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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

Woh, they look so happy. This picture reminds me of my childhood when I also went to swimming with my friends in our village's river.

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Posted in: Mitama Festival at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

i think this is one of the best thing Japan have.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

whatever it takes, please preserve J culture.

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Posted in: Teamwork See in context

Both countries would like to get an early start on protecting their sovereignty againts China's aggression.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for sending death threats to idol See in context

In Japan have many situation likes this. The men who want to be with his idol forever thinks that died together is only way.

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Posted in: Pleased to meet me See in context

Welcome back Mrs.Saya Takagi. I think your best jobs is a actress.

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Posted in: Body art See in context

i think it is good performance.

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Posted in: NSK demonstrates walking support robot for visually impaired See in context

This tech will help many people who couldn't see .Hope it passes the exam.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 22 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

The murder had been premeditated but police hadn't known it as soon as enough. The poor girl's family should have visited the police more early so this nightmare would not have happened.

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Posted in: Justice Ministry to test facial recognition software at Narita, Haneda airports See in context

A good and useful software.

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Posted in: Eye on the ball See in context

He would be a good football player.

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Posted in: 39 prefectures record highest temperatures so far this year See in context

I always see the advertisement of Pepsi when the temps go high

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Posted in: Summer fun See in context

what a beautiful face he had

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Posted in: Nursing home employee arrested for beating elderly resident See in context

This work seemed a hard work for this guy. The serious injuries told us that he didn't like the elderly woman , he chose the way to relax by beating a elderly women .So why that nursing home hired this man ? They must have been careful when employed a man for this work.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after 5-month-old son dies in car while she plays pachinko See in context

what a nightmare for this family . The women knew her child was in the car, she was interested in her game and took no care of her baby .So stupid she did. RIP little guy.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected in Aomori high school girl's death See in context

I think she shouldn't done like that .There is always another way ...

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