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lnara comments

Posted in: Brazilian tennis player apologizes for racist gesture in Japan See in context

Nowadays, people give disclaimer 'I am not racist' 'I am not prejudiced' and then make racist comments. At least accept what you are!

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Posted in: Brazilian man acquitted of sexual assault after kissing Japanese woman on Nagoya train See in context

A woman feels different when kissed in hands and being touched in such a way. The judge is a woman, wonder how she could give such a judgement.

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Posted in: Actress Kazuyo Matsui talks about husband’s affair; asks foreign media for support in YouTube video See in context

This video is because of all the bitterness Kazuyo-san has. Hope Kazuyo-san overcomes her grief and bitterness and moves on for a better life. There are rats who wouldn't think twice before having an affair with best friends or family of their spouse (don't know if it is true in her Kazuyo-san's case). Please be strong and think positively.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after giving 5-year-old daughter milk despite her allergy to it See in context

Why do people have kids if they can't raise them?? What could be other priorities in life for parents? I feel sorry for the woman as she got no help from girl's father, she should give more priority to the child.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

Felt mild shake for long time near Chigasaki.

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Posted in: How well do you know your neighbors? See in context

Those good old days when life was simpler, without any mobile, TV, etc. When people used to chat with each other in the evening.

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Posted in: Since Aug 21, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been to Brazil, Kenya, Russia, China, Laos, the U.S. and Cuba. Do you think he is traveling abroad too much? See in context

The prime minister Mr. Abe is not traveling for fun. He is supposed to keep good relationship with other countries.

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Posted in: Shock as peaceful Japanese town wakes to knife rampage See in context

Really sad to think about the victims who could not even defend themselves. What an cowardly act!! What right does he have to to decide if those people wanted to live or not?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 2-month-old daughter See in context

Wonder why do mother bear babies if they can't handle them. I am mother too and have sacrificed a lot for my child. How could a mother harm a baby in this way!! Disgusting!!

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Posted in: What do you think of when you hear the word "ninja?" See in context

The language school in Nara where I studied Japanese.

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Posted in: Should the parents of the 7-year-old boy who spent six days in a Hokkaido mountain forest after being forced out of the family car for misbehaving, face some sort of criminal charges? See in context

The father will never punish the boy again, he reassured it on TV. However, there should be stronger law to ensure such gruesome punishments are not given to children. One small careless action can prove to be dangerous for their children.

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Posted in: Almost half of Japanese people hide when doorbell rings: survey See in context

Wonder why NHK guy is troublesome. If we are watching NHK, aren't we entitled to pay for it.

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother arrested for attempted murder of 3-week-old daughter See in context

Thank God, baby is all right. Mothers face plenty of problem while raising a child. She should be given proper counseling. Child raising is not difficult if understood properly.

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Posted in: Nice day See in context

Missing Japan.

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Posted in: Speaking 2 languages may delay getting Alzheimer's See in context

Good... I can speak five languages :-)

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