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In reality these three so-called powerful democracies teamed-up to isolate fellow democracy ROC-TW in favor of (Guess who?) authoritarian Beijing!

What a charade these sneaky so-called stalwarts of democracy are playin!

Why is Japan acting like it is a "true democratic" nation when its freedom of press ranked below Tanzania's... Authoritarian fared no better, he must remember that the nation itself also does not recognize Taiwan in the U.N. just like the U.S.. We should focus on neutral nations such as Ryukyu before we even talk about Taiwan and etc. I'm glad that Kuril Islands are in the hands of democatic nation of the Russian Federation!

You really should tone down your voice, especially when you're calling the kettle black!

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Posted in: Japan, Britain hold joint military exercise in central Japan See in context

Especially with China still rattling sabres 

Rattling sabre towards a growling wolf, yes! Especially can you name any event which China has been tried on "International court" for invasive genocide, like that of Japan's. Nice effort in attempt to portray China as an aggressor to give merit to your excuse of remilitarization of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain hold joint military exercise in central Japan See in context

This is clearly aimed at China, no doubt!

Very obvious, duh!

Two former colonizers , the UK and Japan joining forces to prepare for another 'Opium War' and 'Nanjing Massacre ' respectively!

"Invaders", if you don't mind that I correct you. By your logic:? China and Russia should prepare for the "Bombing of Tokyo" and "Nuclear attack of Hiroshima and Nagasaki" to prevent future evil fascist movements like that of Prime minister Abe is urgently preparing for?

If President Xi doesn't get this clear message which is in tandem with the American ships sailin within a mile off those new islands then the encirclement will happen sooner than later.

So what, what message? President Trump tried to send China message by instigating trade war, and where is it at now? Let along the incapable Prime minister Abe.

Tokyo and London should repeat such exercises in fellow democracy and ally ROC-TW which incidentally is the one and only genuinely most Nippon-friendly nation on the universe.

If so, China and Russia should liberate the innocent island of Ryukyu and Hokaido. Just like the way it is before the Yamato took it from the Ainu and Ryukans which one is pro-Sino and another is Russo-origin.

Yet decent Japanese wonder why PM Abe still adamantly refuses to re-establish diplomatic relations with the very friendly neighbor in favor of a very unfriendly one! Is Abe encouraging Nippon to abandon the much fabled Bushido Spirit heritage in favor of Hollywood morals and ethics?

I know right, I still could not understand why China would not support the human right campaigns of poor neighbor of Ryukyu... The Japanese mainland is always so hostile throughout the last two centuries. Too much for so-called "Bullshido" and "ethic" that consisted of nothing but sneak attack and invasions.

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