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Posted in: Nissan to sell entire Daimler stake for $1.4 billion See in context

@boduka....hunh ????

what are you talking about started in 2018?

Ghosn brought Nissan out bankruptcy with the Skyline GTR and was man responsible for bringing Renault into involvement with Nissan. Guy was a national hero until he was thrown under the bus. You need to check your history...

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

This would be a terrible mistake. Hospitals likely need 6 - 8 months to clear this up. It's a terrible situation, but people going back to work with a R- Naught value still at 2.2 would be incredibly damaging. Japan would not recover.

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context




Dear Arisa Kadono,

Thank you speaking out.

Please take care.

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Posted in: Foreign workers feel the pain of 'corona job cuts' in Japan See in context

Everyone is responsible for their own choices and risks. I’m sorry but playing the foreigner card is crap! Many Japanese alike are struggling. And even many Japanese families where there are mothers with four kids. I have four children myself but sorry playing they card doesn’t change anything.

Everyone has got some problem a result of this pandemic. Saying foreigners are ones who are in the crosshairs first is complete and utter crap! Lastly people who work for automakers in Japan are usually paid fairly decent wages compared to everywhere else. Additionally employees who have been working for Japanese automakers get bonuses twice a year and frankly if they have been employed for a few years they should be living far above the poverty line.

I know I sound like a jerk but, we are all adults! Act like it! If you can help someone like the people mentioned who need help, by all means do so! But playing the victim card is a waste of time.

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LIke most parents...we have both or all three, or But arguably enough because Disney owns pretty much everything...Jeez, the own a 51 percent stake in seven holdings Japan ( 711)...So there is no way to know how deep their reach is and how far they can go...They own most of the filming companies..and so on and so fourth..I know this because I used to work for Disney so its not really an if, its more like when. When I was working at the original studio office ;) 5 - 6 yrs ago they already had been working in taking over Netflix. So its really, what is move after that...Disney is not going to take grown up films away, just to be clear. They would never do that.

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Posted in: 'I have names' - Ghosn vows to clear his name in trial See in context

After this is all said and done...Fair shake or not... Will the public really want to purchase a Nissan. I think what this does it rip apart the brand make people lose confidence.

If Ghosn is on the winning side of this, it's going to make Nissan look even worse. They spent 20 years rebuilding a failing auto brand. It took less than a year to destroy that hard work.

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Posted in: Pronunciation anxiety: Many Japanese people don’t want to speak English unless it’s perfect See in context

To the Author Evie Lund,

While I think yes what you have written is mostly accurate. It's not the actual reason. The actual reason is time. Japanese get only half the required time in their school education to learn English. To learn English and speak it statistically its proven that a person needs approx. 1500/hrs of study. Unfortunately, Japanese just don't have the support of their education system to give them the hours that are required. They are being falsely led to believe they can do it, and that it can be done in half the time than is needed.We haven't even begun to talk about how culture affects language and fact that while one group something "A" way the other does something "B" way in their language affecting the language used. Japanese on the other hand is one of four languages that require more than 2000hrs of study to speak and use. It is one of the hardest.

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@Harry_Gatto the reason it was designed that way is the same reason supermarkets are designed the way they are, to keep people in them. IKEA has an exceptional experience strategy for keeping people in their showrooms and buying markets. They quite honestly created the experience market and showroom centric design situation. So although you might find it annoying, they have done it for a reason.

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And whats funny here is that if you take a minute to compare prices of the same car sold in the USA VS. Japan, japanese pay on average 25% more for the same car as Americans do. Random selection.i.e Toyota FJ Cruiser same make and model same stock features. USA PRICE$27'130 (MSRP)in Yen 261万JAPAN315万 [($32'498 US dollars) MSRP]It makes no sense!!! Compare any car sold in Japan even japanese brand and its gar more expensive in japan to have. So even with the price fixing its still cheaper but eill get xheaper still in the West and make wonder how japanese can be so oblivious to this problem.

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Just came from Compton and Inglewood. I can't imagine it's that bad. Kids take a bus to avoid one street block at night if there's too much heat on the streets so they don't become a story in the newspaper if they get that far.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

The only thing the US has said, is what side they're on and that if they break this injunction then if they are in the flag state of the USA they will be arrested. In international waters or 'high seas' they are in free waters. Only piracy is subject to special persecution.

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Posted in: Samsung exec 'offended' by Apple rip-off claim See in context

ON with Apple! Down with Samsung!!! Yeaaahhhh!

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl's buttocks slashed with knife on Tokyo cruise ship See in context

I think when people panic they miss a tremendous amount of information. It would be an easy situation to panic on board of a large ship.

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Posted in: Ozawa decides not to leave DPJ for the time being See in context

He decided to leave the party this morning, I believe.

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They have a chance to move on from the typology they discovered and create something truly inspirational right now. If they can survive, and discover something for people to find personal value in they will overcome what's currently holding them back.

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Posted in: U.S. judge orders halt to Samsung sales of Galaxy tablet See in context

@Fadamor I think you are trying to tell everyone who reads this that your trying to be different and that mac is somehow the ultimate mainstream.

Let's be honest here, Apple has a very small take in the computer market. Approximately 8 to 9 percent. The IPhone market is another story. Steve Jobs along with all those who worked for him before he died, worked to make and change technology and the way people interact with it in their daily lives. He brought a deep rich narrative and understanding by creating a tool that people can relate to and value.

Keep telling yourself that your special...See how that works out. Cause no one cares if your trying to be this antimac person. That's not what this is about. It's about Apple's right to defend their creativity and originality. How would you feel if you created something completely original and someone else copied your idea and tried to sell it. Not to mention they helped you build yours and saw how good it was, and then said "Hey, let's make the same thing and take their business from them." That is infringment and unethical corporate practice.

Grow UP!

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Posted in: Denmark's Noma retains world's best restaurant title See in context

Expect to pay at Noma. The average cost is about $1000USD, and lasts about 5hrs. Obviously wine is included, and you certainly pay for that too in the cost of the dinner. However, the pairing of the dishes and wine is excellent, but some people argue that from season to season the menu doesn't always live up to final bill.

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@Cleatus & the-Harper:

Your both still missing the point...It may be unethical for them to sell cigarettes, but its more in principle unethical for the state ( Government) to refuse their rights when without a bill in place that properly restricts them. Wake up, your missing the real big picture here.....

If there is a bill in place for them, then there would be a bill in place for any other company that may do unethical practices...But you can't restrict only one...That's unrealistic.

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I am sorry, but I don't think you seem to understand the real argument. the tobacco companies are fighting for their brand recognition. Imagine the government said any athletic logo like nike or adidas could not show their logo mark that they clearly have a right to show as a product like any other product in this world had to stop. This is about their how their users view their brand and how they are trying to stay consistent with their strategy to sell tobacco to those who want it. It's unfortunate that people are buying tobacco but the companies have that right to place their brand on their product. If the government wants to keep receiving money from tobacco they have to play by the rules they create and enforce.

This is not about non-smokers, its about tobacco companies and their rights. I don't like smoke smell either. This is a smoking country, and its tobacco and beer are deeply embedded into the culture among many things.

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its stupid...! I LOVE IT!

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Posted in: Police recruit shoots himself in head at police koban See in context

i would like more information as it develops.

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Posted in: Hiroshima police extend reward offer period for student's unsolved murder See in context

What about the girl who was murdered from Hatsukaichi High School 3 years prior to this...That is I believe the longest unsolved murder in Hiroshima.

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I believe that Microsoft's complaint is way to late to start making a complaint. It's been a couple years in knowing this and now they complain about identity bypass...What's up at Microsoft that is so pressing for them to suddenly make this complaint.

I think Apple has a reasonable concern considering they have always positioned themselves along with taken all the steps to not enable bypassing identity protection. How much Google has to pay? I think before they start targeting Google they should start targeting those who have taken advantage of the bypass for capital gain i.e. Amazon and Facebook which have clearly done so...Charge the advertisers if that's possible too..

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I would like to offer a more clear definition of the word(s)


and some perspective.

terrorism noun the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

ecoterrorism (also eco-terrorism) noun violence carried out to further environmentalist ends. • the action of causing deliberate environmental damage in order to further political ends.

While government position in Canada, The USA, Belize, Norway, Togo, and The UK have revoked Sea Shepherd vessels registration to enter their ports due to the fact that they define their actions as "Single Issue Terrorism" there has been wide press and position from a variety of other political positions that support their agenda, i.e. The Dalai Lama and a variety the Australian Government and other governments who believe that the Japanese Government has overstepped International Waters Laws.

Special interest terrorism, also called single-issue terrorism,[1] is a category of terrorism. It differs from traditional right-wing terrorism and left-wing terrorism in that extremist special interest groups seek to resolve specific issues, rather than effect widespread political change.[2] - Canadian Security Intelligence Service

I find it interesting that so many people are not in favor of Sea Shepherd's quest to protect our wildlife at the risk of their lives and for the freedom of species to have the chance to thrive in the future.

I wonder what Michael Sandel from Harvard University might say on the matter?

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Posted in: Gov't kept silent on worst-case scenario at height of nuclear crisis See in context

its just added fodder for everyone to create for or against opinions..

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of son in Tochigi See in context

@ Utrack: the crackle factory is full steam ahead..

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Posted in: Wikipedia to go dark to protest web piracy drafts See in context

@ sf2k : I think that would be really good and dangerous. It could spark a firesale if they were all down possibly. That would cause a serious social problem on information demand. But I agree with you.

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Posted in: Examinations begin across Japan See in context

@ Proxy & sf2k: Ditto!

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I just want burger king back in Hiroshima...I need a whopper...haven't had one for 3 years.

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Posted in: Teacher busted for drug use See in context

She's finished...DUI are considered a incredibly irresponsible offense, so drug use will be more severe I believe. This is Japan, drugs are zero tolerance.

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