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Well, another reason not to pay is that they have been involved in many scandals..such as when Abe (before he was PM) got them to delete a whole segment of a documentary on the war responsibility of Hirohito I recall. It was the court case brought by Women Against Violence in War if I recall correctly. (yeah, i know there ain't no war without violence, but they are a well known anti war group.

And they include mainly talking heads who spout the govt line, the industry line, the Tepco line.

Rare is the report not influenced by the govt. Like the mainstream commercial media, they are tethered to their Kisha Club handlers at the various ministries.

About 10 years ago, they even had a pro Chinese gov line in their Business programming (for political reasons) and reporters who did not tow the line were no longer reporters.

In the 1980s a host giving a talk on Chinese travel/history was told not to bring up anything on the war, even though his was not a news or political show, as if that mattered.

Yes, they do have the occasional good program. more often on educational. And more so when it involves a non Japan issue. But on Japan, they tend to come down very hard on the side of gov.

In short, there are reasons not to pay. Open defiance may be the most honorable , though the leftist lawyer i spoke to said we should all pay and send petitions, but that is because he is a member of a political party that one day hopes to be in power and despite being left of center, is not comfortable with civil disobedience. I think such disobedience is justified, but this being Japan, you are dealing with a criminal justice system that is not going to take such arguments into account, and it will be a very lonely and expensive protest--this is not Occupy Wall Street.

That said, there are many many activists and others who are fed up with NHK for numerous reasons and they tend to use a variety of arguments. but the only legal one, so far, is saying you do not have a TV..

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Posted in: NHK to reduce monthly subscription fees See in context

lawyer friend says

"1) Before a court case, one could refuse as they were legally mandated to collect, but you were not legally mandated to pay.

2) Now only I HAVE NO TV works. Because they are not legally allowed to enter your home/

3) They do not even know who you are. If you have no name on your door, they just check the records for if your address has paid. The old resident may have moved. So best to not have identifying info on your door or mailbox.

4) if you say NHK SUCK or you hate their politics or you do not watch, this is not ok legally-won't protect you. So best course is 2) that you have no TV and no computer either so you cannot watch online.

He did not say about 1Seg TV tuners on cell phones. But I would assume deny, deny, deny.

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