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But global warming is a religion to its adherents, maybe they will all do us a favor and commit a Jonestown. It should be easy they have already drunk the Al Gore Koolaid already.

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The resolution of the population problem is very easy for Japan and for Europe. Men and women marry with the intention of raising a family with lots of children to be loved, cared for the glory of God. Men and women today are simply to selfish and self-centered. Children become pets to show off and have and then leave at child care centers, schools or jukus, while the parents "fulfil" themselves in their careers.

In American it is fathers wanted to rehash their "glory" days while playing their own sports or forcing their children to play different sports. In Japan it is the father at work all day and providing no support or help to the wife. It will not be an easy problem to solve, it never is when you are fighting the battle between selfish self-interests and what is right. Men and women are to blame and until they realize that they are no longer their own but others they will be unhappy. And women who think that they have to be outside the home to "fulfil" themselves are either selfish, deluded or both. The old saying is so true: "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

Migrants will not solve the problem, as in America, migrants will create their own ethnic enclaves, demand their "rights" and try to change the society as they have done in America.

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