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Posted in: Manners more attractive than boobs, says Mika Kano See in context

I like Superlib's comment: "I think what they were saying is that having big boobs alone sometimes doesn't cut it, you need big boobs plus manners. That will set you apart from the other large chested women."

He, he...

I am happy that fake boobs are not so "in" in Japan (yet?). Every time I see posters of "Spark!" or "That's!" or "Trash!" or whatever it is magazine covers in the trains I look at the usually NATURAL boobs and think GOOD! It's good to have men lusting after NATURAL boobs, not the kind most bikini-clad (or not clad) models wear in those mags in my country! I often wonder how inadequate men would feel if they were bombarded constantly from a young age with pictures of men with surgically enhanced penises 4 times the average size...??

I LIKE Japan for not having YET turned over to the "plastic side" : )

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