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Adding to @Do the hustle:

The Australian government acted reasonably well for the last four or more weeks. While most Australian's are doing their bit to follow the instructions from the Government, there are still many publicans or tourists (who came before the restrictions) who are not helping as the Police are dispersing crowds on a daily basis.

Sadly, some infections came by boats that were not refused on time.


The Government is assisting with treating the infected from ships under scrutiny around Australia's main ports,

Those who can work from home are encouraged to minimize the spreading of the virus - whether by instructions from the Government, or from employers who have taken the initiative early to keep their work forces safe and productive.

This is my 2nd week working from home, and flights back to Japan are cancelled for the rest of the year. We are urged “Do not leave your home unless you absolutely have to”.


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@Bugle Boy of Company B

It seems that there are a few who don't agree with you. I get your point. And I'm confident to add my name to the "expert" list insinuated by some on here. May I add, seriously, there is no such thing/person as an "expert" parent - there are those who aim to be "responsible"; though, no matter the challenges and circumstances.

I was a single parent since my children were 1 year with one while the other 3 months old. I was fortunate to have permanent placings for both during the start and right rough their primary school years and part of their secondary years. But there were many sacrifices from our part as a single-parent family, and from the employer that put food on our table for 18 years. There were times I had to take the children out of Care due to lice outbreaks, flue epidemic at the Center or carer's quitting because of many reasons - but never ever did I complain if my little ones cannot be left in the care of the childcare center. The bottom line was and still is: they are my family and responsibility. The aims were - if I had to give my children a reasonable roof over their heads, warm food in the winter, descent education and many things "needed" (not "wanted") to grow them into descent adults, I would work hard and well and be responsible for them, no matter what (until they become adults). I searched for and paid babysitters so that I could go to work. There were challenging times where one-third of our monthly salary was designate to pay the Carers, and it got better when my little ones started attending school. It saddens me to hear/read comments of inconveniences from parents (oh yes, there were complaints from other parents who couldn't leave their children in the Center (for whatever reasons) during those 18 looong years too).

This time with the Virus and with the infection circumstances being highly apparent, wouldn't it be regarded as a time for us parents and individuals to be vigilant in care and "responsibility" instead of complaining who would look after our families next if we need to work?

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Probably better to donate to climate activism/action/awareness ............

In the meantime, people and wildlife are in distress while the environmental activists are demonstrating/disrupting commuters and drivers in Melbourne, ..............and waiting for the politicians to act as per cop25.

Fair dinkum, relief and help are appreciated now.................Thank you Japan.

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Oh dear!

Wait till the Olympics comes................. and post Olympics

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SK citizens still in need of free-cash

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@BeerDeliveryGuyToday  02:58 pm JST

Not sure if many young women get their nails done up and wear mini shorts to go to a shrine to celebrate Japan surrendering in WW2 but you go girl! lol

In America, people BBQ, get drunk and cause accidents with fireworks on Veterans Day. To each country it’s own.

On a different note, I’ll bet the Yasukuni=evil crowd here have never even been to Yasukuni, much less taken a guided tour of the Yushukan museum and are only repeating the same misconceptions that’s have been repeated on JT for the past decade.

My thoughts (and more) exactly.

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I still get confused about the reasons non-smokers would go out of their way to "bark" at a smoker to smoke somewhere far from them. Yet, I've seen and heard smokers who tell non-smoking complainers to stay away instead - after all, a person's personal space is just that - smoker or non-smoker.

There is a situation in Australia where illegal/party drugs can be injected in a "safe house" paid by the public purse (procuring and selling the stuff of course are illegal, and another matter the Government does not want to discuss much about). Yet, a legalized product - the tobacco, cigarettes, cigars (or the likes apart from marijuana) cannot be bought online from overseas, has a legislation banning smoking in public areas, has an annual increase in tobacco excise/tax of 12.5% up to and including 2020 -- and partially - because WHO says so - 2016 http://www.who.int/tobacco/mpower/raise_taxes/en/ - source Google Scholar. According to WHO the tax (and increasing) deters smokers from carrying on the habit. Yet, the results are just not that in Australia



The Australian Government maximizes on WHO's reports, and a local news feature reported a $12.5 billion tax revenue for the Government in 2017.


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So true redelmotalking.

This actually makes sense. We all know why they must travel separately.

To comment on Toasted Heretic's opinion: "we don't need them" (am assuming the royal family of Japan); nevertheless, just a reminder: "Japan and her people need them".

We are paying taxes to Japan. If we don't like how the way our taxes are spent here, we can always voice out our concerns but do respect the royal family and their standings in this country; or we can take the next boat/plane out and pay our taxes to another country/government - and complain about the distributions there too.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

@girl_in_tokyo, I cannot believe that you got voted down many times. I followed the reportings on Ito's case as well. One piece done by BBC Two, also report on the case - though one sided (Ito's). Nevertheless, no means no!

I wish her well; she has come a long way.

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@cracaphat, spot on Mate!

The perpetrator of domestic violence can be anyone - gender, employment status, age, nationality, etc.

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First set, at 0-4; ugh! I was screeching at the computer monitor, "Come on, Girl!

Whew! When Naomi got back in the game, and there after, boy, did I let out a few sighs of relief. Good luck with the upcoming game. But please ............. me ticker was working overtime during this match.

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@Hiro, Are you alert too, mate!

What a narrow-minded approach to crimes carried out around the world.

Japan is a beautiful place too, but that did not stop a few maniacs from killing people with poisonous gas - did it? It did not prepare the law (government and police in your case) to counter the action - did it?

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and they deal with criminals in their own way/s. Now they will change a few laws to "mitigate" disgusting actions like these. It will not stop narrow-minded and brain-washed criminals from hurting other humans.

How about a few thoughts for the affected?

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Christchurch did/does not need this calamity added to the natural disasters that happened just recently.

Commiserations to Christchurch, and her people in mourning.

Kia Toa!

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

What a COWARD!

Couldn't do it in his own backyard but chose to terrorize another country - a more peaceful one where terrorists alerts are much rare. I guess Australia was too risky for a nincompoop such as he.

RIP to the victims, and offering thoughts of to all families affected.

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my apologies to Big Yen (my error for referring to you as Big Ben) - ne?

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"Michael, have a look at what Lindsay says about Australia. It's been at least forty years here since I or anyone I know last got paid in cash, and no-one has ripped us off via covert inflation or salary reduction. And what's more, there's still plenty of cash notes available if that's what you prefer.

Really, there's nothing to be afraid of."

Sorry @Big Ben & @Lindsay - that is just telling the (almost) cashless side of things

There is plenty to be afraid of.

I am in Australia now. Have been living here on and off for 40 years (in between Japan/Vietnam)

There are still markets/shops that don't accept eftpos - because no bank transactions, no declaring taxes to the TaxMan - last time it happened to me, only last weekend

Some shops will not accept your bank card if your purchase is less than $10AUD - why? because the BIG 4 below charges the shop owners handling anything less than $10AUD - bakeries down the road have the signs up

Every month I was paying bank fees. I don't anymore; I decided to bank with a Dutch multinational banking and financial services. No monthly fees for holding my money, so charges to withdrawal, and every international purchase rebate is deposited back in my account

Four major banks - National Australia Bank, Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth ...... LOVE Accounts holders - You put your money in the bank, they charge you; you draw them out (so you can go to the "cash-only" shops), they charge you; Children savings bank accounts that have gone to zero balance, they charge them - even if the balance is in negative - Shameless!

Too frustrating to mention about unethical lending practices - including high interest rates on credit cards.

So just keep in mind for Japan --

There are some good points for salaries/wages be deposited in your account.

But somehow to me, in Australia - cash is still okay to have- even if this is the age of advanced technology.

Below are just some of the boring reads about Australian banks ripping off customers - just because of cashless "ideas" - and just because they can.





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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

It's sad how some of us damn capital punishment. Yet ......... I hope we think of all victims whose lives are changed forever or have been taken by criminals on death-row - regardless of guilty or not guilty opinions. The victims and their family's opinions matter the most to me.

For me, I'm damned if capital is carried out, and I'm damned if it's not - "two wrongs, in my opinion, do not make it right"

Afterthought: May the criminal's souls rest, and may the victims and their families have some peace after all this.

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Posted in: Nancy Wilson, Grammy winning jazz singer, dies at 81 See in context

Thank you for the beautiful voice & music


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Posted in: 6-month-old baby dies after being left unattended at unlicensed daycare center See in context

Families should be able to live comfortably off one income alone. Stay at home dad or stay at home mom...doesn't matter.

Unless you are a single parent (whose partner has passed away or via other sad occurrences) and has no choice but to work to care for your family so that your can "live comfortably off one income". Close-minded opinion on earning circumstances against stay-at-home-and-care-for-your-children circumstances, instead. Tsk!

In general, this article highlights the needs for Child Care Center's regardless of country, to be:

Accountable for their lack of duties/responsibilities to paying families and their children - and the public

Unlicensed or Licensed - their COR remain the same

Governments can put regulations in place, and monitor - but human greed will not hire more staff, disregarding the most important element in the industry - Taking care of young human lives while the paying parents are earning to support their families.

Condolences are being conveyed to the family of the little one - RIP

Epiphany is being conveyed to/wished upon (and hopefully act for the better) the Center - review your Management, Safety, and HR policies

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I totally get it where you're coming from. Importing goods/produce can create competition, but the quality of those goods will not be as high as the locally grown or manufactured and......... they will never stop coming in to the country.

Just food for thought (no pun intended)...............

The current food industry (and most commodities actually) in Australia is of "imported" nature - to the point that it is rare to see produce and consumables (especially in big cities) made or grown in Oz from 100% Oz grown/made ingredients - Grocery shopping takes longer for us, all due to reading labels as to separating the oranges from California, or the prawns from Vietnam, or the bread dough from Ireland - mind you, they are all cheaper.......much cheaper, and Oz has the resources to make/grow/harvest them. Quality of consumables has plummeted, farmers are looking overseas for markets for their livestock (only the lucky few contracted by the main grocery giants, and fast foods outlets are able to trade locally - with conditions). The Government has introduced new food labeling laws (instigated by consumer complaints) which include requirements for manufacturers to disclose the imported percentage of ingredients of their locally manufactured foods - these are only some of the examples of changes that will occur when borders are opened up for importing at a high level. On the "export side" of the Oz Free Trade Agreements, only a few at the top experience the riches of the mining boom (that is currently slowing down), or experience the (once booming) troubled business trading of shipping live animals to Middle-Eastern nations.

When there is a demand and the supply is low, of course the prices will rise. If importing "more" foods in to Japan now can alleviate the pain of paying high prices for a short period of time, then, as a consumer of mostly imported goods, I say there are/will be consequences that will require mitigating.

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Posted in: Woman apparently killed by bear in Akita forest See in context

May your soul rest in peace. Here's sending thoughts of comfort to the loved ones. Stay safe everyone!

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80,000 yen saved up? - Yup!..Tick Reservation to do - no prob, online

Now, weight check...................Ooooopssss!!

My 5ft 7inches, 69kg Polynesian genetic composition returns a 23.88 BMI on online BMI calculator.

The Family Elders are considering paddling over and dragging my sorry rear-end back to the land of the forefathers, and putting me under house arrest ............too lanky, too skinny, very poor in health and finances, do not have the means to feed myself. Simply put, my physical body's outlook is an insult to my ancestors.

The New Zealand BMI calculator http://bmicalculatornz.com/ returns "Congratulations! You appear to have an optimal amount of body fat. Our bodies use fat to maintain healthy emotional, mental and physical processing"

The Japanese BMI Calculator states that I am obese. http://bmicalc.org/japanese-bmi-calculator "Your BMI is 23.9, indicating your weight is in the Overweight category for adults of your height"

(Sigh) I concede. I will never be granted entry.

Final evaluations & silver linings:

Miss out on the dining service by half-naked muscular men? Nah! Grew up with half-naked muscular cousins who climb coconut trees and go spear fishing almost daily for fun - he he Miss out on the meal? Nah! Can get great service and top of the range meals served around town -- for much much cheaper! Miss out on the show? Nah! Cook Islands Boys dance to the rhythm of the island drums half naked all the time ......... and the tatoos are everywhere -- on the thighs, glutes, chests, back and so on. (drooling) _ Okane: Will spend the 80,000 yen on something else - no problem there.

In summary, Good Luck to the proprietor(s); and to those who make the cut - many blessings!.

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Tattooing in my culture is a gift and privilege. This also must be earned -- not an association with slavery and low class. The New Zealand natives and her Oceania Protectorates and neighbouring countries of islands do not view tattooing as body art only, but more of as Cultural Identity. In my tribes, family members who have "earned" their tribal symbols have the choice of wearing them on their bodies for the rest of their lives or the choice not to. My 20-year-old son has earned his, and he is prepared to carry his ancestors’ symbols on his body for the rest of his life. Currently, I'm designing his tattoos to be worn on his upper left torso, left shoulder and arm, and left back. My family members have never needed sports stars, or criminals to initiate this tradition. However, I will not speak for other Polynesians who are tattooed and have travelled or are travelling to Japan. As preached and handed down to us through my families' generations: Where-ever we travel in the world, we must adhere to and respect the Cultural, Church, and Governmental Regulations of that nation. My son knows that he has to cover up his tattoos on the streets of Japan (rural and urban), not to visit onsens and places of interests that do not serve tattooed patrons. Japan does not deny us foreigners the choices; we have to respect the country and take the required course(s) of actions. My tribes acknowledge that Japan has the best tattoo artists in the world - not because of the numerous circulated literature outside Japan, but because our elders can tell great workmanship in the works of Japanese tattoo artists. I have nephews who own tattoo parlours; they would take up the challenge to learn from Japanese artists like Mr. Masuda - if given the legal opportunity.

So, here's hoping that the Diet may take the time to re-evaluate The Medical Practitioners' Act of 1948. Importantly and foremost, revise this Act for Japan and her gifts of great workmanship - not for foreigners like me and my relatives and surely not for tattooed foreigners who are visiting for only a couple of weeks during the 2020 Olympics.

This is a shame if artists like Mr. Masuda are denied the chance to continue their craft legally.

To Honorable Member Hatsushika: Be Brave! As we the Maori people of Polynesia say: Kia Toa e Kia Manuia! (Be strong, and May the outcome be of your intended!)

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Happy Birthday, Your Majesty! May the warm rays of the Sun shine on you always, and may Kami-Sama be with you throughout the year and for many many more birthdays to come. Omedou gozaimasu! Bansai!

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I love the cash transactions. Reminds of of the good old days of no bank fees. Communicating - Language: I am a foreigner, I do not expect Japan's services industries to accommodate my lack of Japanese. However, I bought the book "Japanese for Dummies", started learning "survival" Japanese, and kept on learning from additional sources, and still do. It will not hurt if non-Japanese speakers visiting to do even a little of the same. Lack of ATMs to accomodate Credit Cards - I have a separate Visa-Debit Card. Works both as a credit and saving account. From Aomori to Saga, I've yet to encounter an issue with withdrawing cash from ATMs, Family Marts, AEON or Airports.

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Both! Cannot face a day both at the office or at home without a clean set of "everything". Evenings are split into Winter and Summer situations. Summer definitely draws showering before bed, and Winter can be split into shower only or shower then soak in a nice hot bath - of course clean night wear afterwards; makes it easy on the bed-manchester washing.

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@Paul Evans Completely agree with you. Can't figure out how Melbourne made the top 10. My yearly travel itinerary is similar to yours. My city of residency is Melbourne - 30 years now. Just got back from Japan 4 weeks ago for a short while and as always, I feel let down. Melbourne has a great deal to catch up to Tokyo.


People - In general, beautiful, shy, helpful and polite Culture - Unique, loyal to history, and remembered every day in people’s daily activities. Tourists - Are mostly tolerated Government supported visions - Admirable - to name a couple. First example: An efficient Public transport system that has the capability of moving millions of people every day, and on-time - astronomical! Second example: Innovations - The Shinkansen. Since its operation, the train builders of today use this innovation as the benchmark for fast-train building. The transport tickets are much much cheaper than Melbourne's (in comparison to service provided, as well) Customer Service - Next to none. I feel humbled when I request for help or for service. There are odd looks, but, one odd look for every 30 is nothing too heavy to mentally bear. Cost of living - in some things - utilities. Groceries, have to shop around and catch the specials in the evenings. Food/Quisine - Awsome! Fresh means "Fresh" Safety - I feel a lot more safe when walking around in Tokyo than in Melbourne. Yet Tokyo is heavily congested (compared to Melbourne's 4 million population count) Seaside accessibility - Tokyo has the best public transport system can take me to Tokyo Bay from Chiyoda in less than (it takes 165 minutes for me to get to St. Kilda Beach, from 21 kms South-East of Melbourne .

Tokyo and Japan replenishes my Soul during every periodic stay. Omedetōgozaimasu! I bow to you, Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

The other side of the coin: This is one of the reasons to go to great measures dress well, and/or emulate; the lack of self acceptance of one's own beauty. It is one of the beautiful races in Asia

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Posted in: 'Englishisation' - Is it working? See in context

Learning any language comprehensively is a difficult task in itself. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the basic skills to learn in any language - including English. However, the learner can only excel depending on some factors - but not restricted to:

To extend on Kagei Kouchou's statement*

"Learning is a lot more fun.." "Many teachers will call it the hook, and you've got to have a hook if you want to lure in your students"

-- May I humbly add; the teacher must have the correct bait at the end of that hook as well in order to retain and enhance the learning experience of the students.

The environment shapes the human/person; With opportunities, support/mentoring, Government legislations/programs, transparent and productive community and economic opportunities, any student can excel. -- Importantly.. Practise! Learners require all opportunities to practise their newly acquired skills.

I have a family with three languages spoken in the household; English is the second language. We communicate as much as we can in English to "better survive" in this time and age. Additionally, the other two languages are bonus for the entire family.

I look forward to what Japan as a nation can offer to increase the English literacy level. Not only that the 2020 Olympics is around the corner, but also to better its economic opportunities and status in the Global Market.

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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

Aaahhhhhh.... All in the name of "fashion"

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