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Posted in: Watch out for groups with 'a hidden religious agenda,' warns education ministry See in context

Most if not all religious claims all fall apart when you say 2 words. "Prove it"

Religions just try to control people through fear.

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Posted in: Is McDonald’s Japan’s new tandoori chicken curry McNugget sauce better with naan? See in context

It's not bad. I still prefer the mustard sauce though.

It's funny how people trash talk Mikky D but somehow they've sold billions of burgers. That means someone is eating there lol!

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Posted in: Superhero fatigue? Not for third 'Guardians' film See in context

Too much CGI hurts your head? Are you one of those guys who shivers and pretends it's cold when it clearly isn't cold too?

The movie was a great send off to these Guardians. All the characters exist in other MCU stories. They will all be back in one way or another.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister insults Biden, slams defense agreement with Seoul See in context

She might want to look at how this nonsense worked out for Ghadaffi.

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Posted in: 'Fatal Attraction' series attempts to balance affair blame See in context

Does she cook the bunny in this one too?

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Posted in: 8,000 steps once or twice a week cuts mortality risk: study See in context

Not sure JT is the best place for "scientific studies".

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Posted in: Man indicted in wake of viral video of him licking soy sauce bottle See in context

Throw the book at him. Make an example of him.

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Posted in: Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America See in context

Can we put all the evangelicals in the red states? That might work...

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Posted in: Japan egg prices soar amid record 16 mil bird flu cullings See in context

Factory farming animals is the cause of this outbreak

Asserting things without evidence does not make it true.

You might as well have said chicken feathers are the cause of the outbreak

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Posted in: 75-year-old woman arrested for strangling common-law husband See in context

What did he say to her to make her snap?

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Posted in: Japan OKs bill to reform sexual offense charge, raise age of consent See in context

Any improvement in this law is a step forward.

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns N Korea ready to act against U.S., S Korea See in context

The influential sister of North Korea's leader warned Tuesday that her country is ready to take "quick, overwhelming action" against the United States and South Korea

Sounds like they wasnt scare us with their Circa 1953 military technology And all their adorable medals.

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Posted in: The dwindling birthrate and aging of the population are gradually progressing in Okinawa. We will be closely watching the figures to determine if the natural decline is temporary. See in context

Okinawa is difficult to live in as a foreigner. Regardless of your look or actual job, everyone will think and treat you like you're in the military. Unfortunately, that means that sustaining a civilian lifestyle in Okinawa is not appealing. Visiting Okinawa is fun. Living there is a whole other thing.

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Posted in: Amazon's Zoox robotaxis take to California roads See in context

If people don't think the automation of truck, taxi and driving jobs will incur massive social upheavals under the current late stage capitalism system where drivers are pressed to the limit to maximize profits for investors; you have got another thing coming.

Right! Something happened to stagecoach drivers.

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Posted in: Japan suspects China flew 3 spy balloons over territory in 2019-2021 See in context

Payload" implies a weapon, and no one has accused China of this, with the exception of you it seems. It also escalates the rhetoric by even inferring such a thing, hence no one, well no one that matters anyway, making that assumption.

I think a pro-china asset would never post that.

Also F16s have cannons already. Firing them over land, even if unpopulated isnt safe. Some air to air projectiles are radioactive due to the hardened material they are made with.

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Posted in: Report: TikTok promoting posts about eating disorders, suicide See in context

I noticed yesterday that about every 4th video on Tiktok was about unaliving oneself.

I hope thatbif someone out there is in that situation, that they seek help and speak to someone.

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Posted in: 'Call of Duty' to be released on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft says See in context

Call of Duty is a great game. The newest on MWII is a fantastic addition to the franchise. I've haven't owned a Nintendo product since the Playstation 1 came out. I thnk adding a great game like COD would be good for the platform.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested for selling 290 porn DVDs in Osaka’s Airin district See in context

Victimless crime.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to raise prices on 60% of menu items See in context

Billions served, so somebody is eating these burgers. Lots of people on here are full of BS when they say they don't eat it.

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Posted in: Mayweather easily beats MMA fighter Asakura in Japan exhibition See in context

Next up, Mayweather vs waiter from Gusto!


Best boxer EVER vs a non boxer... who do you think is going to win?

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Posted in: Street poet uses words to cure ills of abusive religious upbringing See in context

You are doing a bad thing against God."

What's a god? Can it be measured? Is there any evidence for it? No? So what's the difference between no evidence, can't be tested or measured and nonexistent?

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Posted in: Bezos rocket crashes after liftoff; only experiments aboard See in context

What's Amazon's return policy on broken rockets?

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Posted in: Sapporo to restart brewing Yebisu beer in Tokyo's Ebisu after 35 years See in context

Sapporo black label is my go to beer. Yebisu is good but has a sweet after taste. Do you know about "Lucky Yebisu"? The normal one the little character on the logo is holding 1 fish. On a Lucky Yebisu, he is holding up 2 fish!

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Posted in: Tropicana’s Japanese licensee in hot juice for cartons that boast '100% Melon Taste' See in context

In Japan, fruit drinks with 100% fruit juice can show a cross section of the fruit on the packaging.

If it is not 100% said fruit juice they are only allowed to show the whole fruit. In this case, that's what they did. They won't get in any trouble in the end.

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Posted in: Republican congressman: Sitcom with Danny DeVito as voice of Satan is 'evil' See in context

This reeks of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. I think that belief in magic and magical thinking should be automatic disqualifiers for people who what jobs where they get to make decisions for other people.

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Posted in: Have you found that your smartphone has gotten you into the habit of spending more time checking work messages or reading work-related materials or emails in your “off” time at home? See in context

When you agreed to work for a company you agreedbon hours and compensation. Do exactly what you're hired to do and paid to do. If you do extra work for free, you're not only screwing your own work/life balance, you're screwing other people's as well.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 148 calls to 110 emergency number See in context

He should have stopped at 147.

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context

Soooo what happens to Mr. Sharp-shooter?

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Posted in: More U.S. states ban abortion as Democrats push back See in context

The religious nuts won't be happy until they've forced human rights and Equality back to the 1930s.

A severe lack of education and understanding of science drives their ignorance and makes them want to push their magical beliefs on to everyone.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' spy thriller 'Andor' explores galaxy's murky underworld See in context

No one has seen it yet. So how many other times do you comment and literally not kkow what you're talking about?

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