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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

I was at Sukiyabashi Jiro and they let you know ahead of time that there is a cancelation fee. I think that other high end restaurants should take a deposit for reservations if this is their chief concern. This way, if the person, foreigner or not, cancels, they are compensated and a situation like the one experienced by this journalist can be avoided.

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Posted in: The secret to good sex after 45: Bring the brain into play See in context

First, the idea that, "Older promiscuous men have had more sex partners and most probably more sexual diseases" is ridiculous! Haven't people heard of condoms? Almost all older guys I've been with have condoms ready to go. Plus, it is everyone's responsibility - to themselves - to be protected. Anyone having unprotected sex is acting reckless.

Second, the number of sexual partners has nothing to do with the number of sexually transmitted diseases one has had. I have been with an abundance of men and have not contracted anything (thanks to mr. condom and some common sense). Though I'm an older woman, I would think that this also be true for older men.

On to a point made in the article about "unabashedly masculine body odor". Men, do not think this means leaving the deodorant behind or failing to bathe. Women are grossed out by those men on the train who smell of b.o. There is nothing sexy or appealing about it. They are just smelly - in an offensive way! Also, if you spell like your hockey equipment, this will send the women in the other direction - once again, smelly in an offensive way.

Some of the comments in this article I do agree with. Through having conversations with my girlfriends, we all find the average guy too "soft" and "nowadays (they) beat around the bush, (and don't) come out and say clearly what they’re thinking". However, this doesn't mean saying what you want in a crude manner. This is were eloquence comes into play. Think about it.

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