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Posted in: Opposition CDPJ asks Kishida to explain Abe's state funeral See in context

If LDP wants to do state funeral, they should open a donation box so the 42% of people accepting can pay for it. Or better, they can ask their friends at the UC to pay for it since they are the root cause of all of this.

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Posted in: Keep calm, cut the air con - Japan's energy saving is model for Europe See in context

As a Belgian living in Tokyo. I can say that Belgian (and probably a good part of Europeans as well) are way more frugal than Japanese when it comes to energy consumption. As most people mention, the most house has good isolation and don't rely on air conditioners. This article has been written by a clueless person that want to praise how Japan is better than everyone else, when in reality it is not.

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Posted in: No, you're not going crazy - package sizes are shrinking See in context

It is happening in Japan as well. One of my favorite gyoza restaurants was serving 6 gyozas for 250 yens a few years back. Instead of increasing the price due to inflation, it is now 5 gyozas for 250 yen.

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Posted in: Cabinet adviser Ishihara resigns amid flak for taking COVID subsidies See in context

Seems like a decoy. 600.000 yens is peanut to compare with the billions, JTB, Dentsu and other cronies cashed out during the pandemic.

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Posted in: Are you OK with wearing a mask when you are out and about as a measure to protect yourself against the coronavirus? See in context

@Cristopher Give me some real studies not a random blog on the internet. 

Those are real studies that say that mask efficiely reduce droplet. And droplets is the main transmission factor in this case.

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Posted in: Are you OK with wearing a mask when you are out and about as a measure to protect yourself against the coronavirus? See in context

What is the problem with people not wearing a mask ? It is at worst inconvenient. But better be safe than sorry.

And to reply to Luis, I don't know which literature are you reading but you should change your sources because you are completely wrong. Surgical Mask reduce the infection rate. They are not 100% efficient, but reduce the contamination of other by more than 90% and protect yourself at around 30%. And if you want to protect yourself better you still can with FFP2 mask that protect you at a rate that is higher than 80%. ç

We are 90 persons at my office. There was a Covid Case and since it is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask, there was no transmission and no cluster.

There many studies that say that transmission (mask to mask) are almost inexistent.

Don't be a dick and wear a mask.

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Posted in: Tokyo subway system may not be able to cope with Olympics See in context

I’m commuting everyday by road bike and there is almost nothing made for the bicycle on the road (almost no bicycle lane in Tokyo, and where there is bicycle lane, there is always cars stationing on it). Pushing people to use alternative way of transport (bycicle or bus) is a good option. But the government is just sleeping and doesn't promote such alternative. Giving a bonus cashbacks at the purchase of bicycle, make the bus cheaper than the train/metro, push companies to do remote work. There is a lot of possibilities to help the situation.

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