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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

Am here and chilling on Miyako Jima. Nice and quiet. Plenty of friendly locals. Life is good!

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Posted in: WHO staff accuse Japanese director of racist, abusive behavior See in context

Ah, yes, "the foreigner" comments that are not seen as racist but by any other assessment, standard absolutely are. Same as the sexist language you hear.

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Posted in: 6 thyroid cancer patients sue TEPCO over Fukushima radiation See in context

Remember TEPCO, so the government, actually stated any nuclear isotopes from the explosions were "not their's once they'd left the facility" !! "Not our fault. Not our responsibility", is their mantra. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Student turns herself in to police over alleged university exam cheating See in context

The system cheats women out of places at university (Tokyo Medical School anyone?) so, seems "fair". I feel for this young woman, here, that's it, she is brushed and tarred, for life -- as a cheat. No second chance in Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 6th launch this year See in context

If North Korea isn't following international protocols of warning of missile tests -- never mind ignoring the UN -- seems like a fine opportunity to assess Japan's anti-missile systems.

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Posted in: First aid flights arrive in Tonga after big volcano eruption See in context

Go Tonga. We're thinking of you.

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Posted in: Do not help crashed Olympics vehicles, Beijing police warn See in context

Even if the vehicle is on fire?

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Posted in: 2 men re-arrested over child prostitution and pornography with minors See in context

What's wrong with the legal system? It's a patriarchy. As is Japan.

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Posted in: Giving back: Recycling abandoned homes in rural Japan See in context

Excellent. Stop the waste and build homes anew with old!

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

AGAIN. Beyond belief! You bunch of selfish, inconsiderate, me, me, me idiots: THAT is the USMC.

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 death toll passes 800,000 See in context

Look at all the freedom! Freedom to NOT wear a mask. Freedom to NOT get vaccinated. Freedom to choose oak, beech or pine.

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Posted in: Kishida sidesteps criticism of cash handout policy change See in context

300,000 JPY isn't really going to make a dent on the C19 deficit in our household but every little helps, much better that no part of it is in vouchers. All the "to make the vouchers" money would go to the usual cronies.

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by some countries to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics? See in context

Yes, but it's not enough, make them listen and don't send anyone.

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Posted in: Powerful tornadoes kill at least 78 in five U.S. states See in context

Good grief, some debris was flung 30,000 ft into the air. Incredible energy released. Be safe and KEEP safe the people of Kentucky and other States affected.

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Posted in: End of an era: Germany's Merkel bows out after 16 years See in context

The international political environment will miss Mother Merkel. A lot of times she was the only adult in the room. Remember when that vertically challenged fella let dogs into the meeting room knowing how terrified she is of dogs... but she handled it so well. As she did most things.

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Posted in: Japan's military, among world's strongest, looks to build See in context

@Yang, some interesting stuff there, I think they are not quite done, but they are certainly becoming a very vulnerable piece of equipment on as you wrote modern battlefields. They are difficult to move around, deploy, maintain and use. They are going the way of the Dreadnought class battleships. Advanced weaponry is looking at making autonomous, or remotely controlled systems to reduce the need for protection, and thereby increase speed and firepower. MBT will be a thing of the past.

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Posted in: Strong quakes jolt areas near Mt Fuji, Wakayama See in context

For which country do we locate the most earthquakes? Japan. The whole country is in a very active seismic area, and they have the densest seismic network in the world, so they are able to record many earthquakes.

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Posted in: Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel migration talks See in context

The UK govt of the moment is pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan's Go To Travel subsidy program to resume possibly in February See in context

@elecfixer: Who subsidies the subsidy? QED. UK93 is BANG on with their point.

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Posted in: Stay weed-free with the help of goats — Japanese farm offers eco-friendly alternative to mowing See in context

Goats don't graze. Sheep do. Goats are good for clearing scrub, but as a substitute for mowing? No.

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Posted in: Man arrested for bullet train arson in Kyushu; says he wanted to imitate last week's attack See in context

Well, this began 2015, remember? A woman was killed on the bullet train when a man killed himself by "fire suicide", she was on a peace pilgrimage.

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Posted in: Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso See in context

A s o strikes again! Foot in mouth disease.

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

The support and setting up of the LDP is the longest and most successful CIA operation ever. (Not difficult with their track record TBH).

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Posted in: Bitcoin tops $66,000, sets record as crypto goes mainstream See in context


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Posted in: Quarantine remains biggest deterrent to air travel See in context

Hurrah, no luddite! Suits us here in Japan!

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 25th-floor balcony in Osaka See in context


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Posted in: M5.9 quake hits northeastern Japan See in context

The Rokkasho is nearly full, with over 2,900 tons of high-level waste already waiting to be reprocessed. Imagine those cooling pools cracking, losing their water.

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Posted in: Watchdog halts Tsuruga nuclear safety assessment after data tampering See in context

With fusion energy all but assured, we wont need the horrors of fission any more.


It IS when not if.

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Posted in: Swift Taliban takeover leaves U.S. image in tatters See in context

Secretly provide arms to the Afghan mujahideen -- stinger missiles -- and you reap what you sow. The line through 9-11, then on to this disgraceful abandonment of a nation delivers a US made humanitarian disaster that can be traced to that very decision. Operation Cyclone, 1979 to 1989, the CIA operation that just keeps on giving.

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Posted in: Booze made from wood coming soon in Japan See in context

@Daniel: That is not correct. Juniperus communis, is used to flavor alcohol to in turn become "gin".

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