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Lionel Lyyn comments

Posted in: Japan OKs distribution of Omicron booster shots from this month See in context

Never understood people saying that the Omicron is just like the flu, but freakout when they are asked to take the vaccine. They believe they will get no symptoms if they get the COVID but also believe they gonna die if they take the vaccine. Is there a mind control skill to choose how you body will respond ?

Personal Bias should NOT be followed, if it contradict what the scientists and doctors says.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent Tamaki wins 2nd term as Okinawa governor See in context

Good news, the rogue state of the USA, get out.

Bad news, The rogue state of China get in.

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

Since when masks doesn't work anymore ? Just asking because lot of people here are saying that masks doesn't work when In fact it did for 2 years of pandemic. And people whining about other people wearing it. I mean until the pandemic is really over, I don't see the problem of people wearing them, it is not like you are required to do so, or even that mask did cause a health problem to anyone.

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Posted in: Unification Church ex-members in Japan say they were treated like an 'economic army' See in context

Those cults are everywhere and they recruit in front of train stations. A week ago, i got a prospectus for one at the entrance of the station and before the young lady start to talk, I ripped the prospectus in front of her and said "いらない". I hate those people. In Belgium and most of Europe, there is law that forbid abuse of weakness. And because of those law, if a cult ask you for money, you can sue them for abuse of weaknesses. It is time for Japan to regulate those cults.

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Posted in: State funeral for Abe appropriate given his achievements: Kishida See in context

The problem that Kishida doesn't seems to understand is that people are not utterly against the state funerals. They are against using the money of the taxpayers, because it is an unaccessary burden to add to all people living in Japan. If you really want to do it, just use your own money or the money of the moonies since almost 40% of the people of your party has ties with them.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

The real problem here is that Japan put a really low effort into recognizing mental issues as an illness. As a result, most people with mental illness in Japan are not recognized as ill and are free to roam in the street. I see creeps and weird people every single day.

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Posted in: Bach to return to Tokyo for Paralympics opening ceremony See in context

So basically Bach can enter Japan and avoid quarantine while most of us has to do quarantine ? I do have the japanese vaccine certificate from the ward office and yet I still have to do PCR test and do quarantine when I will come back. It is beyond stupidity...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

I don't understand people saying that the vaccine is unsafe and yet telling people they are safe because the death rate is 0.1%? You have a massively higher chance to catch the Covid and die from it than having a life-threatening side effect from the vaccine. Also if you develop a life-threatening side-effect (the average number is 3 cases per million people) with the vaccine, it probably means you would potentially die from the virus itself.

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Posted in: Frenchman's hunger strike over 'abducted' kids enters third week See in context

For people asking the station, it is In Sendagaya Station. I visited him last week just before Olympics, there were quite a lot of people (including Japanese people) supporting him and I don"t think the policeman would try to oust him if there are too many people. You should go and support him if you have the time to do it.

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Posted in: Gov't panel seeks record 28 yen rise in minimum wage to 930 yen See in context

@hiro, most country in Europe has way higher minimum minimal wage, for instance my home country Belgium has 10.69EUR minimum wage which is 12.65$ or 1350 yens. So no Japan is not on par with most western country, it is far behind.

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo for no-spectator relay See in context

Is it me or there is a guy looking like Bach on the bridge? What a farce. Doing a billion-dollar event and cannot even hire a decent photograph. Gloomy cloud, no spectators, this just look sad. It would have been a thousand time better to postpone to next year and have a full olympics, not this quasi-olympics of mascarade.

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Posted in: Olympics may bring more risks than economic benefits for Japan See in context

So basically they are allowing visitors to events but can cancel it with another state of emergency ? Do you see it coming ? They gonna cash out the tickets money and will not refund it when they will announce another SOE.

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Posted in: Petition to cancel Tokyo Olympics submitted to Koike See in context

If this stubborn government doesn't listen and do keep the games. I hope people will remember it during election and kick the corrupt LDP out.

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