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Posted in: Japan's baseball practice culture sacrificing children's arms: surgeon See in context

On Thursday, with much less fanfare, Japan's national elementary school baseball tournament decided on a 70-pitch limit.

Great. They do know that every one of those 70 pitches has at least 100+ practice pitches behind it, right?

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Posted in: Warren says Trump may not be 'free' in 2020 See in context

I'll call it right now.

1) Trump will be free in 2020 as well as the rest of his lifetime.

2) Unless the current crop of candidates expands, he'll end up reelected.

3) Anyone publicly supporting the GND will go down in flames.

4) Liz won't make it to the 2nd debate.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

Yes. I use electricity genearated from fossil fuels as I don’t have a choice and don’t want to freeze to death or die of heatstroke, but I think we should be doing everything possible to move away from burning fossil fuels.

Maybe you and few hundred of your best friends should hope in private jets and fly half-way around the world to have a discussion about how everyone else is killing the planet. That would be an awesome display of "doing everything possible".

I'll believe it's an emergency when they start acting like it is. And, as long as any-single-one of them take nuclear power off the table, and they ARE, then their "alarm" can't be taken seriously.

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Posted in: 2 Lawson franchise stores found to have falsified food expiration times See in context

Don't know about the bentos but those breads like Yamazaki bread have so many preservatives and chemicals in them, its no surprise they last long. But most of the toast sold in Japan gets mold on it after a few days, unlike those big packs of sandwich/toast bread in the states that last for weeks...

I'm thinking you've got this a bit backwards (but I could be wrong).

The reason they DON'T last so long, and get moldy quickly, is the lack of preservatives. Store bought bread in the US has chemicals added that are specifically intended to extend the shelf-life.

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Posted in: Sushi chain worker uploads video of fish taken from trash can See in context

Let's face it... if the cost of sushi is based on the color/design of the plate it is on... you deserve whatever you get.

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Posted in: Aso retracts remark about people who don't have children See in context

Is he TRYING to say that the current "swelling" costs of these programs are unsustainable without a source of tax revenue in the future and having less and less children as a society contribute to that future unsustainablity? Cause, you know, he'd be correct by saying that.

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Posted in: Overcompetition, demographics hitting beauty parlor trade hard See in context

The only thing is you can almost bet your last $ it will be a hair salon, masseuse, or convenience store opening.

I have 14.. FOURTEEN... tires shops within 3 miles of my house. None of them are chains like tire stores such as Yellow Hat, Autobacs..

I have no clue how they all survive. On any given day you MIGHT see 2 or 3 of them with a customer. Maybe.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

The US can speak of its criminal system

Any excuse to rant against the US, eh?

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

Ambidextrous lips

THAT would be a great name for a punk band... just saying.

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Posted in: Arashi's decision to suspend activities at end of 2020 shakes fans See in context

Fans are "shaken" over this... much like they were SMAP?

Maybe "fans" need to get a life that doesn't revolve around the existence of very mediocre (at best) talent.

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Posted in: Democratic U.S. Sen Kamala Harris jumps into 2020 White House race See in context

You want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.

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Posted in: Japanese student rejects apology over university 'sex listing' See in context


And why do you feel it's ok to over generalize and paint all women with the same brush?


it's about men learning to treat women as equals and not a piece of meat!

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Posted in: Trump, in TV address, urges Congress to fund border wall See in context

And stay off of Twitter.

80% of his problems wouldn't exist if he did.

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Posted in: Trump, in TV address, urges Congress to fund border wall See in context

Every 12 minutes a human being is killed in US by guns ignored by Trump and his hypocritical gang.

And every 12 minutes hundreds of millions of human beings are not killed by tens of millions of law abiding gun owners.

And how many of those that are killed "every 12 minutes" are from firearms related suicide, gang issues, and encounters with law-enforcement?

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

I just hope that the money is spent wisely by the government.

You're new to the idea of government spending, huh?

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Posted in: Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, Nicks join Rock Hall of Fame See in context

Prine..... damn keyboard.

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Posted in: Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, Nicks join Rock Hall of Fame See in context

And Rundgren and Print didn't. The HOF is a joke.

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Posted in: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' now most-streamed 20th century song See in context

Is this the real life?

I see what you did there.

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Posted in: Osaka takoyaki seller found guilty of ¥130 million tax evasion See in context

How in the h$ll can a seller of takoyaki make enough to own that much in taxes? Good lord, imagine the total take.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

He shouldn't be penalized for something stupid and juvenile in the his past if he has matured.

That's not how the SJW mob works.

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Posted in: 'We're still in the war': Chicagoans battle flow of firearms See in context

I’m sorry, but what does Trump taxes have to do with Chicago?

PDT makes for useful "Look! A squirrel!" moments.

Because, you know, the violence in Chi-raq started in January 2016. It was as peaceful as a senior citizens home before that.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine accident off Japan categorized as severest 'Class A' See in context

The US military is one of the most inept forces on the planet...


Compare the track record of "routine" activities and their ratio to accidents that the US military has to ANY other G8 nation and you'll see its hilariously terrible.

There are hundreds of in-flight refueling missions weekly, and it is EXTREMELY rare for there to be mishaps of any kind, much less a Class A.

Other G8 nations get to sit on their keister while the US either provides their defense, contributes significant portions to their defense, or assumes the cost of the R&D that they eventually utilize. And they certainly don't have the in-flight refueling capability that the US does and utilizes far, far, more often than they do.

Its really not that hard to make sure your equipment is up to snuff and that your military service members have adequate training (which, evidently they dont)

Got a lot of experience with IFR, do ya?

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Posted in: Group sues over next emperor's enthronement funding See in context

Ok... we've all seen ceremonies involving these people. New Years, awards, etc..

How in the h&ll do these things approach even 1/50th of 108,000,000? How much does it cost for over-dressed people to stand around?

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Posted in: Search continues for 5 missing U.S. Marines off Japan coast See in context

 Do the Marines have their own boats out scouring the ocean for wreckage?

You mean the USN?

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Posted in: Search continues for 5 missing U.S. Marines off Japan coast See in context

We depend on these men for our nations security.

They died heroes for the USA and Japan. Respect and peace to their families and loved ones.

Why would that be downvoted?

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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

Lots of voting on this topic - a surprising number, over 20, all down-voting any post that suggests that Japan recognise its past and atone. I never knew that JT had so many Japanese nationalist members.

Alternatively, over 20, all down voting any post that suggest Japan apologize and pay restitution... AGAIN.

Maybe it's not "Japanese nationalist members", but instead people who understand that there simply isn't enough "sincere apologies" that would stop this idiocy.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

Just watch 笑ってはいけない like everyone else with a pulse

Right? At least, and I don't care how tightly you're wound, you'll get a few good laughs out of it.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context


He didn't attend because the helo pilot refused the flight due to low visibility. The alternate plan of driving was discarded because it hadn't been planned and the log-jam it causes in area traffic hadn't been coordinated in advance.

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Posted in: Democrats pick up governorships but lose Florida, Ohio See in context

Gee, losing the House is now what is considered a "great night" for the GOP just because they didn't also lose the Senate?

Because, in this day of judicial activism, the Senate is where the real gravy is made via judicial nominations and seating. Congress has gave away it's power to legislate and turned it over to activist judges.

Possibly one more SCOTUS (maybe... maybe even more), or just a few more lower court judges, and it won't matter WHO has a majority in the House. Unless, of course, the decide to start... you know... actually "legislating" again instead of posturing.

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