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Posted in: Guam stays calm; dismisses N Korean threat See in context

I am convinced it will happen in my lifetime ( so I'll try to live as long as I can for you guys' sake ). It is unsustainable for NK. They don't have the wealth and the oppressive religion like say... Saudi Arabia. Places like Cambodia and Myanmar are finally changing, and rapidly progressing. The NK people should eventually wake up to what they are going to miss out on for another few decades...

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How can people be so irresponsible as to believe private taxis are going to solve something?  The average Japanese taxi driver is over 50 and makes peanuts.  A large number would be forced to quit and then they would be a shortage of taxis.  Are you seriously going to get up at 3 am to drive some stranger around?  No way.  The Jap. Government will never allow Uber or another home grown company to destroy the established taxi industry.

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Posted in: Canada to set up border camp as number of asylum seekers swells See in context

Refugee status is not given to foreigners who flee an illegal situation in one country and enter yours.  What will they say, that they were hiding out in the U.S. for fear of being deported all those years?  And now that the likelihood of being exposed, caught, and actually deported is very real, they up and walk to the next land and expect to have no problems?  from the pan to the fire ( except that Canadians are sooo nice and kind they just might have a better time of it and be sent home.

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Posted in: France, UK, Japan want speedy vote on new N Korea sanctions See in context

Japan will change its constitution and surround the oceans around them ( with the aid of the South ) and once again they will reign over the peninsula. Doesn't Japan still have the best destroyers ( Regis) so expensive no one else can afford to buy them...

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Posted in: Koike says 2020 Paralympics will determine aging Tokyo's fate See in context

if Tokyo is full of old people, I'll eat my hat! Tokyo is the big magnet that attracts the nation's youth,  bleeding out the countryside.  I love the country life (no noise or congestion and freezing, cold, well water ) but cities and towns are dying off, with local economies that cannot support the circulation of funds to keep businesses alive and growing.

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Posted in: Abe says he'll focus on bread-and-butter issues such as jobs See in context

Stop the outsourcing of labor. Japanese society has a lot to lose with millions on temporary work contracts being renewed  indefinitely.  The ALT industry is a pathetic example.  Hire real teachers and give them real work.  Place us natives into multi-media rooms or Art/theatre programmes at Primary school. Cut out the middlemen gangsters who take a cut on everyone's monthly salary.  For foreign workers it is a straight slap in the face for those of us who hope to settle here.  English teachers should walk out (go home) and create a shortage.  Seriously, I am fed up waiting!  Imagine that supermarkets were to charge admission to enter and shop...you would turn your back laughing! It is a downward spiral for most foreigners- not to mention the Jap. nationals who have no other country to run back to.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy left in car dies from heatstroke See in context

No sympathy for the woman, but suicide watch for sure.  The boy, docile in the backseat, waiting a second time for grandma to take him to Kinder.  She never re-emerged from the house and that was his doom ( after he succumbed to the heat and passed out ).  My opinion is that it is extremely urgent to legislate that all small children be seated in the front passenger seat (facing backward), and all modern vehicles be equipped with an off switch for the airbag.  You will never forget a child sitting next to you.  You will chat and make eye contact.

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Posted in: Living healthily, learning more could cut dementia cases by a third See in context

'the cost of  already $818 billion a year'  Reduce loneliness and isolation AND the profits.  Bring in the canni-cure and setup hippie communes, mixes bathing/saunas.  Pool resources- both financial and volunteer. Accelerate home schooling and eliminate competitive testing/placement.  Now that would be a world virtually devoid of environmentally/socially created dementia.  Now, Gnight while I go have a smoke and play some screamin' guitar. Ha!  Life's too short, my man.

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Posted in: Thousands ordered to evacuate as heavy rains hit northeast Japan See in context

I have seen these heavy rain disasters since 2001.  All instances involved dams and the risk of them overflowing.  The existence of dams has greatly reduced overall fear of flooding (because the rivers always appear calm), and brings on the panic when they suddenly decide to release the floodwaters ( to protect the dam).  Still, the oldens talk of a 15 or 30 years since they saw such a disaster last. 

World weather is definitely changing.  I just can't believe that we are responsible. Let's give nature an identity and gender; she is trying to move us to extinction!  Or if you prefer to believe in God's wrath, then that might appease you better .

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Posted in: Japan launches telework to ease congestion, reform work culture See in context

I remember my friend said ' they are just pretending to have work to do'.  I spent days afterward peering across at other staff ( BOE ) wondering 'are they also checking their auction page'? Ha!  Can't imagine people wasting time in a competitive money-making environment, though...

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Posted in: Elderly couples want to do things but can't get their 'parasite' children off their hands See in context

The problem is largely the laundering of employment, coupled with a pampering in education ( all the while pushing exams and testing to the hilt).

Three necessary changes over here:

Move to a bi-monthly paycheck system.

Expand HelloWork  (to eliminate the scumbag middle-men taking continuous cuts on people's salaries).

Enforce that fourth-time contract renewals will be without end dates.

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context

StrangerlandJuly 20 04:07 pm JSTOf course it is a choice.

What a ridiculous statement. When did you choose to be heterosexual?

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I'll take on that question. At birth.

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Posted in: New Zealander's death puts mental patients' restraint in Japan under spotlight See in context

I cried and wrote a long emotional post then accidentally deleted the best part, so I gave up on it. Here goes with this new one...

The focus should be on JET bureaucrats and the J government which will surely be responsible enough to pay the family a deserved compensation.

It is OK to recover and move abroad and teach children. The issue in my mind is support, not just medication- which was unfortunately stopped.

How many of us long-timers decide to stay on when maybe it was time to go home? A lot I think. Let's realise the need for support- over and above family. Friends are vital ( not Japanese friends, but same-nation ones or commonwealth ones). Make an effort to accept others who are trying to live over here. It is normal that that compatriot of yours, however strange or irritating he/she may be, wants to hang out and become friends. Make the effort people. Don't slander, back-stab, ridicule someone just because you think they are a weirdo or back home loser. It's just pathetic.  No matter how cool or gorgeous or clever you feel you yourself are, understand now that the tables could one day be turned to strap YOU down. Effects of isolation, loneliness, or depression creep up slow enough to catch us all unguarded and unprepared.

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Posted in: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight See in context


"The books explore what it means to be transgender and the personal experiences of people who take steps to transition from the sex they were assigned at birth and "your options when you feel like your physical sex is out of sync with who you are."

...is truly a great focus for this huge issue.  Do you see it?  " the sex they were assigned at birth" .  Really?  By God? or by Mommie?  I don't know who is responsible for the wording in that publication/book, but what  a  can of worms! Let's go fishing then, eh?   I will try not to be too cynical, but it will be hard...

-Yes, you have options, but only when you feel like it.

-Out of sync, or maybe you feel like something is pushin' you outta groove, like when my record needle gets all the dust and won't play my music clear.

OK,OK I'm sorry.  Let's just fix it then:

transition from their sex at birth and " those individuals' potential choices" OR "empowering them to explore choices" to feel happy , safe, secure, etc with who they are, not only physically, but as a whole person, perhaps even with a new sex ( meaning visible or functioning organs) .  Functioning of course won't ever mean for reproduction ( unless original uterus/gonads are retained).  To put it crudely: function to appease or please

Again, sorry for the cynical interlood.  Decided not to edit out...

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Posted in: Chinese gov't ships enter Japan waters where never seen before See in context

The Japanese forces don't have experience shooting anymore, but they are the best equipped and trained force in the world.  Real prosperity and real peace in Japanese society creates the best conditions for the attainment of top level research, happiness, etc.  No comparison to the brainwashed N Korean soldiers parading like 1930's fascists

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

Just a quick opinion for those who feel hanging is particularly cruel.  Lethal injection may arguably be the least cruel, but historic ways of killing that include bullet to the head and gas and beheading, are clearly much more traumatic.  So, a body falls a fair distance, then the spinal cord (neck) and all the nerves are instantly severed, leaving the brain in an intact and painless state...last thoughts anyone.  We are not talking about pulling someone up slowly to cause choking and asphyxiation. Well, maybe beheading is the best, but it is damn messy...

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Posted in: Sixth MOX nuclear shipment leaves France for Japan See in context

threw smoke bombs at the convoy shortly before it arrived at the port. BEFORE IT ARRIVED...O.K.?  I don't like greenpeace, but I respect; even that act of throwing stuff, like a stink bomb...very dangereux!

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Posted in: EU, Japan seal free trade deal in signal to Trump See in context

We now have New Zealand pizza cheese with prices at 1 to 1 ( 500Yen for 500 grams )  Basically, cheese is not cheap- even in France.  But I want a good selection of cheese, and if you are looking at an international cheese counter AND prices are comparable to local brands, cheese lovers ( few and far between) will surely choose the French and Dutch and Italian products.  The only real cheese I see is Hokkaido camembert (100g) at 400Yen...and then a thin slice of Brie for 800.  A very, very thin slice.

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Posted in: Man arrested for letting child steer car while driving See in context

Driving an automatic with two feet?  Can't you chew gum and talk at the same time? And I don't agree with mandatory airbags. The sound is deafening apparently

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Posted in: Canada creates 'super' watchdog for spy agencies See in context


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Posted in: Half of students find primary school English education less than useful: survey See in context

Multiple guessing, Mr. Beckett. That's funny! 

It's all about time and resources ( time being the best of all resources) and the fact there is not enough of it going round. And no one in places of power or influence wish to allot more time to second language learning. Simple. and things won't change. ever.

Back to guessing, now that is the essential task of early learning.

Daddy:  "Daddy wants another chocolate. Can you reach one for me"?

Baby:     Here.

Older Baby:   Mommy says no more chocklet for daddy.

Yet older baby:  'cause mommy things daddy's gotten too chubby!

No time for the ALTs (foreign workers, possibly unqualified and dubious ) to attempt any communicative exercises to reinforce understanding.  'We' can't easily be intrusted with the future of these kids.  And culturally, Japanese students learn to put up a guard to their natural curiosity and  to unactivate an inquisitive mind.  By the time they are 12, it's mostly too late.

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut suicide rate by 30% in 10 years See in context

I read comments, then actually read the article.  Very troubling tone throughout the comments.  I find no problem whatsoever with the articles contents.  Of the commenters above who live in Japan, I would suggest we all take a good hard look at the seed of discontent that might possibly be growing in our guts...

this is ON TOPIC friends, because this kind of article should not bring out people's cynicism.  Living with anguish and in despair on a daily basis is much worse than experiences and feelings of loss or grief or loneliness.  Heartless attitudes are not wanted here.

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Posted in: Light cigarettes linked to specific form of lung cancer See in context

People may be careless to smoke, but they are even more so by not snapping that filter of the end.  who needs it? Next remove the paper and the glue. Lastly, find an organic brand. Much less harm.

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Posted in: Female-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings set off online complaints See in context

I can't stop myself to tease the guys who complain.  Just imagine that we could hang out opposite the theatre and watch all those costumed fans leaving after the movie. "oh! Hey! yah!  maybe we can benefit from letting our partners half a great night out on the town together.  Think of exclusive poker night and strip clubs that have and will exist endlessly. And let us be reminded of those midnight cult showings of the rocky horror show.  I rest my case. p.s.  i'd like to be the papa babysitter in the baby booth just out of curiosity ...

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Posted in: English education to start for 3rd graders from FY 2018 See in context

I'm still up tonite and grateful for the above posts. Gotta start with PROSODY. Wow, am I humbled! Did not, did not ever know that word ( now I don't deserve to ever be pedantic again, ha ). Then I was blown away by: like proposing vodka to improve your driving skill because beer isn't doing the job. Pure comic genius. OK now, here comes my two bits... firstly, the article is inspiring where it states that Music and Phys.Ed. can be taught under the new guidelines. Transitional guidelines, but still doesn't that mean teaching music in English? Basketball by the ALT? This-if true- is what I have always said, don't worry about more English taking away from Home Ec., etc. Just teach more classes IN English!  Now I will be contra-versable-ing.  Does not the article inspire us natives? More work down the pike, right? And reading on face value, it certainly sounds like they are finally pushing for a proper approach to it all, right?  Maybe not.  'cause I have read articles like this back in 2003 ( when I was teaching to all grades by the way).  So, for fifteen years almost, I have been promised future change leading to a solid, serious career at the primary school level.  Do you think, though, that I have found it? No no, far from it.  More power to the red devil first ( um, that's us ). Then, don't interfere until about three years have past so we can observe/confirm that my way has triumphed...if not show me the highway.

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Posted in: Repaying the dolls See in context

The dolls are talisman for protection.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' bill set to proceed after no-confidence motion fails See in context

Oh my god! it must be true! Now I know why I almost never see patrol cars when driving around ( 1500 km per month ).  The cops are all IT experts busy with blurry red eyes day in and day out trying to nab anyone for thought crimes... P.S.  I do see cops driving around sometimes between 3 to 5 watching out for school kids...and they do there best to patrol the parks after midnight, again to protect the vulnerable. Japan is arguably the safest country on the globe....

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Posted in: France tries to keep Macron email hack from distorting election See in context

I wanna believe CrazyJoe is being sarcastic...and it's vive la France, not viva!   Macron the Oedipus candidate! Ha that is so true.  He has no convictions.  He was too young at seventeen ( still almost 16 y.o. really ) to understand the world of love/romance.  His then teacher should have been thrown out on her ass...  Does anyone really want such a foolish man-child to be President of France? Oh my god!  And then all you educated ones simply throw out to very strategic words: racialism and facism

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Posted in: Macron, Le Pen clash in bad-tempered French pre-election TV showdown See in context

That last sentence citing a poll is hilarious! Macron has no party to speak of.  Le Pen is an experience member of the European Parliament for crissake!  He has rich and powerful backers.    'the latest secret poll puts Le Pen at over 66 percent"! She must be the antichrist, by god... Racism is a Trotsky-invented term to bring down the community; historically tight-knit local communities.  The is nothing wrong with promoting your own, the ones who have persevered and become French; assimilation.  

The faceless global village needs a new chief! Enough with the wage slave.  Bring back support for the co-operative and give power back to the locals.  She has a very brave stance against the Euro for god's sake. That certainly scares the rich and the retiring, but the blue collar and truly well educated ( he is a pampered mama's boy) will a lot of them take a risk this time, I think.  The two hundred Franc bill was a work of art.  Bring it back.  We just might then be able to buy a place in the Riviera, Ha!

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

Can't resist suggesting that that alarm be used for prompting other kinds of behavior, like, mm, and mm and, well you get the picture I hope...a pretty picture indeed!  Love hotel, anyone? ( ya, ya. I said I couldn't resist...)

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