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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

The US market is the music industry holy grail. It's hard for any foreigners to penetrate, including other English speaking people like British or Australians.

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Posted in: What should the international community do if North Korea launches a rocket? See in context

Why is NK so bad? Who did they attack in the last 50 years? Who has America attacked in the last 50 years? It doesnt look so fair in my eyes. One set of rules for one country and another set of rules for America.

Why is NK so bad? Apart from the fact they killed millions through stupid Juche policy which led to mass starvation of the population. And they imprison whole families of political dissidents. And they threaten war every second week through their brinkmanship. And They kidnapped Japanese civilians to teach spies there language. They make money through drugs ( Bombed Korean Air flight 858 in 1987 killing 115 peopole ( Bombed South Korean government in 1983 (

To name a few bad things about North Korea.

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Posted in: Cosmetic surgery for children becoming commonplace See in context

Man, society here is getting trashy. At Least it's not violent though. I suppose it's a trade off.

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Posted in: Stalking the predators See in context

So to everyone attacking BPA: Does that mean you support pedophiles? Do you want them to get off unpunished? If you support pedophiles then you don't support Bush. Which means you support terrorism.

Moderator: Readers, please do not focus your comments at each other, or insult the writer. The subject is pedophelia and what should be done about pedophiles.

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Posted in: Hydrogen sulfide gas suicides raise specter of terrorist attacks See in context

The stuff absolutely stinks. It's the smell component of rotten eggs. You breathe it in everytime you go to an onsen or visit a volcano/vent/fumerole. This is Japan, the land of H2S. But yes it is more dangerous than Hydrogen cyanide.

So if you're worried about H2S, here's a few things you should know:

H20 is more deadly if you breathe it in than H2S

If does a H2S attack on the train, YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT IT

If you are reaching a particularly dangerous exposure to H2S your sense of smell will become anaethatised. That is, it will stink, then the smell will just go away. If that happens you should find some fresh air... quickly.

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