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Posted in: 630 cases of violence against train station employees reported in fiscal 2018 See in context

I find it oddly interesting that, the entire article is skewed towards the passenger being the culprit. Lets put some cameras on the trains a monitor the entire situation. I am very curious how many of these altercations may have been instigated by a overzealous employee with an inferiority complex. Simple cameras and big signs that say smile.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing mother after dinner menu argument See in context

I think we are only getting part of the story. 1st we do not if he was previously employed and was laid off, which on more than one occasion have caused people not living with their parents to snap. 2nd, were there any signs that he was capable of this sort of behavior. Good police work and investigative reporting always begin with finding the three main components (M.O.M) MEANS - OPPORTUNITY AND MOTIVE. Given the amount of information in the article we can only presume. In a society which sets standards so high, there are many triggers which can set off the most temperate individual to make an irrational decision in an instant. It is sad that it takes situations such as this to make society take notice and try to develop methodologies to nip these behavior in the bud. In this day and age it is not uncommon for young people to live with their parents, especially in the larger metro areas such as Tokyo where rents are high (Same can be said about New York, LA San Francisco. As a father of 5 children half of whom are multi-ethnic, i would rather have a child of mine living with me rather than on the streets. As a good parent I would do everything within my power while he or she is under my roof, to motivate and assist in moving them to self sustainability. As a former officer in the military and a former member of the Law Enforcement community, I say. (IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM). Be it Tokyo, New York City, or LA, the stories are the same, only the characters are different.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating son 'to discipline' him See in context

The first step is admitting there is a problem. At least the man did not deny it. Next step is to get some anger management help. It wasn't long ago ,in the US, when it was the norm to beat your kids with a belt. I grew up in that culture in the sixties. As a father of 5 children, I can say that they can try your patience from time to time. The threat of physical violence usually work with my kids. Now I will speak very frankly, IF IT MEANS MY SON OR DAUGHTER WILL NOT TURN INTO A SERIAL KILLER, I WILL NOT HESITATE ON WHIPPING THEM. Aside from that scenario there is nothing that a child (Under 18) can do to make me that angry as to beat them. I need only look at myself and remember how I tried to manipulate my parents into getting my way and use that knowledge with my kids. Eventually Japan will become more open to the group dynamic and be more receptive to therapy.

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Posted in: NPA refers record number of child abuse victims to consultation centers in 2012 See in context

There is a handy bit of these abuses in all countries. We have our share in the US. I am glad to see that Japanese society is being more proactive in protecting the childs rights, which I can see that Japan has a dismal record of. I am glad that all my Japanese and US family are supportive of our relatives and would be there in a heartbeat to help. THE EXTENDED FAMILY IS A CONCEPT THAT SHOULD BE NURTURED IN JAPAN. In Hawaii we call it the Ohana

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Posted in: Woman confesses to killing 25-year-old mentally disabled son See in context

This is one of those sad cases where the true culprit is obscured. Sure the mother murdered the son, but there is definately mitigating circumstances. 25 years can and will have an effect on someone. PTSD for one. I am sure that htis was not an arbitrary decision on her part. A 1st year law student could get her off the murder charge. She will most likely be convicted of a lesser offence and sent to a hospital. It is sad, but 25 years will have a psycological effect on on a person. Hope she gets help and RIP for the son.

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Posted in: U.S. to court martial soldier accused of rape after Japanese authorities drop charges See in context

I used to work with the Marine Corp as a lead investigator in these cases and you would not believe how many bogus rape charges are leveled against servicemen. My associate who was in Japanese law enforcement and I had to wade through girls who wanted to party and have sex with the service man, until daddy and mommy found out and threatened to disown them for sleeping with a black man or Gaijin. Two of my subordinates were female and we found it disheartening how cold these women were even when it was discovered that the charges were bogus.

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