, which in turn, will deny them the oppo See in context

China has it right, when they lend money to poorer countries to build schools, hospitals and so on, they send out Chinese construction companies to build them, where are all the materials bought to build? from China! So the money is put back into the Chinese economy. Japan needs to do something on those lines or it will never recover and unemployment will keep going up.

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Posted in: The younger generation is confronted by unstable employment prospects. That means many will be excluded from the workplace in the first half of their adult life, which in turn, will deny them the oppo See in context

When Japanese politicians are more interested in keeping their political careers and not focusing on real issues,then what chance does anyone have? The generation that built Japan today is getting short changed and the young generation looking for a future can't afford a suit for an interview if they get one. If Japanese companies relocate their plants or businesses then at least employ 30% Japanese to work in those places. After all they are Japanese companies!!

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Posted in: China has some major issues coming See in context

Companies in China need to be kept in very close check, they don't honer their deals, I have lost a lot with a gas company called VANWARD,never deal with them. Burt JAPAN is the only county to do business with in Asia!!!

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Posted in: Would you support an environment tax as part of measures to counter global warming? See in context

That kind of TAX would be a scam!

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Rep Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican, rejected arguments that U.S. gun laws were at fault, saying that it was not the gun that was to blame in the Tucson attacks but the shooter!!!! Its a bit like saying its not the drunken driver who kill the innocent by-stander it was the Alcohol and the bar tender who sold the stuff!!! Course of death "shooter" give me a break!

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Posted in: Arizona Rep Giffords shot, 6 killed, including judge, 9-year-old girl See in context

"guns don't kill people, guns don't kill people haha!! yes tell me the usa does not have their heads screwed on right, i think i will get into the body bag business!!!"

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Posted in: Ebizo dropped by sponsor after pub brawl See in context

Rion Ito, 27, and a former bike gang leader,walked away better off!!!

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Posted in: Hawk eyes See in context

I agree with you lunchbox, but its better then having them stuffed like a lot of hunted animals that end up on a wall!!!

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Posted in: There have been many food poisoning cases caused by sushi chefs in foreign nations who know little about how to treat raw fish. If things are left as they are, Japan's sushi culture will end up being See in context

I have been invited to sushi places abroad by Gaijins and they all think its the best they have tried, if I scored the restaurant it might have got a 5 for effort so yes sushi is not just a piece of raw fish stuck on rice, its a lot more than that!!! It would take ten years to fully understand what I mean.

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Posted in: Santa's here See in context

Can you imagine if these lovely girls danced at the border with North and South Korea "peace at last" merry Xmas!!

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Posted in: Fire department official arrested for paying 15-year-old girl for sex See in context

Despite heightened media attention and public expressions of disapproval, the Government and society in general appear to take a lenient attitude toward teenage prostitution and dating for money, which may or may not involve sexual activities.

Sex with those under 13 years of age is prohibited, but consensual sex with a 13-year-old is not prosecutable under the Criminal Code. According to current laws, in order to prove rape and forcible sexual contact with a minor age 13 or over, the prosecution must prove that the attacker threatened or used violence against the victim.

Currently, laws regarding prostitution with minors over 13 years of age are covered only by prefectural government ordinances.

Under the present Prostitution Prevention Law, selling the sexual services of children is illegal, but purchasing those services is not.

There is no law that directly prohibits the production and sale of child pornography. In 1996, 5,378 teenage girls were taken into police custody for sexual misconduct, of whom 562 were engaging in prostitution. According to a police survey of those girls, 46.8 percent said that they wanted spending money, while 29.6 percent said that they acted out of curiosity.

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

Hide She may, Muslims kill you must, Christians kill you will.

If we Can't laugh at ourselves,and see humour in insult?, if it does offend then, why believe?

Surly GOD is bigger than any insult to compare on this earth,

Then why do we diminish the creator of this universe we still cannot understand, which religion has that right?

It is Not our Place until we can understand the creator.

Fighting amongst our selves is not creation but Armageddon!!

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Posted in: Why is politics, which could and should be a noble profession, conducted so badly? See in context

Why is politics, which could and should be a noble profession, conducted so badly?

America the largest economy in the world!

Has a Deficit of $ 1 3 , 5 0 2 , 9 4 5 , 5 1 7 , 5 5 7 . 0 6 The estimated population of the United States is 309,126,746 so each citizen's share of this debt is $43,680.94.

Japan was the second largest economy in the world!

Has a Deficit of $7.1 trillion. The amount is equivalent to about 6.24 million yen ($55,900) for every Japanese.

How Noble of the politicians, asking us to pay for their mistakes!!!!

For example, If an employee/s or CEO (BP example)at a firm was loosing the company, money! in this pathetic way, what would you or anybody in their right mind say?? or do?? Time for a BIG RETHINK!!!

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Posted in: Unsettled nation marks 9/11 with rituals of sorrow See in context

As I have said about 9/11 before and made me think about the whole thing was on Y/tube loose change, maybe Islam and nothing to do with it in the first place!

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

9/11 ''loose change'' you might find it your tube!!

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Posted in: Shoes, eggs hurled at Blair in Dublin See in context

He said al-Qaida-linked extremism was “loosely a global ideological movement, but Iran is a state sponsor of it.”

Tony Blair has started to wined the string around the top with his book, for the big spine that is going to come about to help the Americans to start a new campaign against Iran. 50 thousand American troops still remain in Iraq. Blair has not finished he is going to promote the up coming war in Iran. They are just making sure they have something this time, if you remember Israel obliterated a nuclear power plant in Iraq in 1981, So why not today with far more advanced technology and capability? Blair and Bush might as well be still in power, because the people who controlled them are still there!! and who ever steps in the the positions of Prime minister or President of (UK,USA)will also be controlled by unelected power mongers of a new world order!!

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

By building this Mosque goes against what America in general stands for. women's right to vote and equal rights for all, this does not come close when it comes to Islam.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

Let them build the Mosque, and watch how much money is spent with taxpayers money protecting it, probably more the the twin towers.

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Posted in: Collapsible pet enclosure See in context

missymoo999... yes you are right puppy or kitten pen and when they grow out of it or chew there way out off it it becomes land fill junk as well as the pollution it created when manufacturing it in China.

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Posted in: White House: U.S. on track to end Iraq combat role on Aug 31 See in context

GW you might be wrong 8 billion USD is unaccounted for so those who have some of it, might say you are wrong,the private army's that the Bush administration employed, will also say you are wrong, the puppet government in Iraq will say you are wrong, the huge amount of military weapons developed by the major US companies and sold to the government, with of course tax payers money will say you are wrong.

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Posted in: Was the dropping of the atomic bombs necessary? See in context

1, Wrong or right why did the guy who dropped the A-bomb commit suicide?

2, Was the A-bomb a form of genocide,(the Jews were also exterminated, but not instantaneously)

3, Was the second A-bomb warranted after the first in such a sort time without more negotiation or even some sort of cease fire ( excuse to test one more)

Apologise are only excepted, only by forgiveness.

Politics can not except either, therefore family values have no place in today's world, but only individualism, which is Fascism (control)over any people and genocide is against individualism, because it manifests freedom.

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Posted in: 127 dead, thousands missing in China landslides See in context

Flash floods, fires, droughts, all a part of global warming and China is a part of it because it have become the industrial engine of the world. if you feel sorry for this disaster then blame yourself, we are all responsible. We should call it GLOBAL WARNING!!

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Posted in: Mother of 12-year-old girl arrested for selling daughter for sexual services See in context

Mother of 12-year-old girl arrested for selling daughter for sexual services Ha!! This is how it should be headlined, TRAUMATIZED 12 YEAR OLD CHILD IS SOLD BY PATHETIC MOTHER TO A PEDOPHILE TO BE RAPED!!

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Posted in: Mother of 12-year-old girl arrested for selling daughter for sexual services See in context

Does anybody know the words paedophilia? or pedophiles? And does the Japanese government think that this practice is just worth a slap on the hand obviously they do because this sick man and mother have been court more than once! Sick! Sick! SICK!

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