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Posted in: Drunk U.S. serviceman arrested for trespassing in private residence See in context

An update on revised liberty policy:

Personnel E-5 and below are required to have a liberty buddy after 7 pm and be off the streets by midnight. E-6 and above have no curfew but cannot consume alcohol in public after midnight and require no liberty buddy. Some commands may place further restrictions at their discretion.

As for this guy; it looks like he may fall in the E-5 and below category being he is 20 years old, so he was definitely out past his curfew. Although he may be higher in rank, but I seriously doubt it.

I agree that this is hardly newsworthy. Maybe JT is attempting to spark a bit of “conversation”?

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Posted in: 2 British men arrested for trespassing in imperial compound See in context

Does anyone know what the jail time is for tresspassing on the imperial grounds?

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

It is incomprehensible how many times they used the word incomprehensible in this article.

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Posted in: Suga seeks Okinawa's understanding for base relocation plan See in context

Bertie, I would love to know how you can say "That's why they are closing Atsugi"? Or are you just pulling that out of thin air? They are moving most squadrons to Iwakuni, but the Atsugi is not closing; it is pretty much becoming a helo base.

I do agree with you that the ceremony is a smack in the face to Okinawa. The way I understand it (please correct me if I'm wrong) Okinawa does not consider itself part of Japan for apparent reasons.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. sailors get 9-10 years for raping woman in Okinawa See in context

@darknuts- Thanks for clearing up the DJ thing. I still don't think the Navy will do anything after they have served 10 years; I wouldn't think they would wste their time.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. sailors get 9-10 years for raping woman in Okinawa See in context

The double jeopardy standard applies here. They cannot be punished for the same crime twice; even by the military. They will be discharged once released from prison. They most likely will not have anymore charges placed on them by the military.

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors admit raping Okinawan woman See in context

Stars & Stripes reported that the rape was caught on security cameras and lasted 50 mins.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rejects plea by Sea Shepherd See in context

Just so I got this straight; you're telling me they wanted the SC to overrule an order so they can get close enough a whaling vessel to cause harm? They pretty much were asking permission to commit terrorism.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested in Okinawa for causing accident while driving drunk See in context

@Bertie- I challenge you to put up hard numbers (military population vs. Okinawan population, military incidents vs Okinawan incidents of the same magnitude) or put up your pitch fork and torch.

You obviuosly hate the U.S. regardless of what you claim, but offer no solid facts. But, the topic is about a drunk driving incident involving a senior enlisted USAF guy. I got a little more info; he already has 23 years in so most likely he'll catch a small amount of punishment (military) and then be allowed to retire. Not to say what the Japanese authorities will do with him.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested in Okinawa for causing accident while driving drunk See in context

@Bertie: Please stop screaming for U.S. bases to close. The guy drove drunk and will most likely get a more severe punishment than the Japanese courts will give him. His career if definitely over; today's military has zero tolerance when it comes to drunk driving. Please stop acting like every time a U.S. military person steps out of line they need to be tried for war crimes and publicly executed.

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Posted in: 55-year-old woman arrested for burning 78-year-old mother to death See in context

Is it just me or does it seem that Fukuoka has a violent crime problem lately?

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Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

Just like a lot of previous posts say; the guy messed up and will be dealt with accordingly, but is this actually news worthy? A couple of paragraphs? It just gives a nice topic for everybody to discuss in the forum.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

if he was attached to a ship it is Captains Mast and if he is stationed ashore it is office hours

Yuri, it does not matter wether you are attached to a ship or on shore duty it is Captain's Mast in the Navy.

I do agree that leadership finds it easier to do a mass punishment instead of punishing individuals.

I do not agree with a total ban of alcohol, stricter curfews, or whatever insane idea some people think of. Let me ask you all this: Would you work at a job that you were told what time you had to go home or what time you had to stop drinking or a myriad of other small thing that people take for granted? Would you also work at a job that you had to pass a breatalyzer test of .01 or else you were fired or had half of your salary taken away for two months?

This marine (because of the current climate here) will most likely lose rank and half his pay for two months and be put on restriction. Would this happen to a local? Would this happen to any of you? Like YuriOtani said, "A drunk old Okinawa man going into someone else's house is not news. They will just take him home."

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

If military personnel need counselling to be able to function, they wouldn't be a lot of use in an actual combat situation, would they?

Again, what makes you an expert on how a person in the military is upposed to function? You show your ignorance! We are human just like everyone else. We have marital, financial, and yes, substance abuse problems. Please try to remember that before you light up your torch and form a lynch mob.

I'm not excusing his behavior, but like everyone else has been saying either the police will press charges or the Marine Corps will dish out punishment.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

"Finally, the only solution is for the US troops to leave." Please let us know your credentials and past experience (other than what you've read in the news) so we may better understand what makes you such an authority on all subjects with military offenses in Japan.

"It's obvious that the US cannot control its troops." How many people have you ever led or managed? Have you ever had to dole out discipline/punishment? If have had many people under you then you should know that you cannot control every aspect of their lives. Obviously you have never been in this type of position before.

I'm not saying that idiots like these need to be punished hard. He knew he was he wasn't supposed to leave base intoxicated and the guards shouldn't have let him leave base. This does suck for the rest of us that are in our homes by curfew, have been in Japan for a while and have established family and friends and also have a great relationship with our communities.

I have been in the military for 18 years and have never been treated like this before. This just goes to show you that this curfew is NOT a measure to curb off-base incidents, but mass punishment for those 99% who love and respect Japan.

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Hmm.. sueing on behalf of her infant daughter? Disgraceful. I was out on the REAGAN for Tomodachi last year and I did work on the flight deck. I feel fine; no hair loss or extra limbs. We did have geiger counters scanning people and just about everything. Everyone made it home safely. These eight are looking for a payday.

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Posted in: Lawmakers blame each other as U.S. fiscal cliff deadline looms See in context

"economy" not "econimy" sorry.

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Posted in: Lawmakers blame each other as U.S. fiscal cliff deadline looms See in context

This is not a one-sided issue at all. Both parties do not want to compomise and Amercians are going to pay the price. Reid, Boehner, all of them need to remove heads from butts and put the people in front instead of their pride. Here's what I propose:

Give the President everything he wants in the budget, then sit back and wait. If it works out, good the econimy is back on track, if it doesn't THEN Republicans can shout, "I told you so" and prpose what they would like to have and not have to worry about getting shot down. This won't happen of course because Republicans would hate to admit that, just maybe, Democrat's budget may work.

I myself do not have too much faith in the dem's budget, but it is better than going into default.

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

I cannot believe some of the comments I'm reading. Why are most of you focusing on gun laws in America instead of the tragedy that has happened? A lot of you don't even live in America (or have never been there) but love to spew your anti-American rhetoric when some crime occurs in America or in Japan involving Americans.

Do not forget what happened; 20 children will never earn their first pay check or graduate high school. Not only are numerous family members impacted by this, but a whole community. If you have been paying attention the whole country is mourning, but instead of keeping on topic you would rather debate gun laws of a country you never plan on living in or clearly can't stand. Shame on you; let's keep to what's important here.

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