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Posted in: Youth held for murder after pushing student into river See in context

... why was the guy charged with attempted murder?

From what I understand that in Japan the police can easily change the charge, i.e. upgrade it at a later date. Apparently it happens quite often.

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Posted in: Researchers move step closer to oral diabetes treatment See in context

Doctors say the incidence of Type 2 diabetes has rocketed over the last few decades, a factor they blame largely on the growing number of overweight people.

It must be a silent epidemic in Japan. I was read a story a while back that it was exploding in India due to dietary changes. Japan must be in the same situation with the amount of larger people we see walking around here these days, and with the availability of soft drinks, chocolate, fast food etc etc, not to mention fewer people keeping the traditional diet.

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Posted in: Lonely or in need of female assistance? Try a rental friend See in context

Those stalkers we here about so much lately ... I think that if they used these services where they can just pay money and know what to expect before they become involved with a girl, they might have avoided becoming murderers.

And to be honest, I've used one of these companies three or four times, not this particular one though. Due to my particular situation (my work just kills all regular social time) it is a bit difficult to meet people, so I gave it a try and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The two girls I met were great, proper ladies with real conversation ability and fairly good looking too. Have had a few great afternoons with them, and will do it again.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context

Women, savoring their new-found independence, are prone to boredom, restlessness and the need for change; while men, newly dependent and unsure of themselves, have grown more clinging

I quite agree with this statement. A long time ago women were dependent on men in order to have a family and live. Now, many women can have a job, do what they want, so they don't need be dependent solely on one man. So in a sense, (some) women have gained and (some) men have lost. "Lost", is maybe a bit harsh but I guess that is what some men view their situation, so they might try to regain what they, "lost", by force. Is that what the article is suggesting? If it is, I think I agree.

So as they article suggest, some of these women need to need to break up tactfully, while the men need to man up and accept they can't always win what they thought they gained. I think it might be easy to label these stalkers as lunatics and losers, but maybe the truth is a bit different.

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Posted in: Bank loans scandal deepens as Shinsei admits yakuza loans See in context

We only hear words like, "deepening scandal", "admitting ...", and a lot of other nice sounding words which is all good and heart-warming, however I'd really like to know who was behind exposing these silly banks. That person has true guts and integrity in my book. It probably wouldn't have been easy but it's good to know that some one in this country is doing some really excellent work. I wish we could find more like him/her.

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Posted in: Couple confess to abandoning 3 newborn babies over 9-yr period See in context

Such kind, polite and thoughtful people ... It truly is incredible that people like this still exist in this day and age. But it's good to know that the police eventually caught up with them.

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Posted in: Mino Monta resigns from long-running news show 'Asa Zuba!' See in context

I must be the exception here, as there are a lot of shows on Japanese TV I really like. But with this guy gone for even just a while, it makes things a bit brighter!

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Posted in: Mino Monta resigns from long-running news show 'Asa Zuba!' See in context

I'm also one of the legion of Mino dislikers. so I am relatively glad his appearances on TV will be limited. He is just untrustworthy I think. Whenever there is some tragedy he makes all the necessary faces and sounds, but it just never feels sincere.

Not sure if anyone here will remember that a show (the name of which I forget) he appeared on with Kenichi Mikawa quite a few years ago that had all sorts of people explaining their personal tragedies. Unfortunately most of it was made up, none of the stories were true. He won't be missed in this household.

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Posted in: How much attention do you pay to the point of origin and ingredients listed on labels of food and drink that you buy? See in context

My wife and I read where everything is from, but with the relabeling that has happened at some supermarkets in Japan you just really don't know anymore. I think even if you do pay attention, you can still very easily end up buying something that might be potentially dangerous.

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Posted in: Asylum-seeker dies after collapsing at detention center while doctor at lunch See in context

He was just having a seizure? I'm glad it wasn't serious then. Seriously though, absolutely zero care for the people they hold in custody.

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Posted in: British 'drug mule' faces 10 years' jail after acquittal overturned See in context

One point that is very interesting is the usage of the word, "usually", when talking about the return of luggage. Well, maybe, just maybe this was one unusual case.

The other interesting part was:

It would not be easy for a smuggling organization to collect stimulant drugs from a person displaying such behavior

But, "not easy", doesn't necessarily mean impossible, does it? Or does it?

Sounds like the prosecution was out to get this guy, whether he was guilty or innocent.

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Posted in: Japan under siege by broken umbrellas See in context

Hate to point out the obvious, but if people in Japan are doing this it's not the 'loss of Japanese manners', it IS Japanese manners. The 'loss of traditional morals' or something might be apt, but whatever.

I completely agree with you smithinjapan. Yes, I know and understand that a lot of people here will class us as Japan bashers, but I honestly find their arguments very dogmatic - just insisting over and over again that Japanese don't do this stuff when it is clear they do.

But why anyone would walk outside with one of the cheap plastic umbrellas when it is rainy on an extremely windy day is beyond me as they break so very easily.

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Posted in: Head patrol officer held after absconding with firearm, Y3 mil in cash See in context

For a country that supposedly places a lot on honesty and devotion to duty, Japan has a real problem with its police officers.

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Posted in: Damage from storms brings out swarms of crooked contractors See in context

I wouldn't trust a Japanese tradesman as far as I could throw him! I remember when they did a renovation on our apartment. I had to get them to fix just about everything they did.

I've also had the same experience in Japan. Bought my apartment and later found out a few things needed fixing. Found out some wiring in it was completely exposed. Got a shelf put in and it was so crooked. I wouldn't be surprised with half the stuff that happens in this country,

As InakaRob said, Japan might have far less violent crime than some other countries, but when it comes to swindles like this article talks about, it is right up there with the best of them.

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Posted in: Ex-soccer star Maezono released after night in jail for assaulting taxi driver See in context

Money talks in Japan. If you had the power to pay your way out of such a situation, you'd probably take that route too

This writer seems to be saying that bribery is ok?

If incident happened to the average person in the street, I doubt they would have got off so lightly.

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Posted in: What do you think about the spate of photos on social media this year, showing young people engaged in various pranks, especially in restaurants and convenience stores? See in context

They are probably harmless in most cases, how I do think they erode the public's trust in that company. I'm pretty sure that guy at that Takaido Pizza Hut threw away the dough after putting it on his face. But what if he didn't and someone ended up eating it? If that happened (and I'm only saying if), I would think before buying from that shop. And I actually do live very close to that Pizza Hut shop and have bought from there many, many times.

All these pranks should be kept strictly in-house, because they can affect their business if they get into the public domain.

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Posted in: Akashi becomes first city to stop recording 'legitimacy' of births See in context wont stop the social stigma.

Very true, but you have to start somewhere and Akashi has taken a great step in the right direction.

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Posted in: Japan may be on brink of rabies epidemic See in context

I was quite worried when I first saw the title of this article. Then I read and thought the whole thing was just a waste of space. Talk about fear-mongering.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

With women like this the future of Japan isn't looking particularly bright.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for getting Abe's name wrong during his visit to Fukushima See in context

I think we should rename them Typoco.

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Posted in: If members of your family or friends overseas were thinking about coming to Japan for a holiday but were worried about the Fukushima nuclear crisis, what would you advise them to do? See in context

They need to make their own, hopefully informed, decision. The information we get from the government is conflicting. One side is saying everything is under control, while the other says it is out of control. Who can you trust?

Just because it looks ok, doesn't mean it is ok. If people are happy to come, fine, but it would be foolish to come just because of people who just keep repeating that everything is under control there is no need to worry.

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Posted in: Practical tips for dealing with stalking in Japan See in context

You notice that articles like these always have to have that unnecessary comment, "Japan has a low crime rate compared to ... the U.S.". I wonder why they find it necessary to write that? I would probably find articles like this more informative if they stopped stick to the facts and not try to force their sense of superiority on the rest of us.

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Posted in: Japanese pro boxer condemns law for classifying him as a dangerous weapon See in context

I'm with him, it is a silly law.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji's World Heritage status worries some See in context

At least 7 people died and 70 were injured in 2012 ... isn't that actually a lot of people? If I were to climb Fuji, it would require some serious thought beforehand.

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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

I wonder if the Olympic committee is wondering if they can change their votes at this late stage?

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Posted in: Part-timers strike back with all kinds of antics See in context

Seeing stories like this makes me wonder what might be possible at the Olympics!

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Posted in: Scrapping of tsunami ship begins See in context

I'm in agreement with you Francis. The ship could have been a great memorial for that tragic day. I think it would have been far more meaningful than that silly tree which is dead and propped up with concrete and steel.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed to death in Turkey See in context

Murder is a terrible thing, but to have it happen while on holiday ...

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

Seems really strange doesn't it. A lot of people call Japan a safe country, but if that was the case why would he hide money in his show. I wonder if this story will work out like that one about the woman who didn't want to go to work so she tied herself up to make it look like someone broke into her apartment and did it.

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

He never bothered to think at all. Caused his mother and everyone else connected with him a great amount of needless worry. He got rolled for his stuff once, which means it could easily happen again and something even worse might have happened. Plain silly.

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