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Logic comments

Posted in: China's imports, exports fall again in July See in context

I doubt it.

sangetsu03, how can you even come back against such a sound statement backed up with logical reasoning?

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Posted in: Spats over doping dominate Olympic swimming events See in context

How would people feel if Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt?


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Posted in: Swimming's best sister act carries Aussies to relay gold See in context

Ye, as in the girl whose race time in the London Olympics was just too good to be true and was thus labelled a drug cheat. Now someone else has swum faster, but since she's not Chinese.....

I remember this! It's true, the double standards are unreal.

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Posted in: China demand apology for Australian swimmer's doping dig See in context

World demands apology from China for ruining tourist spots the world over and embarrassing the human race by behaving like cockroaches.

That's, like, pretty racist. I guess when it comes to China it's fair game though. Gotta keep up the 'ol West/East divide even during an event meant to unite the world.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S., Japan, Australia for 'fanning' tensions See in context

U.S., Japan and Australia - three countries with no territorial interests in the area. The Permanent Court of Arbitration - an administrative organization consisting of four Europeans and one American (no Asians), that the U.S. refuses to recognize when a decision went against them.

Are you perhaps implying that the three countries really are fanning tensions, whilst ignoring the bait that reduces people to responding with blind knee-jerk reactions? How dare you analyse this particular situation calmly with an objective eye!

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Posted in: Video hints Japan abetting illegal ivory trade: conservationists See in context


Guess you didn't read this part of the article.

“While China is busting criminals smuggling tons of illegal ivory tusks from Japan, no enforcement action is taken by Japan to prosecute ivory traders facilitating illegal ivory exports,” said Danielle Grabiel, EIA senior policy analyst.

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Posted in: Kishida says China's maritime expansion making world 'worried' See in context


Thanks for bringing this up. Surprised this hasn't made the news here on JT.

@Kobe White Bar Owner


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Posted in: 910,000 new recruits start work across Japan See in context

@Lorem ipsum: you would be paid 3-4 times that overseas is the point.

While I agree with everyone that the Japanese system needs to change, thinking that new grads earn even close to this much on average overseas is a little silly.

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Posted in: Mining to dining: Australia becomes China's land of milk and honey See in context

China is not all of Asia, "Asians" haven't made the news for buying out stocks of baby milk in other counties out of fear of products in tmade in their own counties. China has. Get it straight, And who is texas daddy?

I never said China was all of Asia. Please read again. The article is technically correct as China is a part of Asia. Do you get upset when people call Japanese, "Asians"?

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Posted in: Mining to dining: Australia becomes China's land of milk and honey See in context

AFP doesn't know the difference between "Asian" and "Chinese". What other country is fearful of the safety of milk and other consumable products made in their own country?

And here I was, thinking China was a part of Asia. Thanks for setting me straight, Texas Daddy.

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Posted in: Historic S Korea-Japan deal stumbles over statue See in context

Can you imagine if Poland erected a statue of a starving little boy in concentration camp garb in front of the German Embassy there? Why is it okay to constantly rub Japan's wartime past in its face with this statue?

Might be because prominent members of the Japanese government keep denying that there were such things as "Comfort" Women whilst the Germans are honest with their war guilt?

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Posted in: Japan to step up help for Vietnamese maritime security See in context


China threat is overrated.

Wow, actual evidence! I like the way you do things.

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Posted in: Chinese film on WWII summit lambasted online for distorting history See in context

Thanks, man. I have no idea why it's getting so many down-votes. Other than that on this site, any time I say anything remotely positive toward any aspect of China, it gets loads of down-votes.

Just China bashing swinging into high gear, nothing to be concerned about. It's them, not you.

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Posted in: Chinese film on WWII summit lambasted online for distorting history See in context


A great, underrated post.

The Chinese trying to glorify and change their past isn't anything new, but it's citizens calling the government out on it isn't something that is reported often here.

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Posted in: South Korea, Japan resume annual defense talks See in context

Why don't you use Google as I did in doing a search?

Michael Yon is his name and here is a link to a recent article.


Michael Yon? Maybe you should educate yourself via other sources.....


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Posted in: Pentagon chief warns against militarization of territorial rows in Asia See in context

FrancescoB, I commend you on your balanced view amongst a sea of China bashers.

As people seem to always forget, it takes two to tango.

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Posted in: Japan, France, Germany in running for Australian submarine deal See in context

Is lachance a time traveler?

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Posted in: China's January trade surplus a record high as exports slump See in context

If they stop manipulating their currency to keep it artificially low that will slow their economy, time they played the game fairly.

The irony

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Posted in: Japan seeks Jordan's help in gaining hostage's release See in context

@Oxygenated - Those lives are at risk already.

They are on a crusade against anyone who is not with them, there are no innocents in their eyes. It does not matter if you do not give them money, they have their own means of funding. If they do not get funding, they will use crude methods to carry out their acts. They are people willing to put their lives on the line for their ideology, just so long as they can take down even one of the "enemy".

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Posted in: Japan seeks Jordan's help in gaining hostage's release See in context

@Oxygenated - Thats the thing though, instead of capturing them they will simply kill them. These aren't people who are killing innocents for money. They are killing people based on an ideology. The money is only an opportunistic grab.

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Posted in: Japan seeks Jordan's help in gaining hostage's release See in context

Here is a question to all who think paying the ransom is a bad idea:

If ISIS kills anybody they capture anyway, and if they capture (and subsequently kill) anybody who is not part of ISIS, why are people any safer if a ransom is paid or not?

Surely, the only difference is that right now the lives have a chance of being saved?

If it is made clear to them that these lives have no value, they will be killed immediately.

A lot of the arguments being made are that if ransom is paid, people will be kidnapped left right and centre. But those who have been executed have all been caught in ISIS controlled areas. Surely the best solution would simply to not go to those areas?

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