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Posted in: Abe says video claiming one hostage killed likely authentic See in context

Abe is an honorable and strong man. And with tears in my eyes I can only say that he did the right thing by not giving this diabolical, cruel and vile group any ransom money. I know it must be very hard to make such a decision but it was done for the goodness of all mankind and for that Abe will be my hero and forever in my thoughts. Is time now to be even stronger and more direct with these scums. We, of all good nations and people of good heart, must denounce them, their ugly flag and all that they are trying to do to peace, security, stability and domestic tranquility across the world. We must tell them their flag is the flag of darkness and it shall never hang upon the poles of our great lands. This group gets far too much media visual placement. It is time to counteract their presence on the news sites with digital videos of their flag burning and men, women and children on all nations and faiths tearing their ugly flag to pieces and throwing it into the flames. The tapestry of civilized nations is a beautiful tapestry woven with the fine threads of our cultures, faiths, and beiefs. There is no room on that tapestry for the coarse and ugly threads of Daesh or any of their supporters of sympathizers. Every day my family joins together in prayer and we always say Down with Daesh now and forever, Amen. And we say it with our hearts full of love for our country, our values, our faith and our civilized beauty. I am so very empathetic to the families of these hostages that have fallen into the web of Daesh. I think if it were my family I would demand that this group stop contacting me. I would know to expect the worst from them. I wish great leaders out there would pass some type of emergency media edict that states that any visuals of this horrible groups antics should NOT be plastered all over the news sites and the people should not be forced to view them at all without consent. Therefore, a disclaimer should be required before all visual pics or videos are shown. I am personally fed up with being forced to see their ugliness on news sites. I should have the right to opt out of seeing any of it and it should only be in my face if I choose to click on the llink to open. That is fair. And it still protects these exploitative journalists right to publish what they want. That would be a good thing to do for society and I would be grateful. Love to all who denounce this group, their flag, their dark hearts and evil ways. Curse their darkness and embrace the joys and beauties of your lands and homes.

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