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@Tara Tan Kitaoka

France has sent, and has promised Japan that they will continue to send heavy-duty naval warfare equipment to Japan for military exercises. France has territories still today in the South Pacific, and wants to keep the current order in the Pacific. They want to help check China's expansion into the Pacific. What's not clear is how France intends to work together with the US-Japan joint military operations under the US-Japan Security Treaty since they are not a signatory.

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Here's the educated person's critique of the safety protocols at these games: we have a one-size-fits all testing regime that was built around the lack of a requirement for all athletes to be vaccinated, and doesn't sufficiently relate to various degrees of transmission rates that are due to the of how the sports are played, nor intrinsic differences among the venues (indoor or outdoor, various amounts of airflow, etc.

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The issue here is purely the increasing numbers of people traveling this summer, and how many need to be screened before admission from the airport into the country. It's an admission that capacity to process all the incoming flights is not there.

Remember what happened recently at Finnish border control when a huge wave of Finns returning by car and bus (not airports) from EU championship games overwhelmed the border. Customs officials were ovrrwhelmed and started letting returning Finns through eithout PCR tests. Soon their infection rates went up twenty times.

Japanese authorities are signalling they're willing and able to cancel flights rather than just let people through.

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According to the JT of June 11, far fewer than 18,000 volunteers out of a total 70,000 volunteers will have received both vaccinations by two weeks before the start of the Olympics, with some volunteers starting to work already on July 1 (airports). Only volunteers who would have duties that placed them in frequent, close contact with athletes were invited to be vaccinated at the special venue. Sooner or later, these volunteers are going to become vectors of transmission. Heaven forbid they come down with symptoms and show up for work anyway, as many are used to doing ....

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@Zoroto: my infirmation is that only some of the volunteers were offered a special chance to go ahead of their age group for the vaccine. There are a very large number if volunteers. Only those who will be working in the same space with the athletes have been provided special early access to both doses -- I guess with the assumption that there is no community infection risk in Japan (ludicrous!). It has also been reported that many temp workers have been hired to assist the Olympics volunteers. (through Heizo Takanaka firm Pasona, at great cost to taxpayers). I've seen no reporting about their special access to vaccination, and will assume none as a consequence. What could possibly go wrong with these preparations in a pandemic?

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Am going straight home and staying there!

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I feel fortunate to lead several groups of English conversation hobbyists in Tokyo with members who are old enough to have memories of many Olympics, including 1964 Tokyo Olympics. What I observe is they have varying levels of enthusiasm for sport on the one hand, but much stronger feelings that they would like to see coronavirus under control instead of these games. Five of them are older women with grandchildren who patiently jumped through the hoops to become volunteers, but who have all resigned.

They feel that the risk of becoming sick is too high, and the timing of holding them is wrong. That is the cautious, pragmatic Japanese spirit I know and recognize.

The current government seems to be imbued with an idealism and willingness to take risks that I don't see in the voters. They are really gambling that they can pull off this event. Time will tell.

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Although the number of domestic ticket-holders is being held to a max of 50% capacity of the stadium or 10,000 fans, whichever is less -- by order of the JOC -- the number of tickets issues to corporate sponsors is not being reduced, and in some events 70 percent of seats are reserved for the corporate sponsors of the Olympics! One of my friends is a volunteer for the Olympics and has recently received instructions to expect a full stadium. Another friend told me the corporate sponsor ticket holders will have a questionnaire to fill out before entering a stadium about about their health and recent contacts with infected individuals, and a fever check -- but it sounds very much like TV cameras will show full stadiums. There's no problem finding enough Japanese to attend games. If anything, hosts will find it easier to manage their guests lists!

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It's guaranteed to be a giant mess because the athletes who test positive upon or just after arriving in Japan got their slots by winning top competitions in their home countries. although a country may be fortunate to have a deep field of top athletes, it's not at all the case for every country in every sport. I have to question the value of an Olympic medal when many countries are asked at the last minute to provide alternate players.

Tbis Olympics may turn out to be the worst, most notorious Olympics in history for any number of virus-related administrative reasons.

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The strawberry farmer has stumbled over the emperors outstretched leg and made a most ungraceful recovery!

(un croche-pied, in French)

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Every single press conference and group that gathers for check-in to a hotel or accomodation is a chance for virus to spread, and spread it will among those not vaccinated. Every time our collective attention is focused on some famous person passing or running (in a footrace, for example) there is a risk of someone letting their guard down, not wearing a mask properly, not wiping down a taxi with alcohol fast enough, etc. It's human nature and the virus takes advantage. We have plenty of warnings, most recently the G-7 Summit in Cornwall, U.K. caused the local infection rate to shoot up 20 times, and is now being called a superspreader event!

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I am concerned about the lcknof social dustance between those beds. Surely, with an entire year having passed, a solution could have been found to reduce viral transmission hazard?

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A friend directed me to one review of VAERS data by three US doctors. The VAERS data will alarm many, but what had to be considered (and wasn't mentioned there) is that all coronaviruses mess with our bodies and have been doing so throughout history. There is focus on the hook protein of this virus, on the (still) lacking 3-year and 7-years later data of the effect of having the hook or spike protein in our bloodstream from the mRNA vaccines -- but of course contracting the disease also results in the same phenomenon in our bloodstreams. We are living laboratories and must get through pandemics as best we can, making the best vaccines and decisions, end of story.

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I cringe every time I read this kind of statement. Surely it is a mistranslation?!? It makes the Japanese dpeaker sound grossly inept to want to do sometning that is fully in their power to do:

"I want to explain to the G7 about our measures to tackle infections and our intention to hold a safe and secure games and win their understanding," Suga told reporters as he left his residence in Tokyo for a G7 meeting in Britain.

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A special license is required in Japan to administer injections. Doctors and dentists get it as part of their training; most nurses don't. I think the recruitment drive for nurses is mainly about finding more staff to guide people at clinics, hospitals, and "mass" vaccination sites, and monitor their condition immediately following injection.

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@John Kennedy

"if the so called mass vaccination sites are already running at full capacity and completely unable to handle even the demand from the local people, why in the world would you want to open them to others. "

The "mass" sites are not fully booked throughout the day, every day. For this reason rumination is happening somewhere in the Ministry of Health.

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Kamala Harris needs more international negotiation experience to develop her career, and Central America should benefit from more international news coverage -- if the authorities in those countries play their cards right, however corrupt they may be.

Entering this project early in the Biden administration gives it more credibility, and more chance to get results. As well, we now have actual teamwork among skilled team players that was absent during the former administration, focused as it was on licking the boss' boots!

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I question whether this is news, as in whether this study has news value at all. Of course the government should be collecting all kinds of data from recipients of the vaccine(s) as a matter of course.

Is the news really that they are unprepared to collect health effects data on anyone not part of the study, or from doctors not in the list? I detect nonsense.

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Nikkei Weekly reported last week that Japanese epidemeologists had prepared a forecast of infection fluctuations together using two vaccination scenarios using the base rate of vaccinations at the end of April. These forecasts were shared online throughout hospitals' intranets, and from there a reporter brought the numbers to the Nikkei audience.

Assuming steady vaccinations at the end-April rate month after month, the forecast called for a peak in July, followed by three more peaks until the large vaccinated population brought community transmissions under control.

If the government increased the rate four times, there would be only one more peak infection period -- in July.

I'm worried about what's just around the corner -- Olympics or no Olympics -- and I want to be vaccinated asap.

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Fighto! Let's not forget that he also is entitled to presumption of innocence until the prosecutor proves his guilt to the satisfaction of a jury of Ghosn's peers in a court of law.

Ghosn's part is not to show lily-white colors in court but merely to defend or explain his actions. He felt he couldn't get that chance in Japan, and escaped Japanese justice with help from outside Japan.

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A lot of working age adults whose companies refuse to allow working remotely could have been vaccinated over this past week, had that been a priority, rather than vaccinating the elderly or spending time at home resting during a pandemic.

So many people just stayed at home -- they could have spent some of their holiday standing in line at at stadium somewhere, waiting to be vaccinated. It would have been a good use of downtime. What a missed opportunity yo increase safety for all!

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That's an interesting location, in Otemachi, a major business center and destination for adults not yet approaching retirement.

I think I'll keep checking if there are cancelled appointments. Eventually, before end-July, they may admit adults below retirement age, if many elderly people choose to wait for vaccination at a place closer to where they live rather than travel to Otemachi.

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Let's be real: dumping toxic mercury into a river that supplies drinking water and fish that people consume is obviously much more dangerous than dumping radioactive water into the sea. I don't believe there is any comparison possible due to the natural high rate of dispersion of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. (Bivalves, the shellfish, do concentrate radioactivity in their bodies, however.)

China and Korea's positions are further weakened by the impending dumping being on the Pacific side of Honshu. As far as providing a virtous example of following international laws and agreements, China in particular hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Readers of JT should think again before being so quick to jump onto China's and Korea's bandwagon. This is a dangerous neighborhood, and full of hipocrytes.

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There may be many individuals who provide your contrary anecdotal evidence, but surely David Shawn Kanda is right that the administrative layer, the bureaucrats and the scientists fastidiously record data, creating the overall highly analytical thinking society that David identified.

It may be, however, that the speed of processing the data and taking action is behind the curve of rescuing the citizenry from infection ... time will tell. Perhaps this is your meaning about "indecisiveness".

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I foresee problems with partial refunds. Let's say a resident of Japan, whether Japanese or foreign resident, bought tickets for his or her immediate family, already in Japan, and the grandparents or friends of the family, who were going to come from outside Japan for some of the events.

The immediate family members still want to attend, but tbe intended overseas guests can't enter Japan. Does the ticket buyer risk the entire transaction being refunded, ie., losing all tickets through a processing wrror? Can the ticket holder instead invite others who are already in Japan, instead if getting a refund?

I am fortunately not in this situation but I feel sorry for those who are.

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I went to Koganei Park in the late afternoon and rode through the entire length (2km) on my bike. I saw zero plastic tarps stretched out under any trees, and except for one baseball team outside the baseball field sitting together waiting their turn, everyone seemed to be observing social distancing. The park was all the more beautiful for being less crowded, and lacking the customary flea and crafts market in one area where it is held every weekend. I saw lots amd lots of people safely enjoying spring!

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It bears repeating: anaphylaxis is a condition which leads to hospitalization and treatment in a regular hospital bed with readily-available medicines for less than 48 hours. It has not killed anyone, nor does it spread to family members and coworkers. On the other hand, covid-19 is a known killer which jumps easily from person to person and requires special beds at hospitals. It is absolutely more dangerous and harder to treat. Reasonable people who care about family members, co-workers and neighbors should accept the risk of anaphylaxis over contracting covid-19, even if the chance of anaphylaxis is great -- which it is not.

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I've been living in Japan since before the cataclism of 2011 and this is the first profile of a foreign teacher killed while teaching English in Japan, in the Tohoku region that I have read. I've seen passing references to such tragic cases but as far as I can recall, there were no names or details of the deceased provided. I look forward to reading more such articles, even ten years after the disaster.

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It's fascinating to see Japan hurtling headlong into modernity once again. The world trend is for the holders of honorary positions to represent their country as it us currently, including the current positions of their governments. What Mori-san did, with his comments, is rely on privilege and seniority, very long enshrined in Japanese culture, to gain some advantage over female JOC members. In so doing, he provoked an international storm of fury directed vis embassies and in the public space over the Internet at Olympics host country Japan. Mori-san badly misjudged the international politics, showing his unreadiness to represent his country in a global forum.

Mori-san was unseated not by public outcry directly, but the judgment of corporate sponsors that his comments had damaged their carefully cultivated global brands -- the same brands they have paid big money to the JOC to promote as corporate sponsors, so there is no discernible general awakening among the Japanese population that Mori-san's attitude towards being a team player in teams that include female members has changed. If Japan broadly speaking respects women as equal citizens under the Constitution (as the Japanese Constitution guarantees), this scandal does not show it.

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According to my doctor, a general health practitioner at a private medical clinic, the official tally of new daily covid-19 cases does include positive tests conducted through private clinics.

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