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Posted in: Sinead O'Connor's estate asks Donald Trump to stop playing her music at rallies See in context

~ the whole thing ends up as a net negative for him

Not one solitary person has changed their opinion of him based on the music used in a rally.

Admittedly, people in the US tend to vote for specific people for entirely idiotic reasons, most usually against their own best self-interest, but campaign event music is not likely one of 'em.

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Posted in: Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka split after 7 years together, dancer confirms See in context

Maybe he is not regarded as being of import?

Are either of them?

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Posted in: Israel orders evacuations as it widens offensive but Palestinians are running out of places to go See in context

The immediately surrounding Arab states encompass 1.3 million square miles. Surely, they could allow refugee safe haven temporarily to those that are currently in the 141 square miles of Gaza.

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Posted in: Several crew of U.S. Navy ship in Japan suspected of drug trafficking See in context

At least NCIS doesn't have to go far. I believe they're based in Fleet Command at Yokosuka.

That depends on whether the carrier is in port or out on patrol

No, we don’t have to go far. There is an NCIS presence at every military base that has an established USN or USMC presence as well as some other locations as well

And there is an agent onboard every flat top, either inport or underway.

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Posted in: Spielberg regrets 'Jaws' impact on decimation of shark population See in context

Wow.... someone sure has an oversized ego. Dude.... you aren't that influential NOR important.

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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

Aly was on point, until the comment "Less kids in the classroom".

The kids NEED to be in a classroom... and unmasked. The socialization aspect of being in a classroom... hanging around and learning amongst peers... far outweighs the extremely minimal risk to kids from this flu variant we call covid.

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Posted in: Countries with lower-than-expected vaccination rates show unusually negative attitudes to vaccines See in context

Are there negative side effects, in any small amount, from simply wearing a seat belt when no accident occurs?

Are there any from the vaccine?

The analogy doesn’t hold.

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Posted in: U.S. military may let SDF share ammunition depots in Okinawa See in context

Gonna be a nightmare for the Ammo Admin guys.

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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

@HBJ… if they failed to follow his lead as he’s infallible.

Time for the AAA lessons.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

If they had gone to JP the transaction would have had to be verified by the entire fricken workforce

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Posted in: Equal pay appeal by U.S. women soccer players set for March 7 See in context

So..... they were offered, and DECLINED, the same agreement and pay structure the men got... and are upset that they didn't get the same pay?

First off... That isn't how contracts work. I can't contract with team "X" and then file suit because I'm not getting the pay of players on team "Y".

I think these ladies have a very sharp learning curve in their immediate future.

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Posted in: Biden signs $768.2 billion defense spending bill into law See in context

The government is spending 628 bill, yet can't provide decent housing for veterans.

As veterans, do we all get a government provided house? Cool.

If you were to say that government can't provide decent housing for active servicemembers, I'll line up right next to you and give you hundreds of examples of that being the case, even though those examples are NOT the standard...but the exception. The recent clusterfark in Hawaii is only the most recent example of DOD failure on this issue.

But there is no inference, either at recruitment or throughout one's service, that the government will provide decent housing for VETERANS.

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Posted in: Biden signs $768.2 billion defense spending bill into law See in context

Why are you trying to take peoples education and medical benefits they earned?

The type of discharge they should get is an Other Than Honorable (OTH) and it absolutely should either eliminate (or reduce) educational benefits, and any non-service connected injury medical care, you believe they earned.

The order to get vaxxed is a lawful order. Same with every other immunization that servicemembers get as needed (Anthrax, etc.). You can't simply allow individual servicemembers to decide what lawful orders they won't comply with and then provide them with the full benefits that those who've honorably completed their full terms of enlistment, and receive an Honorable Discharge, also get.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman arrested in Okinawa for riding minibike while under influence of alcohol See in context

Do U.S. servicemen think that they're above Japanese law when they're outside their camps?

Yes, these .0001% of the SOFA population should be utilized as the basis for what “U.S. servicemen think”

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

Mild flu to most, deadly to the unfortunate older people or younger person with compromised immune system.

So…. same as the flu.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

Our installation posts #’s every week. And for the past few months, the trend has always been “An unvaccinated Japanese worker was diagnosed after displaying symptoms. There are no other reports.”… followed the next week by “A vaccinated service member was diagnosed after close contact tracing. One Japanese worker remains. No other reports”… followed the next week by “Three servicemembers were diagnosed after displaying symptoms, two after close contact tracing. One Japanese worker has recovered. The total count is six.” So forth and so on until it dies out and then starts to pickup again. And now, after a few months of this cycle, we can now follow up these reports with “Hayashi demands strict enforcement”.

Here’s the rub. You could LOCK the base gates… and it won’t help. Supplies come in… supplies go out… and it will creep in and out and touch a SOFA member only long enough for it to spread.   Besides, SOFA mostly tests before they get on the plane… they test again when they land… they test again somewhere between days 5 and 10 of the required ROM period during which they are prohibited from using public transportation or doing anything off base except transit between home and base (if they reside off-base), and while off-base are required by USFJ to wear masks (yes, I know some don’t).  

It isn’t the inbound travelers, as a whole, causing issues. The precautions are good enough.  The issue is that It only takes one a$$h0le to do something slightly wrong, or even nothing wrong, to be exposed and bring it onbase.  And yes… it will cause a cluster of mild-flu-but-lets-pretend-its-the-apocolypse.

Yea… guests and all that…. But unless Hayashi is going to look into the numbers in the metro areas (Tokyo, etc.) the preventative measures Japan has in place are less effective than that of most SOFA installations.

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Posted in: Tokyo, other areas lift restrictions on eateries amid virus resurgence worries See in context

It's over thanks to the effective work of effective government and forward-thinking citizenry.

That is either some top-shelf sarcasm.... or Goebbels would be impressed.

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Posted in: Baldwin was practicing drawing gun when he fired fatal shot: director See in context

It was an accident. There shouldn't have been any real bullets on the set and the gun shouldn't have been loaded at all.

You are arguing that 1) the real bullets on the set got there "accidently" and 2) the weapon was loaded "accidently."

You can't "accidently" transport rounds unless you willingly disregard every known safety precaution involving firearms. And, if you don't "know" the safety precautions... you shouldn't be handling any weapons at all until you do. And you can't "accidently" load a firearm. There is simply no way to do so.

Look at it this way... even if everyone else on that set screwed up, and it appears a whole lot of them did, this would not have happened if the person handling the weapon had just practiced the standard firearms safety protocols. And, the first one of those is to personally check the condition of a firearm when you initially take possession of it. A blank looks like a blank. And squibs should be colorized to differentiate from live.

There are times when using a firearm with real bullets in a movie makes sense and can be safe.

No... and no. It doesn't make sense for real bullets to ever be used during filming.... and as long as people refuse to follow normal weapon handling responsibilities, or defend those who don't, then it will never be "safe".

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Posted in: 'Facebook Papers' explode ahead of platform's earnings report See in context

Facebook is a business. Don’t like it, don’t use it. Don’t scream for governmental interference in the market.

The largest interference, that coming from social media, in the market is already government entities.

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Posted in: U.S. details new international COVID-19 travel requirements See in context

so what’s the point of restrictions? 

> To prevent new outbreaks and new variants.

I'll believe it's an emergency when they (USG) start governing as if it is.

When they lockdown the border, and quit losing track of the invading hordes... as well as quit relocating them throughout the country prior to vax'ing and 14 day quarantine... get back to me.

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Posted in: The dark side of ramen See in context

Maybe, just maybe, her ramen was as unpalatable as her music? Or that she exploited her "talent" status until she thought she could do anything with talent?

Maybe people in this country like to see knowitall "superstars" fall on their keesters every once in a while, instead of blithely moving from unrelated success to unrelated success simply because of their one area of "competency"?

Or maybe the otaku are a bunch of sad, self-hating jerks?

Embrace the healing power of the word "and".

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Posted in: Sheriff: Alec Baldwin fired shot on movie set that killed woman See in context

Baldwin is not at fault.

We shall agree to disagree.

You can't "accidently" fire a weapon. You either pull the trigger or you handle it incorrectly (i.e. drop, etc.).

The weapon can't "inadvertently" send anything down range. You either allowed the firearm to be loaded with something it shouldn't be or you, once again, handled it incorrectly.

Anyone, and everyone, handling a firearm is directly responsible for the condition of the firearm at all times, without exception. Once you are handed a weapon, it does NOT matter what the person handing you the weapon tells you they've done. It does not matter what you just watched them do. Basic safety checks are what you do 100% of the time you take possession of a weapon as well as each/every time you put it down.

And you never, EVER, point a weapon with a functioning firing pin at something you aren't willing to kill. No exceptions.

If you can't be mature enough to handle a weapon responsibly, then the only thing you should ever handle is a realistic looking plastic or metal replica.

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Posted in: Minister fends off criticism that decision to suspend travel subsidy campaign came too late See in context

We will speed up (the process of) considering the matter,

Not only are "we" doing nothing, we are gonna speed up the process to think about doing nothing further.

That has got to be the most political thing ever said.

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Posted in: U.S. TV shows try a new election playbook - making voting part of the story See in context

 but nothing is totally bad either. 

You've never seen Battlefield Earth? lol

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Posted in: How Trump fell out of love with his generals, and why the feeling is mutual See in context

Do not... EVER... use any edition of the Military Times as a credible reference for anything. Especially polls.

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Posted in: Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed to prevent spread of virus See in context

The question now is: Why?

I guess there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

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Posted in: Kagawa politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games See in context

But on the other hand, video gaming has, for decades, been one of the primary things Japanese parents fret are threatening to ruin their children’s futures

Parenting is hard.... apparently.

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Posted in: Christmas in Japan is a time for love, preferably romantic See in context

but rather with pretty lights, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a romantic night out with a special someone.

I actually feel pretty sad for anyone whose idea of a "romantic night out" includes KFC.

Christmas in Japan is a time for love, preferably romantic

Other than Christmas is the time for unromantic love?

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

The pair were seeking funds to produce anti-chikan pins, which young women could attach to their bags or clothing to let would-be gropers that they were not going to take any abuse quietly.

So.... those aren't wearing it are fair game?

Here's a better campaign. Kick 'em in the 'nads, even if you have to follow them off the train to do it.

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

It is refreshing to visit a hot spring and be free of the sight of disgusting tattoos.

Right? I feel the same way about ugly feet, overweight bodies, surgical scars, eyeglass frames without lenses, and everything else that I find aesthetically unappealing. I think all establishments should ban those things I find disgusting.


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