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Actually, it's quite beautiful when lit up at night. Chandelier comes to mind.

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Posted in: What are some of the things you like most about living in Japan? See in context

What a nice question JT! And all the positive comments are pleasant to read for a change. Reminds me how much I've taken this country for granted. A positive start to Monday.

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Agree with ReformedBasher, Japan isn't the 'expensive' country as it is reputed to be any longer compared to Australia (Sydney/Melbourne). Prices there are as expensive, if not, more. In Japan, you're also getting a higher level of hospitality, service and convenience for the price.

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@kevinintokyo I agree!

@miyazawa3 I have the same mentality. I usually don't ring my bell at pedestrians if I'm on the pavement; just utilize extra precaution. It's so annoying to have someone from behind ringing their bell at you. Bicycles don't own the pavement.

I try to ride to ride on the road as much as possible but the taxi drivers and scooters are a worry.

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Everybody seems to be focusing their rage on Japan, who to blame, cover-ups and so on (which no doubt existed) but let's not forget that considering what lead to the Fukushima incident was:

An earthquake (one of the biggest ever recorded!) Tsunami Nuclear disaster

Seriously, considering the current situation, I think Japan did and is trying to do well to stem this problem. If this occurred elsewhere in the world, I wonder how well the accident would've been dealt with there?

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should be displayed in Japan's cities this year or should they be canceled or curtailed in order to save electricity? See in context

Agree with all of the above. Japan needs some Christmas cheer!

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What's with all the bashing? To each and their own. A fan's a fan. Who are we to judge? Good for you Ryosuke.

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Had no idea this would happen so suddenly. What a sad day.

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Posted in: What do you think about the government's plan to raise the tobacco tax? See in context

Finally! ;)

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I don't mind the fireball logo mark but the logotype definitely looks like an after thought. It's a challenge to design interesting logotypes in a language that isn't your native.

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I truly hope Noda and his cabinet pulls through, but a 65% approval rating isn't indicative of success. Kan's approval rating was initially the same before it plummeted.

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This is dubious. Lived in Melbourne most my life but not sure I'd name it #1. Again, it's subjective. In comparison to Japan, if you're young and still exploring, Tokyo is the place to be. On the other hand, if you're looking to settle down and start a family etc., Melbourne wins hands down.

Melbourne food is fantastic, but isn't cheap. Shopping is so-so but way too expensive. Cafe culture rocks though!

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I love Apple products too but think consumers should reserve judgement until the Sony products are actually available to play with. I was hoping to get the next iPhone but instead got a Sony Xperia Acro. I'm surprised just how good it is - I love it. On a hardware and feature level, it's got the iPhone beat (for the Japanese market).

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Thumbs up to the agency selling this concept to the client and pulling it off! Too many times have I dealt with conservative management minds not willing to take risks. Now I'll always remember this unknown sushi shop : )

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What's with the sunnies?

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Posted in: Worker crushed to death by slab of concrete at constructon site at Ebisu Station See in context

Sympathies to his family. I use this station and walk pass the construction everyday. Will always feel uneasy from now I think.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko See in context

For some reason this article makes my blood boil. How stupid can some people be; and to lose a child while gambling!!!

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That's impressive!

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Lookin' good JT!

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Very cool. It screams Japan but with funk.

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