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Posted in: Unification Church says Japan members received death threats See in context

your cult does not belong in Japan.

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Posted in: At least 5 members of Kishida's new cabinet had links with Unification Church See in context

the LDP can't stop the cult as they are the primary funding organization

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Posted in: GOP rallies around Trump following FBI search of his estate See in context

its really sad that people dislike their country as much to want to destroy it by supporting an obviously mentally unstable man. They really need to get help and most just need some education instead of indoctrination

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Posted in: Do you think China is a military threat to Japan? See in context

China is the biggest growing threat to the whole world, yet businesses sing up everyday to give it more money and influence, sad

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Posted in: Why it's important to think about social media use as a form of dissociation, rather than addiction See in context

this actually makes a lot sense

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Posted in: SoftBank reports record quarterly net loss of ¥3.16 trillion See in context

takes money to make money, nothing new

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Posted in: Japanese sailor attacked at Solomon Islands memorial service See in context

All war is wrong, nothing is more wrong however than white washing the crimes that happen during war

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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

Bad news for Trump, great news for America

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Posted in: Taiwan says China military drills appear to simulate attack See in context

one minor mistake and the world will see the truth, it won't be pretty

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Posted in: Snickers owner apologizes after referring to Taiwan as a country See in context

guess its time to stop eating any garage from that company, sad man, you just had to back down

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Posted in: 27-year-old man arrested over murder of father in Hokkaido See in context

he'll say "I did not mean to kill him" do about 2 years and get out

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Posted in: Kishida to reshuffle cabinet with COVID, Taiwan, Unification Church in focus See in context

the same players will be appointed new titles, how does this help anything? Do they think the public is really that dumb?

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Posted in: Man who took entire town’s COVID-19 money now out of jail and turning life around See in context

sad, he should not be out of jail

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Posted in: Myanmar junta charges Japanese journalist with encouraging dissent See in context

I hope the junta face judgement soon for all the bad and evils things they have done

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Posted in: Myanmar junta undecided on release of Japanese man: spokesman See in context

those that are "in charge" are not men, but uneducated boys acting on emotions, very sad country

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Posted in: Myanmar junta undecided on release of Japanese man: spokesman See in context

sad men that are in charge

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Posted in: U.S. and Japan pursue commercial diplomacy to counter China, envoy to Tokyo says See in context

waste of time, but given the messenger its no surprise

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver after refusing to pay fare See in context

the glorious effects of alcohol, you have a drinking problem

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

now you know how the LDP stays in power

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Posted in: Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month? See in context

nope, the truth is my life has not changed much at all since this whole virus thing started. still living it, still enjoying it

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Posted in: Do you think more nuclear power plants should be reactivated in Japan to avert a power shortage? See in context

yes, and more nuke power plants need to be built. mistakes were made, they've learned, and now it's time to kick it into high gear. It's actually sad that coal is still being used

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Posted in: Woody Allen says next movie may be his last in talk with Alec Baldwin See in context

all of H wood could stop and it would not bother me at all, I can't wait for AI to be good enough to replace them all

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Posted in: Man arrested for 3rd time after threatening to stick a knife in heart of hospitalized wife See in context

How about doing something to force him to stop?

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Posted in: Disaster-hit residents unimpressed by 'recovery Olympics': gov't report See in context

It's time to retire the Olympics permanently, they've served their purpose but are no longer relevant in today's world, just a waste of money, resources and more pollution

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen to visit Japan July 12-13 See in context

Just another HUGE waste of money, how many planes does it take to get her and her staff here? anything they discuss could be discussed online, hypocrites

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Posted in: G7 leaders confer with Zelenskyy; prepare new aid for Ukraine See in context

Aid is great but its not working, put you're collective heads together and figure out how to stop this madness

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Posted in: Relaxed mask usage guidelines barely spread among Japanese public See in context

be a trend setter and axe the mask

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Posted in: Do you think G7 and NATO summits, being held this week, ever achieve anything tangible? See in context

nope, just a giant waste of money and greenhouse gases. the very people that preach climate change never hesitate to jump on a jet or 20 and sly off somewhere

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Posted in: Campaigning heats up for July 10 upper house election See in context

Things are not heating up because of the election, its the same players. nothing will change

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