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Posted in: More than 600 students in Miyagi get sick after drinking school lunch milk See in context

Milk is healthy and safe for humans without lactose intolerance - when it is pasteurised and not out of date. We've been drinking milk for over 6000 years.

It seems probable that this batch was not properly treated and developed some type of bacteria.

Properly pasteurized, handled and stored milk is safe well after it is out of date. I have drank unopened milk a couple of weeks past expiration. Not soured. Japanese milk lasts well after its “expiration date.”

Milk should be stored at or below 45F (7.22 C). If the temperature goes up by 10*F (if memory serves correctly) the shelf life is cut in half.

I find Morinaga’s statement that no problems were found in milk returned by the schools of questionable voracity. The milk would likely have been returned last evening at best. This article came out at 6:35 am. I’m not sure they could actually have done the tests on the returned milk, gotten the results, contacted the media, etc in that amount of time.

Morinaga, probably tested samples of the same batches of milk (shipped to schools) that they had held back. It is entirely plausible that their held back samples didn’t have problems. The milk having been produced on WED, held properly and tested FRIDAY afternoon onwards might still not show much bacterial growth even if it was not pasteurized properly. Cultures of that milk would need to be grown. So, unless they have some super fast way of doing that and getting results, this doesn’t make sense. (I’m not current on what methods are in use here and these days for testing.)

I would bet money that the milk deliveries were done in the early morning and the milk was allowed to warm up before being refrigerated again. Still, it should not have been enough to make people sick unless there was a problem in processing. (That said, the description of the consistency alone is enough to make one sick. And often in these sorts of cases, a kind of hysteria happens. After one or more people appear to get sick, others get sick as a result of the influence of the original case(s).)

20% of milk tested in the US has bird flu in it, and this is coming from pasteurized milk products.

It’s not actually bird flu in the milk. It is remnants of genetic material of the bird flu. I’m not crazy about the idea but, it’s still two different things

I’m not spouting stuff I think. I was a milk plant inspector in a former life.

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Posted in: Bill for swift removal of defamatory posts on social media enacted See in context

Open-minded: If a Japanese person attempts to assault me, intimidate me, or falsely accuse me in public or calling the police. Then, I should have the right to post that interaction on the internet (a public platform).

I know someone that was recently scammed out of a significant amount of money and went to the police. The police said, that it was a matter between the individuals and they would not get involved. In addition to refusing to get involved, the police informed the individual that had been wronged, that if he/she posted about it online it would be defamation of character (even if true) and that the scammer could go after him/her. The police said they would have to investigate and follow the procedures for that type of case. Both individuals are foreigners in Japan legally

I agree that you should have the right to post such things on the internet. It’s the only way to prevent others from becoming victims of the same scams.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

I can't believe some of the negative response from the comments. 

The gesture that offers a glimmer of hope for peace in the region is received even worse than the announcement of missile testing. 

But you can be sure that your allies will do everything to prevent this from happening.

You must be young or working for NK. I’m old enough and been in Japan long enough to have seen NK do this multiple times. They don’t want peace. They want all they can extract from everyone else at the mere hint of peace.

All that has ever done has subsidized their nuke program. Study the history.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Translation: Sure. We are ready to accept more handouts from Japan. (More handouts from South Korea and American go without saying.) Those handouts always benefit our nuclear program.

Get ready for North Korea to play everyone else like a fiddle yet again.

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Posted in: Malaysia searches Chinese ship suspected of looting WWII wrecks See in context

It has been reported on since at least 2017 if not earlier.

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Posted in: Malaysia searches Chinese ship suspected of looting WWII wrecks See in context

This has been going on for a long time. Doing something to stop it is long overdue.

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Posted in: Japan to accept wounded Ukrainian soldiers for treatment See in context

I’m glad to see this. Military and other doctors need this experience and Ukraine needs or will likely need places for their wounded to be treated over a longer term. I hope that they allow visitors. If they are in the Tokyo area, I will make the effort to go visit them. I follow a Canadian medic that is volunteering in Ukraine. He hit a landmine in a vehicle and was hospitalized. Lots of people he didn’t know went to visit him. Ukrainian soldiers deserve the same.

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Posted in: Sunken wreck of WWII Japanese ship on which nearly 1,000 Australians died found See in context

Hopefully, this war grave will be respected rather than having the metal cut into parts and brought to the surface to be recycled by some greedy scrap metal dealers. It’s happening to many sunken WW2 ships in Asia and Europe. I rather wish this ship had not been found. Then the bones of those long dead could lie undisturbed rather than be scattered haphazardly under the ocean or worse inadvertently surfaced, scattered on beaches and elsewhere.

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Posted in: Medical tourism: Traveling outside U.S. for care is common See in context

I’ve had two knees replaced in Japan. In fact at the time of my second knee replacement, my sister was having one done in the U.S. She got an itemized bill for hers. Just the metal joint they put in cost around $20,000.

Of course, I had insurance here. But, had I not had insurance, the total cost of my surgery would have been around $20,000. including a nine day hospital stay versus maybe one in the U.S.

The Japanese system works far more efficiently than the U S one. And if you want to talk about, quality of care, you wouldn’t want to get my sister started Her surgical leg was left centimeters shorter than her non surgical leg. She had to have her knee done a second time and it still isn’t right. I on the other hand have a better quality of life and nearly never have any pain compared to the decades I waited to get the surgery on the advice of U.S. doctors.

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Posted in: We want to stop the violation of the human rights of second-generation followers. See in context

Fwiw, in nearly 4 decades here, I was never prevented from donating blood and I’m not Japanese. I haven’t tried to do so for a long time for medical reasons though.

A question I have though is, should parents be permitted to prevent life saving blood transfusions because of their personal religious beliefs? I would say no. There are times when that is essentially murder.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

As for the asthmatic thing…

Hogwash. Asthma doesn’t prevent anyone with normal mental function from wearing a mask.

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Posted in: U.S. says it is working on 'next steps' to secure release of Whelan from Russia See in context


Ok then Biden has some work to do then, doesn’t he? 

or he doesn’t care about Whelan as a white, ex military, straight, man? No value to getting him released too?

Why is it Biden’s problem?

The guy has citizenship in 4 countries!

Trump didn’t care to get him released and he certainly had a better chance to than Biden considering his close relationship with Putin.

Note: I don’t get to emotionally worked up about anybody that gets convicted in a court marshal and booted from the military. He forfeited his right to respect as someone that served when he did that.

Fwiw, I don’t get worked up about people traveling with and getting caught with illegal substances. Not my problem. Not America’s problem either. And certainly not one that should get an arms dealer released in exchange for.

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Posted in: U.S. says it is working on 'next steps' to secure release of Whelan from Russia See in context

I strongly disagree with trading arms dealer for Griner. Also fail to see why the U.S. has sole responsibility for getting Whelan home.

Wiki: Paul Nicholas Whelan- Canadian-born former United States Marine [my note: former because he received a Bad Conduct Discharge] with U.S., British, Irish, and Canadian citizenship.  …arrested in Russia 12/28/18, accused of spying. On 6/15/20 received a 16-year prison sentence.

1) News mentioning that he was a Marine without mentioning why he’s former is only intended to pull on patriotic heartstrings.

2) He holds citizenship in 4 countries. If he should be bargained for, all 4 share responsibility for it.

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Posted in: Japan set to ease planned electricity bill hike for households See in context

Turn off electrical vampires that suck electricity. Power strips, sleep mode, etc. Keep freezers nearly full. They use less electricity.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases increase in Japan for 1st time in 2 months See in context

I found it odd that they were taking temps again upon entry to a big hospital I visit monthly, something they haven’t done for months. I had noticed an approximate doubling of sirens just before the increasing numbers started coming out. Haven’t read the comments or the rest of JT or other Japan news but, I saw on international news that there are at least two new variants in the U. S. and Asia.

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Posted in: Australia to investigate reports its pilots trained Chinese military See in context

A solution would be to strip these UK and Aus traitors of their military pensions and entitlements going forward and blacklist them from ever flying again. Might make a few think twice before assisting an enemy state.

For Americans, there’s no pension unless someone completed about 20 years of service, got a medical discharge or a disability. I doubt that Australia or UK have a policy that provides pensions for less.

I have read that former American military on pensions could lose their pensions for participating in the Jan. 6th affair. I don’t know if that’s correct but, I haven’t seen that type of action taken.

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Posted in: Netflix defends 'The Crown' after ex-PM Major calls it 'malicious nonsense' See in context

I recently started watching a supposed documentary on Rome. There were dramatizations interspersed with academics talking about various happenings.

In one dramatization, they had a young Julius Caesar as a young soldier in Crassus’s legion fighting against Spartacus. Complete hogwash. I can’t understand why the academics would even be associated with that complete fiction being passed off as fact.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral cost ¥1.2 bil, less than ¥1.66 bil initial estimate, gov't says See in context

I can remember when Japan went through prime ministers like crazy. They didn’t last long at all. They’ve sat an awful precedent with this state funeral. If all former prime ministers get state funerals, the burden on taxpayers will be huge.

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

Everywhere you go, you are still asked to wear masks, disinfect hands, sit behind plastic screens and check body temperatures.

Funny, at a major university hospital last week a few times and I didn’t experience that.

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Posted in: Farmers condemn New Zealand's proposed tax on animal burps See in context

I wonder how New Zealanders are going to take to garlic flavored milk.

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Posted in: Court rejects long-stay visa for gay U.S. man married to Japanese See in context

Long term visas are meant for people who have lived here long term. Nothing to do with a long term relationship.

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Posted in: Ex-senior education ministry official gets suspended term over bribe See in context

Not long after I came to Japan, I learned of a system whereby students being interviewed for acceptance at the school and specifically at private medical schools had a packet of money (read bribe) under their application. I asked doctors that I knew about it and they said they yes, it was pretty normal at private medical schools especially if the father was an alumnus. I then got a list of such schools because I wanted to avoid being treated by graduates of these schools. I think that this school was on the list.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context


lower temperatures

lower humidity

safer than uneven pavement/sidewalks

I get using treadmills. Even paying to do so.

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Posted in: Bot battle: The tech that could decide Twitter's Musk lawsuit See in context

I can’t help but wonder if Musk keeps bringing up the bot issue because he has had a large number of bot accounts made.

Using bots as an issue to drive the price down.

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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context


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Posted in: Japan reports 36,189 coronavirus cases See in context

@Reckless Hopefully, the guy with a deep dry cough just has asthma.

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Posted in: Kishida plans reward points system to ease electricity bills See in context

Great! I should be getting a huge decrease going back a long time. Since 2011 and Fukushima, I have kept my electricity usage to a bare minimum so I would not reward TEPCO

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Posted in: Toshiba studying going private as an option See in context

Septim Dynasty

“Akumadari.” Great laugh!

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Posted in: Heard 'absolutely not' able to pay Depp $10.35 million in damages: lawyer See in context

The tapes where she admits to being unable to stop being violent to him did her in. (Along with a lot of lies.) Imagine if there were tapes of any man saying such a thing.

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Posted in: Teen calls police over man she thinks is holding a knife See in context

Let’s be clear. The individual making the call to the police was a teenager. She was a girl.

she was not a woman.

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