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Loh Chee Leong comments

Posted in: China deploys missiles on disputed South China Sea island: report See in context

"In a joint statement, Obama and the 10 ASEAN leaders demanded the “peaceful resolution” of a myriad of competing territorial claims over islands, atolls and reefs."

I doubted, if US invited any ASEAN members, not even Vietnam, for the purpose of raising any questions on China, I don't think any leader will go except Phillipines', this is a big issue, no lies.

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Posted in: New Chinese islands don't settle sea disputes: Japan See in context

[ “China is alone on this. There’s nobody else in the region that’s supportive of these efforts.” ]

and there are only 3, 2 of them have no business here coming all the way to disturb the peace in this South China Sea. Am I not right? Who else do not like to have a prosperous Asia? that determine the economic stability of the world?

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Posted in: China confirms, in roundabout way, Japan invite for war memorial See in context

China should change its hard-line foreign policy

Change to suit an History-Happy-Denying country that so prominent to the world? Possible ?

and other nations should soften their relations with Beijing.

I doubted what the recent AIIB and some G7 members did, just not reminded enough that, catching up with Beijin is the most appropriate thing to do on this planet.

JAPAN should better ignore and skip as it has nothing to gain by participation in this event.

Agreed, if one cannot face it, run.. SunTze's last of the 36 strategy never wrong!

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Posted in: Japan split on joining AIIB bank; caught between U.S., China See in context

Japan’s participation “is not going to happen under the Abe administration

Japan had stayed-out, why not keep staying out? Have guts and brain!

Those 30 joined are probably wisdomless. Your worries about governance and environmental safeguards are "rightfully""right".

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Posted in: Japan, China hold first security talks in 4 years See in context

"Relations soured in 2012"

Yes, it is time to have security talks for prolong peace in this region.

On the other hand hope no more illful and disgusting "Pivoting" (which in actual fact a chaos creating process), just let those that are sincere enough (AIIB+some G7 members) to have more time and space to help the world, to grow steadily and peacefully, with the recomendation of the "1 belt, 1 route" projects, accordingly....win win to all !

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. next month See in context

Japan is really a firmed ally of U.S., U.S. should welcome with much open arm, to one never ever have a thought of joining the Chinese-led AIIB, like the other members of G7 did.

More on this please!

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Posted in: China says Japan ties face test, opportunity this year See in context

What Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday was actually ” 对牛弹琴 “- playing musical intrument to a cow- fig. offering a treat to an unappreciative audience.

Let's be invisible to each other, as long as only in conflict scenario.

After all trade a quarter lesser, half lesser or three quarter lesser wouldn't make much different, the world still believed China and Japan are 1st or 3rd largest trading partner to each other.

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

chairman mao might have forgiven japan, but if japan not only denial and start glorifying the brutal invasion, and had named them hero in the yakushumi shrine, call an excellent point is incredible.

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Posted in: China denies visa to 3 Japanese in Taiwan orchestra See in context

See? Everybody get hurt by a NDW (non destructive weapon), China will have more..and care less. TOTO is not looking good.

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Posted in: Author Murakami wades into Japan-China island row See in context

So, the mentality of Japanese is final: no matter how right Murakami-san is, call him the enemy of the country.

Japanese accepts no truth but cheap liquor hysteria. Come headaches you may not see the next morning sun.


China is the only rightful landlord. From your view I see you strongly supports forgetting and denying history, is that the way you live your day.?

From the ways the governments of S.E.A countries not allowing Japanese culture to be shown freely on their TV channels you can see how welcoming the Japanese is. Who in the world can just rid away unfavorable slaughtering history just simplily? Do not under estimate if somebody bigger strike and S.E.A. get their bites too.

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Posted in: Osprey deployment to Okinawa postponed due to typhoon See in context

It is now China do something to help the Okinawan to free themselves from the Japanese. American irritates more, the Chinese push a little and the Osprey frightened them most, its a matter of time.

Then, Okinawa back to a normal country again with no disturbing landing and taking off noises. Live happily ever after!

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Posted in: China's aircraft carrier a show of force as Japan tension festers See in context

You said it floats, yet it is movable. All the 4 main islands of Japan are not movable land, but will become " floating junks " after landed with a couple of DF-41. Interesting isn't it ?

Certainly, there will be a couples more of the aircrafts carriers queing in in a year or so for PLAN. should the world feel very much threatened and uncomfortable ? No ! That is China natural need; and only for its maritime protection, noway seen as a boastful act.

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