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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting college student in car See in context

People who rated the comment below that is has more negative than positive clicks... Blows my mind! So obviously true observation made by name_not_important

name_not_important Nov. 23  07:18 am JST

Horrific for this girl, and to make it worse, he denies it. A very brave young woman to come forth.

Less than 40% of women (I'd say less) never report sexual assault in Japan (more than half that of most Western nations).

There are elements of Japanese society that encourage sexual assault (the ancient laws, manga, porn, the sexualisation of young girls, TV etc.). Radical change is needed to better protect Japanese women.

There are a few support sites (thanks Girl in Tokyo).

If anyone knows of more I'd like to know:

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Posted in: Abe attacker tried to draw attention to church: analysts See in context

Michael MachidaJuly 22  06:13 pm JST

Why did you have to attack anyone? This was his family issue. Not ours.

If a cult group scams thousands of people then this is not a single family issue but our issue as a society, or government issue. Same as Ponzi schemes for example, that’s why they are legally regulated and prohibited.

I also do sympathize with Yamagami, as a human being I think you can’t not feel sorry for him for what he went through in his life. And his isolation is not only his or his family problem. It’s a social issue, especially evident in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan extends detention for Abe's accused assassin See in context

divinda, I was scrolling through all your recent comments, always on point. Thanks for contributing based on facts and in a meaningful way

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Posted in: With Abe pale and lifeless, a doctor at the scene prayed for a miracle See in context

sakurasuki I think they put him on a life support and were waiting for his wife to arrive so that she had a chance to see him one last time.

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Posted in: Japanese junior high school girl removed from class for three days for grooming her eyebrows See in context

Guys talking about the rules make me tired honestly... Did the student know the rule? What was it exactly? We should see her picture first to judge...

Point is, there should be no such rule in a first place. Schools are to teach kids to learn and solve problems and not to tell them how to look. I went through blonde through red to black hair color in my HS years and finished my education gradating from the top university. What's on your head is really not that relevant. What is in it - yes.

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Posted in: Shooter signaled Abe killing in letter to Unification Church critic See in context

For all those saying the shooter had plenty of time to move on with his life... well that might have been true if he came from a functional family and had some support system around. It's a lot easier to be a good citizen if you come from a good environment and loving family. Here however, according to the media reports, the shooter father committed suicide when he was a kid followed by his brother sharing the same fate some years later. Mother neglected the kids going for months to South Korea. In a country where everyone minds their own business and is reluctant to help even a neighbor it might be really hard to get out of this negative mind bubble people find themselves in and stay alone for years. It spirals deeper and deeper and later it's just too late. Not excusing the shooter, he should and will be punished. Abe didn't deserve to die. But life is not black and white and to be honest I feel this is a big tragedy for all humans involved. Btw, yes, this cult group and its ties to politicians are sickening.

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