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Speaking from experience here, I was able to enter Haneda from LAX in October. I am happy to say that the process was quick and efficient. There was a pcr test for international arrival, and it only took 30 min to get the result, granted I arrived at 5am and there wasn't that many travelers. Once that is cleared, I had to go through custom and immigration as per usual. Once I am out of the custom area I was greeted by this friendly gentleman about free bus ride by the hour that starts at 8am. I took it to Kawasaki station as my self quarantine hotel is located near Kawasaki station. There was less than 10 people in that bus ride and took less than 1hr from Haneda to Kawasaki.

During the self quarantine I was able to walk around to buy food, but not to take train or public transport. I was not able to to eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant (hotel provided washoku bkfast), but I had to eat my meal in my room instead. This is understandable as they need to protect their guess and I respect that. Since I was working remotely from my room, I find the self quarantine to be non-issue and actually better compare to workign remote during LA shutdown since I was able to walk around Kawasaki park, supermarket, etc

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@since1981, I'm in that boat. Family in Japan, meanwhile I'm stuck in US. :(

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@divinda, thanks for additional input. Sadly I don't have any PR or spouse visa as I entered Japan using visa waiver. The moving process was quite troublesome so I didn't put much emphasis on visa (admittedly I took the waiver for granted). I will call the Embassy to get additional color as it's been 5 months since I saw my family last :( Facetime helps, but it's oh so different...

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@Vinke, thank you for the information. Best of luck to you!

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I was in the process of moving my family from LA to Japan in the beginning of this year. My Japanese wife and kids are there now, but before the shut down I had to fly back to US and I am stuck here ever since. I read from IATA that spouse of Japanese national is able to enter... anybody know if this is a true statement? Please note, I don't have PR yet.

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First time dropping a comment here. Sadly, I am currently experiencing this seggregation. While my family is in Japan, I am separated in LA for the last 4 months.

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