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LisaScharin comments

Posted in: Japan kicks off first whale hunt since U.N. court ruling See in context

I continue to be disgusted by the Conduct of the Japanese, their blatant disregard for life, law and dignity! After the ruling, there was a very elaborate buffet held with numerous officials and the "elite" of Toyko, etc. Where they blatantly dined on whale products! With ALL the VERY negative publicity over the Taiji dolphin & whale capture and slaughter, you would think that ALL Japanese would be truly concerned about their image and their honor- guess NOT!! The fact that they are pretty much flipping the world the finger is enough for me and thousands of others to pressure our President here in the USA to NOT accept the TPP, nor help Japan rebuild, nor help them with territory feuds with China!! Become poisoned by the radiation and ALL the other chemicals that were and are still being released into the oceans there! The "meat" is already FULL of mercury and PCB'S to begin with and extremely unsafe for consumption! The Japanese refuse to progress into the 21st century and continue to cling to barbaric, inhumane, "traditions, and refuse to realize that with education, awareness and civilization comes an ultimate end to some traditions, especially ones that are egregious, unnecessary and threaten an ENDANGERED species-MANY of the whales that are hunted are ENDANGERED! If the "hunts' continue, with ALL the other threats these magnificent creatures face, they will ALL ultimately face extinction too! The only thing Japan is accomplishing here is to show the world that they really aren't very sophisticated, or as educated or as honorable as they have been pretending to be! The TRUE colors are NOW showing! So, Like the USA, they could certainly end this "tradition"!!! So, what have we replaced it with???? How about EcoTours, Whale Watching for one!!??? WOW!!! If Japan can't find other, more state-of-the-art jobs for these people, they have NO place in the 21st century world! They are draconians, dishonest and disrespectful!! I am BOYCOTTING Japan products and so are my friends and family!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

The first word in this article is Militant, which says volumes right there about the bias here. Of course this article would uphold the Japanese, but there ARE laws that must be upheld. The fact that the Japanese, along with Iceland and Denmark continue to slaughter these magnificent animals is absolutely unnecessary! The fact that they are exploiting a "loophole" also says volumes. SOOO I want to know-WHERE IS ALL the DATA, the audio recordings, the samples, the video and still documentation for this "research"??? There should be a library unto its self by now with all this vital information! BS!!! How and why the IWC and CITES, etc. allows this is beyond reason! The Japanese are the Militants and the offenders! They offend everyone who cares about our planet, it's health and the well-being of ALL species, they offend by selling this extremely toxic "meat" to consumers!!! The mercury levels have been tested to be 85% higher than safe levels and PCB'S tested 140 times higher than safe levels! Anyone eating this "meat" is ignorant! Yes and where are the governments in this? when lives are threatened, both at sea and in the market place? The Japanese are violating their own laws too! The convention on Biological Diversity, which they are a signatory, along with the Minamata Treaty! Just as they condoned their brutal slaughter and capture of dolphins & whales in Taiji, they do so in the open oceans. They are showing the world just how irresponsible and disrespectful they are! I thought they were "honorable" and didn't like offending anyone-guess I was wrong! Just as many "traditions" come to an end as societies evolve, this one must too! Our oceans and ALL species on this planet are threatened enough by what man has done! It is TIME to respect & honor and preserve life! NOT continue to destroy it!! I stand with Sea Shepard and commend them on doing what is RIGHT! This is a war of GOOD vs EVIL and it is clear who has the "purist" intentions!

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