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Ok, so if it’s something you consider to see in public or speak about , what can I say? But for me, no thank you, I’m a family man you see.


What Is wrong with a lady breastfeeding in the toilet or a private place. It’s not something I would want my dar son or partner to see in a public setting.

Well, this is 便所飯 - benjoumeshi, you're just teaching this japanese phenomenon to your baby, right?

The society is constrained by traditions and religions of naked being a shame which is I think is bad for humanity that causes too biased judgments, I don't know how to fix that but just a public breastfeeding harms none and the babies are more important than my judgement. By the way the toilets are disgusting and none should or deserve to eat inside of it.

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Well, for me any sport that doesn't depends on automated machines like cars, motorcycle and so, must be exclusive XX humans and XY humans to be fair for both groups.

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It's better, if not best to accept refugee only for a year and if the guy want to stay more he must pass N3 to extend two years and N2 for two more years if wants more, then the total sum gets 5 years and if the guy wants to stay more than that just apply for permanent resident, I think this is the fairest way

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Little by little China is putting itself at the forefront of the world..

And if the world can’t afford to buy anything and their digital money is heavily controlled, China loses in the end.

If this happens will be like 1929 Wall Street crash...

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With blockchain or very similar technology I would trust otherwise corruption will prevail on top dogs of the system.

BTW at least will be cheaper to produce coin and bills as no tree gonna be cut and no mineral gonna be mined.

I guess those who works in this chain may be going to protest and strike to protect themselves but progress is unstoppable...

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There will be less people trying to steal our hard earned money but the system must be improved.

... and the government must be cheaper as no coin to be minted or bill to be printed and less "men in the middle" to pay for.

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Somehow I see that's not a government problems, it's educational problem, I've been hearing for 40 years that within my life time the world is gonna run out of fossil oils and gasses, IDK there if they teach about the truth or the people paved theirs own road to hell ignoring that the resource were limited. I'm part of low income population of this world but whenever I have chance to not use a limited resource that I have no control of it, I do, the people must stick together and force the change to alternatives as a fallback plan.

Maybe too late for now...

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Well, it's her free time right?

So let her do what she wants, there's a lot of politicians and respective vices that can cover her place while she unstress herself, these are fail-safes of democracy right?

About maturity as some boring people gonna say judging her that she wasn't mature, living in a box doesn't seems maturity, behaving like everybody expects makes only a puppet, at least she is showing personality.

About NATO, maybe NATO won't do anything while you don't belong to their "club" but Finland has good relationship with neighbors it won't be like Ukraine if something bad happens.

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Sri Lanka will ask Japan to invite the Indian Ocean island's main creditor nations, including China and India, to talks on bilateral debt

Now Iy not be a Native English speaker but, if more than two sides then wouldn't that be "multilateral" talks?

Neither me but the author is talking about the relation between creditor and debtor, so, yes, it's valid for the situation.

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