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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

I wish Ariana Miyamoto good luck on this.

I'm with her all the way!

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Posted in: Entrance exams See in context

@Saiaku & @GW:

I would have to agree. Japanese students in Japan have it a lot worse than American students over here in America.

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Posted in: Obama scolds Sony; vows U.S. response to N Korean cyberattack See in context

Sorry, but Obama doesn't know what he's talking about.

Sony didn't cancel "the interview," every major theater in America cancelled their showings. THEN Sony cancelled the movie.

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

Wow. You just can't trust anything made from China nowadays.

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

China thinks she is powerful, but she is not. A powerful country don't feel the necessity to say bad things about other nation all time. I see Japan as a strong nation. I say Japan is strong because only a strong nation could have enough patience with a country like PRC. Chinese made negative image of themselves by making anti-Japanese protests, yet Japanese in Japan didn't attack Chinese stores in Yokohama Chinatown. While one side(China) wants to make provocation, another side(Japan) doesn't really care about their silly claims.

The truth of matter, nobody cares about China and nobody really trust on China. The whole Asia have more trust on Japan than PRC.

Exactly. I'm sick & tired of China bashing Japan for every little agenda of theirs.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for beating 10-month-old daughter See in context

Someone needs to beat the parents senseless (or at least, the girl's father) for what they did to that poor little girl.

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Posted in: Russian woman throws 4-year-old son from ship into lake See in context

I suppose the thought never occurred to you that maybe, just MAYBE, the husband could be to blame?

WTF? How is he to blame for what his wife did to their child?

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Posted in: Mother gets 30 years for letting 2 kids starve to death See in context

My answer to this: Good.

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Posted in: Father dies sheltering 9-year-old daughter from blizzard See in context


Bad decision or not he was able to save his daughter and in my mind is a HERO!

I definitely agree!

Though without her mother or her father, who will look after the poor girl? I hope that she has friends or other family members to take her in.

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors admit raping Okinawan woman See in context

Idiots. Just...idiots.

Why the hell does the U.S. Military keeps recruiting people like them?

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Posted in: Japan says it will join child abduction treaty See in context


Japanese court gives the child rearing responsibility to the mother in almost all occasion in Japan, Japanese or not. When the child turns 18 he/she can choose.

Now that's just crazy & ridiculous. Not all women are good mothers to their children. All children need fathers in their lives as well, divorced or not.

Some laws like this in Japan definitely needs fixing.

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Posted in: 14.8% of Japanese housewives claim to have committed adultery See in context


Gotta love the double standard, its the guys fault if the woman cheats but if the guy cheats well its the guys fault.

Yeah. It's nonsense. Not all women are completely innocent.

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Posted in: 14.8% of Japanese housewives claim to have committed adultery See in context


So they cheat on the guy that is their only source of income? Smart ladies, smart.

Can we please stop paying for their health care and pension now? This is disgusting. If you don't want to be married or want to have sex other guys, get a divorce. Oh right, then you'd need a job.

Better yet, if women (& especially men) want to keep flirting with other men/women, & want to have sex with multiple men /women, then they shouldn't bother entering in a relationship or to get married in the first place.

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Posted in: Gov't apologizes to Fukushima residents for sloppy decontamination work See in context


Why is the apology only limited to Fukushima residence? The rest of the country is suffering as well from all of this.

Is anyone surprised? You hire yakuza to do the work, it doesn't get done, it gets discovered, no punishments... How many times have similar things like this happened? Far too many which is why none of the foreigners I have spoken to about this are surprised. Japan Inc. killing itself one slow step at a time.

I agree. I don't know why any of them won't truly take responsibility for all of this & to learn to handle the situation the right way.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

Wow, so many Japanese readers with a lot of dislikes of words, phrases, etc. that most of us Americans use. I'm African-American myself, but wow, LMAO.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015, says Ryukyu University professor See in context


Good bet, if it doesn't, you get 10,000 yen, if it does, that money is worth nothing anyway!

Agreed. 10,000 Japanese yen is really only about $114 U.S. dollars.

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Posted in: Big business lobbies back Abe See in context


You can start by lowering already overly high priced products on the domestic market. Abe is living in a dream world if he thinks people around the world are willing to pay 50,000 yen for 1 strawberry.

Not only that, but Japan should consider lowering prices on other things like video games, & DVD's & Blu-Ray's of animes, movies, & Toku shows. Here in the U.S., we get them for much cheaper.

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Posted in: LG begins sales of next-generation TV See in context


While OLED is fine for smartphones (which tend to get replaced every three or four years), I wonder about its use in a TV - especially one that is going to be so expensive. OLED devices have an issue where the blue emitters have a shorter lifespan than the other two colors. The blue emitters are reduced in brightness by half after 14,000 hours of use (5 years at 8 hours of use a day). Are you going to start replacing your TV every five years (assuming you wait for the blue to deteriorate that much)?

Agreed. If you're going to be buying a OLED HDTV, you have to make sure that your emitters are either Green or Red. Otherwise, you'll have to replace them constantly throughout every five years, which means more money wasted.

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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

Happy to no longer live in the USA. Thank you Japan for having gun control.

Completely agree. If I ever have the money, I'd move to another country somewhere else like Japan in a heartbeat.

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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context


Oh dear such vengeful and hate-filled hearts on this board "give them nothing!", "let em hang without warning!" -feels like a "time-slip" back to the middle-ages.

We live in the 21st century where governments role is not to seek revenge and vengeance and act out of a cruel and primitive eye-for-an-eye mind-set. The system in Japan is nigh on torture; solitary confinement and no warning of your impending execution.

Amnesty international have appealed to the Japanese government for years to implement more humane practice in their prisons.

This is what the society in my country that I live in (the U.S.), & everywhere else needs to learn.

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Posted in: NRA chief defends call for armed guards at schools See in context

I think that this is a bad idea in general. And just where are they going to get the funding for all of those guards? Do they even realize how much money will cost this country to have armed guards at every Elementary, Middle, & High school?

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Posted in: NRA calls for armed police officer in every school See in context

LOL. My country (the U.S.) & the NRA has gone down the deep end more sooner than I thought.

You want to truly solve this problem? Have stricter gun control & stricter gun policies like Japan & some other countries do. That way, they'll be less gun deaths!

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Posted in: NRA breaks silence, pledges to help prevent future gun massacres See in context


I am angry about the response from NRA today.

NRA is now recommending a law enforcement (police) at all public shcools in USA. How about private schools? How about churches? How about theaters? How about shopping centers? How about public buildings?

More guns is not the answer. We want all Assualt Automatic Weapons out from hands of citizens. We want to feel safe. This got to be stopped, PERIOD.

I agree. Either have strict gun control in the U.S. like some other countries do (like Japan & Singapore does), &/or ban guns from the U.S. completely.

Little to no guns = Little to no deaths.

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

I feel sorry for those 8 adults & those 20 children caught up in this nonsense crossfire, as well as those children's parents, who aren't ever going to see them grow up into teenagers/adults, who aren't going to ever see them graduate from high school &/or college, & who aren't going to grow up to get married &/or have children of their own one day in the future. They're gone from this planet forever.

My prayers goes out to everyone involved in this horrible tragedy. This is why IMO, they should either have stricter gun laws in every state, make it impossible for anyone to grab one (like have the guns strictly locked down in a specific area tightly), or have them banned from the U.S. completely.

And to the guy that killed himself, I say, good riddance to you, because you sure doesn't deserve to live after for what you had done. Rot in hell, scumbag.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese children at Connecticut school reported safe See in context

@akkk1 & @hobart_mark:

I would have to agree with both of you. It's times like this incident & others that makes me ashamed to be an American & would want to move away from America as fast as possible.


I agree. I think that everyone involved in that school should transfer to other elementary schools.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

Wow. Thank goodness that I live in the USA. I feel very sorry for you guys, I really do.

These companies need to grow up & adapt to the changes. Otherwise, the entire Japanese music industry will crumble altogether.

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