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Posted in: Twitter users mobilize to use milk surplus caused by school closures See in context

The article stated: “In Japan, generally speaking, most people only drink raw milk in early childhood when it is served in school lunches.”

This is factually incorrect.

R A W milk is not served in school lunches.

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Posted in: Cruise ship virus cases jump to 175, including quarantine officer See in context

FWIW, I researched sanitizers the other day. I found that 70% alcohol (which is what most available sanitizers are) is not effective in killing bacteria or viruses. Further, if I recall correctly, they need a ten minute contact time which is not likely reached. Evaporation occurs before that time is reached.

A chlorine solution is best. I believe that needed a 10 % concentration and don’t recall the contact time needed.

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Posted in: 3,700 cruise ship passengers, crew face 2-week quarantine off Yokohama See in context

Apologies, I didn’t see that B Jay posted essentially the same thing since I last read these comments.

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Posted in: 3,700 cruise ship passengers, crew face 2-week quarantine off Yokohama See in context

It seems some posters have missed a crucial part of this article. It stated:

“Only 31 results of 273 tests have been received so far, revealing the 10 confirmed cases.”

So, that means 10 people out of 31 tested positive for the new corona virus. Not 10 out of 273. 30% of the people whose test results were finished have tested positive.

And today, another 10 positive results.

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Posted in: 20 virus infections on cruise ship in Yokohama; passengers confined to cabins See in context

@Reckless Removing people who test negative from the boat isn’t a good idea. It has been reported that the test isn’t that accurate yet. People have tested positive, then after some time tested negative and then later tested positive again.

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