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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

Hope this doesn't catch on. We don't know all the facts, but my guess is he's been totally cut out of his children's lives. I doubt it would be as easy to go home and do the honorable thing as some posters suggest, through no fault of his own. As long as he doesn't expect Japanese funds to be used to send his remains home... well I can neither condemn nor condone.

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

This article doesn't state whether or not these classes will be every Saturday. I agree every Saturday is too much, but once a month for three periods a day like in other parts of the country, well there's nothing wrong with that. There has been greater parent participation at our school since all events were moved to Saturdays. Even so, if inner city Osaka is anything like Tokyo, there is a large chunk of kids all alone at home all weekend while thier parents are working anyway. That is if they haven't been enrolled in juuku or sports in lieu of babysitting. I don't think this is a bad idea altogether.

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Posted in: Gov't decides on forest in Ibaraki as storage site for radioactive waste from Fukushima See in context

Tochigi? Ibaraki? Which is it?

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Posted in: Lady Gaga perfume goes on sale in Japan See in context

An intelligent, tallented and articulate young woman with a head for business and a message of empowerment for victims of bullying. Sad that so many people that would ordinarily harp on about the supposed sheep mentality of people in this country would jump on someone that shows a bit of individuality.

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The only thing worse than Guys labeling women sluts and whores are Women labeling women sluts and whores.

Yep! And they`re everywhere.

You forgot the male sluts and whores. Seriously... the worst!

As long as they aren`t labeling other males as sluts and whores they can proceed as they like.

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context


Whyever not? This is the state of play in Australia at the moment in a nut shell but Ill expand just for you shall I? A large portion of the country using the 'queue jumper' label to hide, not their xenophobia but their greed, exactly the same way they whinge about import of skilled labour to shore up the billions worth of mining projects coming online during the next part of the boom. Both sides of the government d***ing around with off shore solutions and jobs boards to keep the voters happy instead of growing a pair, processing everyone faster and keeping the asylum seekers off welfare by standing up to the mining companies and having them invest in people whove already made a permanant move, rather than imported and temporary labour.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

Having orgasms and being plain horny are two different things. I`ve had more than my fair share of both but I would love for 'science' to be right about my impending peak! Though I'd much rather be popping a more mature vintage than something freshly bottled. Half a mans age plus ten is my equation of choice.

Perhaps if guys didn't label women sluts, whores... when they were in their 20s for wanting sex and having it "like guys" women in their 20s would be more open with it all??

Guys labeling women sluts, and whores? Heh, that's funny.

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

Let them in, filter out the possible terrorist links and march them straight to the mines. Force Gina and Clive to train them up. They've mostly come from hot desolate countries, no? Straight out to the Pilbara. Perfect! It's the answer to the labour shortage. Two birds and all that.

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If you watched the tv this morning they were all men doing the bowing. Why is she automatically assumed to be a tea server? She couldn't be an engineer??

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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for taking videos up students' skirts See in context

Girls and boys should be wearing identical clothing, tbh - Japan has a long way to go on eliminating the social gap between genders and this is a good way to start. There's no reason why girls can't be wearing pants, and making them wear a "female uniform" that includes a short skirt seems frankly archaic.

So we'll be seeing boys in skirts too right? They aren't making them hitch them up higher either. Won't it be grand when we can finally stamp out sexual desire altogether and all live happily ever after in long white caftains as equals?

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Posted in: Gov't drops bill to integrate kindergartens, daycare centers See in context

The reality is that these 2 dinosaur parties cannot fathom the idea of women working.

No, that's got nothing to do with it. This was a bad plan, or rather, it seemed like a good idea at the time before they actually researced and asked these kindergartens what they thought. And just as the LDP and New Komeito say, the money needs to go into expanding the system as it is now. The logistics and costs of renovating existing kindergartens to be able to accomodate 0-2 year olds and fall in line with regulations for such centres is just not worth it and the interest is just not there. I think they were trying to kill two birds with one stone, have the private sector help with the creation of places for infants and propping up the dwindling kindergarten market.

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Posted in: 241 civil servants file suit over salary cuts See in context

@ Blair I hear you. Especially the transfers. Lived in the same complexes as Coast Guard families and they have it tough. Hokkaido to Okinawa. I understand the benifits of the system but financially it's very hard. My h is never really in danger but if there's a big quake he's out the door and on his way before the ground stops shaking. But he loves it and I'm proud of how hard he works. Fat cat politicians and thier cronies are not the same as rank and file public servants!

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Posted in: Lame applicant pool plagues Don Quijote See in context

Normal people don't want to work there because normal people have sense enough not to work in the middle of a tinder box for minimum wage.

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Posted in: AKB48 election underway; Yuko Oshima in the lead See in context

Google+ ?? No thank-you!

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree elevators halted due to strong winds on opening day See in context

Well this is a bit of a downer. But I still love it. Can't wait to go up. I think its perfectly situated. Especially for tourists. You can't deny the tourists love Asakusa and you can just walk over from there. Done it a few times now kids in tow and all. Going the opposite way, doing Asakusa then jumping on a ferry is also a good way to go. Nice way to fill a day. I feel for poor old Tokyo Tower though. Are they even going to fix the tip? Though the omiyage stores look a gazillion times better at The Tree than The Tower.

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Posted in: New goth-loli Vocaloid ready to take the stage See in context

She doesn't look quite as cute as Miku. I'm interested to see how or if her gothloli-ness influence people's deviations. Need to see more of this axe..

@vinnyfav - Interesting and informed comment!

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Posted in: End of era with three Wiggles to stand down See in context

So glad Anthony is staying on. Loved him ever since he was a Cockroach. Still got it. The other three are looking a bit ragged round the edges and could do with a change. Looking forward to the new lineup. Long live The Wiggles!

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Posted in: Melons fall short at only Y1 million for two See in context

I'm curious to know if the unknown buyer was actually Japanese or not.

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Posted in: Housewives seeking part-time work squeezed out by surge in jobless See in context

As far as I know, Japanese housewives always have side incomes, apart from their husbands salaries. Some ventured into Networking business, part-time work at Supermarkets etc...and of course, some date rich old men what's the big fuss about those working housewives now..?

Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. I`ve been suprised more than a few times discovering fellow homemakers taking distance learning classes or engaged in serious language learning on the side. People are generally very private about such things cause it's really nobody's business is it?

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-Um, going home to take the child to see family and spend time learning about their culture and language. Yes, how selfish of me! And move back? Classic comment -

I'd be embarrassed in a discussion of the childcare crisis, that affects so many women disadvantaged in one way or another from the get go, to whinge that I won't be able to travel internationally if I can't keep working after having a child. Maybe that's just me.

-You might want to take a look at the birthrate if you think the average family is having two or three kids. 4-2-1 pattern much like China-

It doesn't matter though does it tmarie? One kid, two, three? Women who take more than six years off from contributing to the tax system to raise their families are leeches. When we have a better childcare system in place we should revise that down to 'past breastfeeding'. Nah, breastfeeding is a luxury. Get those leeches back to paying their taxes!

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What private youchiens and hoikuens offer in terms of early childhood care can differ WILDLY. We put our kids through kindergarten because we believe in the value of the programs and activities that they offer vs the often free range care of hoikuens that Ive witnessed over the years. It's not all about the mothers! What Id like to see is a government regulated prep school for 4 & 5 year olds. Kindergaten and hoikuen kids could come together for this play-based head start at school, with before and after school care provided for those that need it. Then hoikuens and their resources could focus on filling the needs of 0+ children needing care.

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24 hours? Wow! Nope. Nothing like that where I am.

What? There are no red light districts where you live? If there are then you can bet there are 24hr places you`ve probably just never seen them. The problem is that there are not enough such centres that are regulated and above board.

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If we have a kid, I won't be able to fly home and visit my family as we wouldn't be able to afford it. Why punish those who are educated and paying taxes who work?

This made me groan outloud - Welcome to the real world, where adults make sacrifices when they decide to have a family. You could always move back home...

I have an issue when an able bodied women whose kids are in ele school isn't out contributing to the tax system her kids are benefiting from and she's leeching from.

Kids don't magically begin to take care of themselves when they reach school age. For my family, after school care, which only goes up to third grade anyway, is no substitute for a parent or family member waiting for the kid at home. As for this leeching... if you`re so concerned with people contributing taxes, remember to figure in her two, three even more kids future earnings. As far as the govt is concerned, this is all about the birth rate, not equality for women or their taxes. If it were they could just as well implement policies to push up wages and up their cut.

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Posted in: New 34-floor commercial complex Shibuya Hikarie opens See in context

Switch Lounges lol wtf

Single, childless women between the ages of 30 and 40 with money to burn and no qualms about spending it. That's how they do it.

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Posted in: Lindsay Lohan to play Liz Taylor in Lifetime film See in context

Liz & Dick.....April Fools has come and gone but this would have made a good contender.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being hit by train at crossing See in context

Accidents happen. All the time. Since the first toddler wandered out from the family cave and was ravaged by wolves. It happens, because we are only human. I'm sure the mother can punish herself for the rest of her life. All she deserves from us are our condolences.

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Posted in: Noda visits crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant See in context

Second Paragraph - "will inspect the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and meet prefecture Gov Yuhei Sato later in the day."

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