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Better to have those islands (and all disputed islands) be under UN control, and no ultranationalists be allowed to stay on the islands. I think this will solve the problem. Japan can be freed from harassment and China has no reason to incurse near the isles, and the island can become 'peace zone.'

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Suicide has two causes, both external and internal. The external cause is Tepco's nuclear accident and the internal cause is the man's mental state: am sure he suffered depression , and his responsibility is to overcome that depression, through counselling, etc.

To blame Tepco alone for the man's suicide is to negate the man's (who took suicide) responsibility to make the right decision about his life (not to kill himself). Sorry for the man's family but Japan should have a stronger moral stand against suicide to prevent easy attempts to suicide.

The future/now responsibility of Tepco is to learn from the accident , and establish proper safety measures.

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China's trying to break Japan's resolve so Japan will make concessions over the senkaku issue. Same thing which happened with the recent Chinese incursion into disputed territory with India, and China gained concession from the Indian govt., while China conceded nothing.

Same tactic being used with Japan. 

"Conserving energy while the enemy tires himself out "(" War Strategies of Ancient China")

Unbelievable, for China to still use deceptive tactics 'short of war', in this age.

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China thinks it's winning by her tactics to win Senkaku . She doesn't know she's building up public, international opinion against herself though constant harrassment of Japan. Go ahead and bully.

China will ultimately lose this game.

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